4.172413793103448 29
Governors Perfect mello daily smoke. Stays lit on the golf course! 4 5 1
Governors A good every day smoke for the price 4 5 1
Governors Good flavor, draw, consistency and price. 4 5 1
Governors Been smoking these for some time. A great smoke for the money. 5 5 1
Governors Burn well and taste is good 4 5 1
Governors This selection is one of the best bangs for the buck. 4 5 1
Governors One of my favorite daily smoke. Decent flavor and construction 4 5 1
Governors They were dried out and crumbled in my hand when I cut the. 1 5 1
Governors They smoke fine for the price but the construction can be a problem. 5 5 1
Governors These cigars lived up to the reviews that were written by the other guys. Yeah there are some minor issues but this is definitely worth the money. Great cigar to do stuff with and if you happen to drop it or some other calamitous event takes place and ruins the cigar, no harm no foul. ( although it is a really good smoke) I told my friends about these for sure. Flavor is good and better than I expected. They’re surprisingly well made. Once in a while there’s a canoe trip but it’s really not that bad and for the price, it’s not a huge deal. Draw is good. I use a little punch I made at the shop and the smoke flows through great. The packaging is pretty tight. These things are protected from the elements for sure. I like the big ring that holds the bundle together. It’s definitely going on the wall in the garage. I totally recommend that you give them a try. Most likely they’ll bring you some enjoyment and they’re great to share with your buddies, and for me that’s what it’s about. Having a good time with my friends and enjoying a good cigar. Enjoy the time and appreciate the little things. 5 5 1
Governors Have been smoking these for some time. Great for the golf course and to pass around or just to enjoy your every day smoke. Can't go wrong with the price either. 4 5 1
Governors Cigars were just what I asked for, this tasted great. And delivered promptly so my humidor did not go empty. Thanks JR !! 5 5 1
Governors Usually these are decent but this last bundle was very dry and flavorless. Hopefully a fluke 3 5 1
Governors Very Smooth and Very Good Cigar. 4 5 1
Governors These are my favorites. Can’t beat the price and quality. Highly recommend. 5 5 1
Governors Just order them, to early for a review until I get them 5 5 1
Governors Good affordable cigar. 5 5 1
Governors Good smoke for the price. A real value. Have been buying these for about a year now. 5 5 1
Governors Really enjoyed these cigars. I enjoy trying different taste and these were good. Will order again. 5 5 1
Governors I didn't buy enough! Really good cigar. 5 5 1
Governors Bought these on a wim. Usually don't buy sticks this inexpensive. WOE! For the price these are fabulous. Draw and burn is perfect. Smoked $8 - $10 sticks that didn't smoke as good as these. Flavor is OK but for the price these are great yard smokes and great to smoke on the golf course. Will buy again . Keep in humidor for a less expensive smoke. 5 5 1
Governors Really liked the RC Angels for the money ($1 each on sale); so I gave the full size a try. Very nice morning smoke, don’t seem to have quite the body and flavor of the Angels even though comp is the same. A little too light for me, but flavor is not bad at all. At a dollar each I’ll keep on hand, either these or, more likely, the Angels. Consistent burn, easy draw, decent flavor. 👍👍👍 4 5 1
Governors After about eight months in my needone 48L these baby's are very tasty, Xlent enjoyment 4 5 1
Governors Can’t beat these for the price, once in awhile you get one you have to light again or one with bad draw but the taste is great with a medium body! 4 5 1
Governors Just enough flavors to keep it interesting for the whole smoke. I’ve bought them 3 times and I’ll continue. Really a good deal when they’re on sale. 4 5 1
Governors These are very poor mixed filler cigars They are among the worst cigars I've ever tried. If you must smoke bad cigars do yourself a favor and buy a box of Dutch Masters or White Owls. You'll get more bad cigars for your money. 1 5 1
Governors Enjoyed this cigars, even burn to the end never had to relight one half. 4 5 1
Governors The Governor version has a slightly different taste from the best-selling 6x60 cigar. My favorite still is the 6x60. Both cigars should be rated as Mellow rather than Medium (IMM). I have been smoking Rosa Cubas for many years and they still are my everyday choices. They are smooth smoking and dependable. The prices have risen significantly over the years so I do wait for sales and purchase many bundles to last. I haven't tried the ammo can, but maybe someday. 4 5 1
Governors My Favorite is the Cuban twist. For the price it's a good everyday smoke 5 5 1

Rosa Cuba

Governors 6.12 × 50 RCGP

Take a timeout with a Toro-sized smoke...and save big while you do it! Rosa Cuba Governors are meticulously handmade with mixed-filler black tobaccos and packed in bundles of 20 cigars that are not only budget-friendly but also unbelievably believable as a luxurious long-filler blend. Finished with a smooth, clean Ecuador Sumatra EMS wrapper leaf with a golden gleam, and featuring a medium-bodied strength profile that highlights a bold yet balanced flavor in each and every even draw, Rosa Cuba Governors cigars offer absolute evidence that smokers don't have to sacrifice their wallets in order to please their palates (and vice versa). When you're shopping online to spend just a little for a whole lot of solid smoking in a tried-and-true traditional-sized handmade cigar that is even more enjoyable than it is economical, you'll find everything you want with the 6.12 x 50 Rosa Cuba Governors.
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