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Molto Dolce I like it. I'm a Virginia/Perique smoker with an occasional dip into the Latakia blends but Molto Dolce is throughly an aromatic with a lot of sweetness. Molto Dolce in Italian means "Very Sweet" or "A lot of sweet" and this lives up to it's title. I think you have to really relish sweet tasting aromatic tobacco to be pleased by Molto Dolce because this one is packed with the scent of bourbon, caramel, plums, ginger cookies..... and I'm sure you'll find other sweet scents that my palate doesn't find. If you are not accustomed to aromatics because you've been smoking heavy Latakia blends for 30 years, this is one you can pass on. It smokes dry with heavy plums of smoke that are quite pleasing. Stays lit and the taste of real tobacco is there at the end of the bowl but you have to search for it because the aromatic flavorings really kick it to the back of the profile. Still a good tobacco that cures the aromatic desires. 4 5 1
Molto Dolce Buen aroma al abrir la lata, el nivel de humedad en el tabaco es alto recomiendo dejar secar la porción a utilizar por varias horas, es agradable en su sabor. 5 5 1


Molto Dolce 1SUMD

One of the most popular pipe tobacco blends in the Sutliff Private Stock lineup, Molto Dolce contains a rich and creamy mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish imbued with flavors of vanilla, caramel, and honey. This fragrant crowd pleaser comes to you packaged affordable 1.5 oz. tins.

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