4.411764705882353 17
Rey del Rey At the sale price of about two bucks each there's not a better value anywhere. Mild but tasty these smokes were a steal! Minor construction issues are to be expected because these guys are BIG! 4 5 1
Rey del Rey Kinda middle of the road for me. Nice for a change of pace cigar. 4 5 1
Rey del Rey Good cigar bought them for show since they are huge. Not something I would smoke everyday or even once a month. However they were great for the price and I use them for celebrations and congratulations. However I do warn you cut out about 2.5-3 hours to smoke one of the babies. They're great for smoking during a hockey game....that goes into double overtime. Overall I'd buy them again. 4 5 1
Rey del Rey Great cigar for tailgating! Bring 2-3 extra because people love the smell and you won't be hard to find with this big ring gauge cigar. 4 5 1
Rey del Rey Love the cigar not the price 5 5 1
Rey del Rey I’m on my 3rd bundle and I really like this cigar for a nice, medium smoke. Most draw well, although there have been a few that are a little stubborn. Great smoke for the money. 4 5 1
Rey del Rey I love these cigars. Takes almost 3 hours to smoke one but if you have a good book to read or go camping/fishing this is a great cigar to kill the time with. Has a nice creamy flavor and burns evenly with the proper cut. Not a strong cigar by any means but you can't beat the value for a cigar this size. 5 5 1
Rey del Rey Not a very expensive cigar but one of my favorites. I always smoke these when I'm playing golf. They draw well constructed well. They're not mild but not harsh either. I would say a medium bodied cigar 4 5 1
Rey del Rey Very good cigar for the price nothing fancy 2 to 2 1/2 hour mellow medium smoke good drawl decent flavor 4 5 1
Rey del Rey very nice mild cigar 5 5 1
Rey del Rey Great mild smoke 5 5 1
Rey del Rey When I saw these monsters in Paramus I was like” I want I want!” So yes I gave into my inner child and got a 5 pack. I average 2 1/2- 3 hours per stick. Great smoke. Now I love cigars. I mean I don’t drink so this is my vise. They are Special Jamaicans, special is right. A pleasure to smoke. 5 5 1
Rey del Rey Great cigar. Easy draw, even burn first to last, and a really good taste. 5 5 1
Rey del Rey I bought these monsters on sale. I usually prefer medium to strong sticks but this one was mild with alot of flavor, easy burn and tons of smoke.i was pleasingly surprised. Will definitely purchase again . Thanks JR, really good deal. 5 5 1
Rey del Rey This is a perfect cigars when you and the fellas are going to spend a couple of hours hanging out. Great burn for about 2.5hrs 5 5 1
Rey del Rey Construction was not uniform and inconsistent. I will stick with baccarat. 3 5 1
Rey del Rey A nice smoke to have when you're killing time.....and have around a couple hrs to kill. Easy and quite mild through all thirds of it. It burned extremely well, not even requiring any touch ups along the way. Constructed well also. Looking forward to the next one. 4 5 1

Special Jamaicans

Rey del Rey 9 × 60 SPJARR

If you’re looking for a steady-burning cigar with deep roots and a smooth and sweet flavor profile, the Rey del Rey is a great choice. Featuring a 60 gauge ring and super long 9 inch body, this is a whole lot of cigar for an incredibly affordable price. Hand-rolled for over 85 years, these smokes are tried and true. In fact, JR has been selling them since the Hoover Administration. The refined simplicity and expertise simply works. Available in 20-count bundles, they’re an enjoyable, no-frills smoke.
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