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Xikar X-Treme10-Cigar Overall, this is a great travel humidor. However, I strongly recommend removing the mini humidifier & mount and, instead, use a Bovida pack. Left in, the mini humidifier will very likely damage any cigars it’ll come in contact with. Fortunately, it and the mount are easily removed. The Bovida pack can be placed under the bottom foam insert. Also, while it’s rated for 10 cigars, you’ll only get 8 large ring cigars to fit. 4 4 1

Travel Humidors

Xikar X-Treme10-Cigar 3MAX10

The top-quality Xikar X-Treme 10-Cigar Travel Humidor is the sturdiest case on the planet! Made from super-strong ABS molded plastic and featuring a silicone airtight and watertight seal, this travel humidor protects up to 5 of your precious premium cigars in the comfort of a high-density urethane foam lining, while the built-in mini-humidifier keeps them nice and fresh. With Xikar X-Treme you can conquer the great outdoors with confidence that your favorite stogie will be in perfect smoking condition.

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