3.8529411764705883 34
Adivino Not a bad stick. Notes of chocolate and nuts. Burns very quickly and gets hot towards the end. 3 5 1
Adivino I was hooked with the original Tatoo line this one was just as good if not better 4 5 1
Adivino Great cigar by the unmatched company! Honestly have you had a bad tat! Great flavor and burn profile. 4 5 1
Adivino Bought 50 of these. Luv my tats. This one is affordable everyday smoke unlike some of the other tatuaje. Spicy flavorful. 4 5 1
Adivino This is a very good smoke. Highly recommended. Expensive but very impressive. I've never been disappointed with this cigar! 5 5 1
Adivino This Tatiana tattoo has leather cocoa and spice flavors in this adivino size (5.5x58). They are constructed well too 4 5 1
Adivino I don't understand all of the hype. Expected great things. It wasn't a bad smoke. Smooth. Even smoke. I didn't find much flavor in it. I'd give it a try again but had higher expectations. 4 5 1
Adivino Nice cigar not the best thing you've ever had but nothing bad to say about it either. Well put together good draw nice flavors. 4 5 1
Adivino Everything was good about this cigar. The only thing that didn't hold up to my standards was taste. It could have been what I ate before. But the taste was just not there for me. It wasn't bad but nothing remarkable either 3 5 1
Adivino I feel like the name is what you're buying. The draw was rough and the flavor was bland just not a good smoke 3 5 1
Adivino Right now this is my favorite smoke. Had a slightly tight draw but nothing to really complain about. Could have just been this one. Trying to find more. Nice medium body. 4 5 1
Adivino Great cigar! Awesome value for the price. Construction and draw were fantastic. Smooth flavor with a medium body. I keep them stocked in my humidor. 4 5 1
Adivino Can't go wrong with a tat Tattoo. Simple flavors that really are nice and don't try to be too much. Good easy smoke. 3 5 1
Adivino The Tattoo is one of the best budget smokes on the market plain and simple. There are few other cigars that can compete with the flavors and quality of this line both within its price range and even above it. 5 5 1
Adivino This tattoo is a great but. Made in the my father factory and in bxes of 50 it's a good way to over flow your humidor and the cigars are great 3 5 1
Adivino Pretty decent cigar. Very tasty. Decent strength but not too bad. My friend enjoyed it too. 5 5 1
Adivino The Tatuaje Tatto Adivino tastes pretty good. It has some good smells to it as well. Worth buying again. 4 5 1
Adivino These are just the perfect daily smokes. Coundnt ask for more in a budget friendly stick. 4 5 1
Adivino One of my all-time favorite cigars. I smoke at least three of these every week. You got to try them 4 5 1
Adivino Good smoke. This one lives up to the hype. They brought it back and this smoke has a plethora of flavors. Complex with excellent construction. Try this one. 5 5 1
Adivino My go to cigar in this lineup. I think all the sizes are good but this one produces the most chocolate and cream flavor in my opinion 4 5 1
Adivino Can't go wrong with these. Good draw and construction. Flavor on point with a hint of sweetness. Highly recommended 4 5 1
Adivino The tattoo is a wonderful medium stick with good nutty flavor reminds me of the m80 a smokey little power house 3 5 1
Adivino these are really nice in my opinion they are alot better if let in humi for a couple months and they r nice 4 5 1
Adivino The tattoo by Tatuaje are outstanding budget smokes. I highly recommend letting these rest and build some age as they mellow and smooth out with some time under their belts. For the price these can't be beat! I definitely recommend these for somebody looking to get started in the Tat line if they are on a budget. 3 5 1
Adivino If you are looking for something that is tasty and doesn't take a whole lot of time this is it 3 5 1
Adivino Good cigar but definitely not my favorite. I've heard a lot of good things about them but this one just wasn't for me. 4 5 1
Adivino I liked this cigar. nice tobacco flavor all the way down. I had no draw or burn problems. construction was great. 4 5 1
Adivino This blend of rich tobacco is very leathery and there seems to be a hint of sweetness well packed heavy in the hand a solid medium for sure 4 5 1
Adivino This is such an amazing smoke especially for the price point. It's rare to find a $5 cigar with such high quality. You definitely get your bang for your buck on this one. 4 5 1
Adivino Nice smooth wrapper slight earthy smell.good draw and even burn great flavors well worth the price. 3 5 1
Adivino The tattoo line is probably one if the best moves by Tatuaje in the past few years. They already had inexpensive lines in production but this is an amazing flavored inexpensive line that takes it to the next level. 3 5 1
Adivino A great low cost cigar from an amazing line. Can't go wrong no over powering flavors nice subtle nuts and earth here. 4 5 1
Adivino Possibly my favorite Tatuaje cigar ever made. The Tattoo is a big bold spicy kick in the teeth. Great cigars. 5 5 1

Tatuaje Tattoo

Adivino 5.50 × 58 TAJTA

The popular Tatuaje Adivino is medium bodied in strength and teeming with notes of cocoa, leather, and pepper from a sweet and spicy core. This big Toro is one tattoo you’ll never regret...or forget. Packaged in a box of 50.

Note: Please be advised that Tatuaje Cigars is currently experiencing a box production shortage. Products may come in bundles.

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