3.888888888888889 27
Size D I was referred to the cigar for a replacement of the Insidious by Asylum cigar. To me there was no comparison. I did not taste any sweet flavoring at all from this cigar all I received was a mellow earthy tone. I will continue to wait for the Insidious cigar to be removed from the back order list. I will not purchase these cigars again 2 5 1
Size D I have smoked one so far and that was on the run. It was enjoyable. I did not get to smoke the whole cigar thou. Next time. 4 5 1
Size D Well made mild cigar. Taste is consistent from beginning to end. Great for sitting on the porch and killing 30-40 minutes. 3 5 1
Size D Good value cigar. Not my favorite but for the price you can't go wrong keeping these around for guests. A little harsh at times but for the most part mellow a little spice and creamy. 3 5 1
Size D These are my favorite. smooth draw and sweet. Im very new to cigars but these Jamacians have made my introduction real easy. 4 5 1
Size D Always fresh and consistent. Great golf course and everyday smoke. 5 5 1
Size D Very nice cigar 3 5 1
Size D I got a 5 pack to give these a test drive because I like a mild cigar in the morning. They are a lot better than I expected. Very mild but with a sweet tobacco flavor that's satisfying. The construction is a bit rustic but the flavor makes up for it. A good first-of-the-day blend. No funky flavors or harsh notes. 4 5 1
Size D Bought these to try. Very tight draw wrapper cracked and flaked off flavor fairly mild difficult keeping lit. Won't buy again. 1 5 1
Size D I like a mild cigar and have been searching for a replacement for my Santa Damianas. The Special Jamaican cigar was as mild as advertised but had body and flavor too. 3 5 1
Size D The Special Jamaican is a very smooth and consistent cigar for the occasional user. The price is reasonable and the flavor is not overwhelming. 4 5 1
Size D Great smoke great price good draw nice mellow cigar 5 5 1
Size D Awesome cigar that is well made and taste great. I'd recommend it to any and all cigar smokers. I could easily make the Special Jamaican my everyday smoke. 5 5 1
Size D Good cigar 4 5 1
Size D I like them. 5 5 1
Size D Good consistent cigar at a great price point - suits my taste 5 5 1
Size D Haven't had a Special Jamaican in over 15 yrs. I forgot how amazing they are. Amazing smell & flavor, mellow & earthy. One of my favorites now. 5 5 1
Size D Disappointed. Not much flavor. Good draw and burn though. 3 5 1
Size D An excellent cigar for the bucks.Fairly mild which makes it a good first cigar for the day.Main thing is they are consistent. 5 5 1
Size D Inexpensive cigars that I enjoy 4 5 1
Size D The draw was terrible and they were very dry and came apart while smoking! 1 5 1
Size D Awesome cigar 5 5 1
Size D Very good. I always enjoy it. 4 5 1
Size D Have been ordering this cigar for years - in recent orders there has been some inconsistencies in the quality of the wrappers and flavor ( unusually bitter). 4 5 1
Size D Perfect mild cigar—-all occasion 5 5 1
Size D Good casual smoke 4 5 1
Size D Did someone slip a Davidoff into this 5 pack??? I had just finished a heavy nicaraguan smoke a few minutes prior, then I lit this up. Sooo smoker friendly, smooth, no harshness...packed with tobacco, excellent cap and construction. I think I could chain smoke 10 of these and not get queasy. A really underrated smoke!!! 5 5 1

Special Jamaicans

Size D 6 × 50 SPJAD5

A timeless vintage classic, the Special Jamaicans Size D has been sold at JR Cigars since the Hoover Administration was in office! An enjoyable choice for beginners and enthusiasts alike, the brand has maintained itself through continued dedication to quality tobacco and expert, handmade construction. It all adds up to a smooth and mellow bodied smoke rife with sweet, delicious flavor. An easy, affordable choice, the Size D is available in 5-packs.
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