4.360655737704918 61
Vintage IV I think the vintage is the better line in the ryj. Real good flavor profile with sweet notes. Draw was on point with lots of smoke output. 4 5 1
Vintage IV Mellow....Mild bodied great draw great burn good taste. Too mellow for me. Good smoke if you're goffing around in your garage 4 5 1
Vintage IV Delightful cigar any time of the day. Nice size smokes cool without any bitterness. East to light easy smoking. Holds up well to a firm wet bite. I enjoy the spice of this cigar. Lots of compliments on the aroma as well. 4 5 1
Vintage IV Romeo and julieta are my favorite but I can't afford them as my everyday smoke. But I won these on Beat the dealer. Only smoked one so far and there was a 3 inch metal wire in it! Weird! 5 5 1
Vintage IV Only have them once but a good stick. So good try them. I won them off the game app.!! 4 5 1
Vintage IV The main thing I like about these cigars are how consistent they always are flavor but rate and construction. Always top notch and reasonable in price. 5 5 1
Vintage IV A very relaxing and enjoyable cigar to smoke on! I was having one of those days at work I got off blazed up and forgot all about that shift. Very relaxing cigar. Will order again. 4 5 1
Vintage IV Bought the deal and got them yesterday. This cigar has a perfect draw and solid construction. Taste was great all the way thru. I didn't want this smoke to end. 5 5 1
Vintage IV No need to say more R&J are just plain fine... Just a quality smoke at a bargain basement price when you wait in the weeds to snag them 4 5 1
Vintage IV Very good build. Tight roll stayed together the whole smoke. Had some sweet notes along with some spice 4 5 1
Vintage IV Good every day smoke...at a very affordable price all the time...just received my 5 pac deal....thanks JR...nice 4 5 1
Vintage IV Nice stick. Medium-bodied burned nice and even. Good value when you can get them on sale. 3 5 1
Vintage IV Good smoke that burns very well. It is a must try for the cigar lover. No bad taiste. Order one now 3 5 1
Vintage IV Great smoke with a smooth draw and consistent burn. Enjoyed it down to the band! 5 5 1
Vintage IV This cigar is one of my top 5 cigars. It has a great smooth creamy flavor. 5 5 1
Vintage IV Romeo y Julieta cigars are always satisfying and very enjoyable don't hesitant to order these today! 5 5 1
Vintage IV It reminded me of a 90's Florida made La Gloria Cubana. Very nice Cigar! 5 5 1
Vintage IV I enjoyed this cigar. I typically smoke Bolivars but this is a nice alternative to my go to. 4 5 1
Vintage IV Good cigar good flavor good draw. Slow burn. I haven't had a bad Romeo y Julieta yet. 4 5 1
Vintage IV I feel this is the best of the brand...creamy but not too mild with a leathery earthen taste 5 5 1
Vintage IV As always a good consistent smoke. This pack as bit dried out but a few days in the humidor resolved that pretty quickly. Not much better for the money. 3 5 1
Vintage IV Very good stick didn't have to relite. It had an even burn and I couldn't beat the price or the delivery. RyJ is one of the consistent smokes out there. 5 5 1
Vintage IV For a $7 a stick these are a great everyday cigar. Good flavor easy draw. I highly recommend them however be warned that occasionally a bad one will pop up that is hard to draw and/or nasty to the taste. And I mean really nasty! Makes my lips numb. I have no clue what causes it maybe the ones made on a Monday morning? I throw them away and grab another one. Seldom do I get more than one in a roll that's bad and at this price it's worth it. 4 5 1
Vintage IV I'm usually not a Romeo fan but recently bought The Deal. Currently smoking the first one. Solid construction and a very easy draw. Sort of a woody flavor profile. A very nice mild-medium smoke. I'm going to let the other 4 set in my humidor for a few weeks for a even better smoke. 4 5 1
Vintage IV This is the cigar that started it all for me. Received as a gift in the Summer of 1995, I had no idea a cigar could taste like this! 20+ years and thousands of cigars later, it’s still a favorite. I’m actually smoking one from a box I purchased in 1997 as I write this review. Although on the mild end of the spectrum, this beautiful cigar still delivers with notes of light leather, black tea and a perfume quality to the smoke (a good nuance). Compared to a younger version, there are less spice notes and the flavors have melded into an enjoyable midrange. Burn is near perfect, just a slight lag on one side, certainly from resting for so long in its cedar box - otherwise perfect bright white ash that hangs on well past what you’d expect. Like my review of the No.5, this is an exceptional, classy cigar at any age. Don’t let the lighter weight of this smoke dissuade you from laying some down. Not because they need it - they don’t, but because they’re even better with time! Highly recommended. 5 5 1
