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Silver I can’t find these in my city 5 5 1
Silver I like the redesigned filters first off, they look a little higher shelf and delineate where the filter starts better with being darker. The draw seems a bit better, I think the tobacco seems a bit fresher and a hint sweeter and less nondescript, they still have a milder less overpowering headiness to the Regulars, which I prefer. They still burn consistently and don't go blinking out on you. 5 5 1
Silver I never received these cigars. I've lost over 100 points due to everything being out of stock. 1 5 1

Talon Filtered Cigars

Silver 3.87 × 20 TALS

These cigarette-sized filtered cigars are perfect for a quick smoke break when you don’t have the time or place to enjoy a full-sized cigar. You’ll get classic rich and smooth tobaccos tastes that are filled with satisfying mellow flavors. The Talon Silver cigars are available on the JR website in carton of 10 packs of 20 for a grand total of 200 smokes.
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10 Packs of 20 (200 total)

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