4.0 8
Cherry Love it keep it in stock 5 5 1
Cherry Haven't picked up my Ben Wade pipe in many years and thought I'd give this tobacco a try. Burns evenly, nice aroma and mellow flavor. Keep a pipe cleaner handy to absorb the excess moisture but as I remember, that occurred with any tobacco. I re-packaged the tobacco into smaller vacuum-sealed bags to preserve freshness. 5 5 1
Cherry Very very mild flavor. Actually, very mild bag odor. To me, it smells more like a fresh cut sappy hardwood. The sweet kind, not sour wood. It has the mildest cherry flavor that'd I've ever smoked from something called cherry. Works very well to tame down Paladin's offer. BTW, my wife loves this tobaccos odor. Every time I smoke this by itself, she seeks me out and tells me how good it smells. The kicker, she says it doesn't smell like cherry, it smells "like a good smelling pipe". I've blended this with H/H, Velvet with good results. With Captain Black White, Vanilla Cavendish, Rum, it really gets lost and actually kind of brings those tobaccos down. Works best as a blender with S.V Black Cavendish, H/H, Velvet and Paladin to me. Goopy though, let it dry. 3 5 1
Cherry Great 5 5 1
Cherry The aroma is pleasing as it has always been. 1 5 1
Cherry i mix the Special Value Cherry and Special Value Black and Gold. The result is a just the right hint of Cherry. It makes for a very refreshing mix. 5 5 1
Cherry I always enjoyed cherry blend tobacco and doing business with you 5 5 1
Cherry Yes, this is a Super Value.. a steal when you can buy discounted as well. 5 Stars for value, 3 for taste and only 2 for quality. This comes with too much moisture as well (no problem-spread over a paper towel/plate for about an hour prior to smoking). What it is great for is mixing/blending with other tobaccos. Try with some straight red Virginia and a pinch of Kentucky fire cured. I also mix this in with one part to two with MacBaren 7 Seas Red. Keeps the profile similar and stretches out my 7 Seas Red supply.. In short, a great value and serves a purpose. 3 5 1

Super Value

Cherry 11SVC

Super Value is one of the few brands that offer you the popular Cherry flavor without the bite. Smooth and delightful, this blend tastes as yummy as it smells. This comes in a 12 oz. bag.
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