Vintage IV In my opinion one of Romeo's best. 5 5 1
Vintage IV I got a 5 pack of these for $24.16. Even at that price these are definitely not worth it. I read a review below that mentioned 1 or 2 might be duds in terms of flavor, but after smoking all 5 of them I'm certain this is the worst RyJ I've smoked. If someone gives you one of these sure go ahead and smoke it, but this website has too many cigars to choose from for you to settle for these. 1 5 1
Vintage IV My preferred Romeo. Smooth, great flavor profile. A touch tight on the draw but nothing to write home about. 4 5 1
Vintage IV Great construction and flavorful cigar. Even burn and good draw from start to finish. Wonderful aroma. 5 5 1
Vintage IV Awsome flavors with a great smoke output with a steady burn that will keep you hooked 4 5 1
Vintage IV Very smooth and mild flavor that would make this a great everyday smoke. For me it has the perfect draw and is constructed very well 4 5 1
Vintage IV Very well built with a smooth draw and flavor. Had an even burn the entire length. Will buy again 4 5 1
Vintage IV The main thing I like about these cigars are how consistent they always are flavor but rate and construction. Always top notch and reasonable in price. 5 5 1
Vintage IV These star-crossed lovers continue to inspire! Every time I finish one of these I look forward to the next one. 5 5 1
Vintage IV Very smooth flavorsexcellent construction and a near perfect burn all wrapped up in one good cigar. 4 5 1
Vintage IV Very great and it smokes well And has great flavor I'm very please with it and I will buy again 4 5 1
Vintage IV These are one of my go-to brands. I'm never disappointed. 4 5 1
Vintage IV Love this stick just ordered more classic Romeo what else can be said. Wil keep buying these. 4 5 1
Vintage IV Wow super good cigar well constructed burns even and doesn't go out all the time. 5 5 1
Vintage IV I'd think the 4 is the best and has a lot strong tones and oily wrapper and deeper tastes than previous 4 5 1
Vintage IV Mild smoke with good draw and construction. Nice golden wrapper earthy woody flavors that are enjoyable 4 5 1
Vintage IV This cigar has a very elegant feel to it. It is mild in flavor and smooth in draw. It has hints of nutmeg coffee bean and other mild spices that are easily enjoyable with anything for any occasion. 4 5 1
Vintage IV One of my favorites very smooth and great flavor. Burns even and all around solid smoke for the price. 5 5 1
Vintage IV Great smoke. Love the flavor with even burn and smooth draw. 5 5 1
Vintage IV Great everyday cigar easy draw and great taste. It also is a good price 4 5 1
Vintage IV These are decent smokes. A good yard cigar or while your out and about. Nice construction and burn consistencie. 4 5 1
Vintage IV This is my favorite RyJ of them all! Excellent construction and fantastic flavor! Lots of creamy smoke and perfect draw. After the first one I smoked...I bought a box! 5 5 1
Vintage IV I love this cigar. I first tried it after winning Beat the Dealer and just ordered another 5 pack today. 4 5 1
Vintage IV Nice even smooth smoke all the way to the end. 3 5 1
Vintage IV This was a gift and recipient was very pleased 5 5 1
Vintage IV Excellent best smoke ever you better buy these here at JR Cigar cuz in Vegas they are $100 a cigar 5 5 1
Vintage IV Won this from the app! Great smoke. Love the flavor. Burned for over an hour which was awesome 5 5 1
Vintage IV I recently found a Romeo & Julieta in my humidor that was very pleasant to smoke so I went to JR and looked over the selection of R & J available. These appeared to be of similar size and quality so I purchased a box. When they arrived I wasn’t disappointed they are great smooth good draw even burning great flavor everything one would expect from Romeo and Julieta. 5 5 1
Vintage IV Absolutely delicious flavor. Burned evenly and stayed lit. Smoked for over 1.5 hrs even with a wind on it. Good draw. Wrapper did crack a bit starting at the foot and following the burn but caused no problems. Met my preferences. 5 5 1
Vintage IV very good cigar the only one i'll smoke 5 5 1
Vintage IV very nice 5 5 1
Vintage IV Stays in my rotation 5 5 1
Vintage IV This is a nice cigar for mid afternoon. Good construction, easy draw and a nice even burn shows me that this vintage cigar deserves a home in my humidor 5 5 1
Vintage IV Bought these to smoke on the golf course. Usually have numerous re-lights with each cigar. Draw is fine and they burn evenly for the most part. I am a bigger fan of the Vintage III, just wanted a larger cigar for the course. 4 5 1
Vintage IV Always a good mellow to medium smoke. 5 5 1
Vintage IV Great mild Romeo. Draws great, consistent burn and all in a Churchill. 5 5 1

Romeo y Julieta Vintage

Vintage IV 7 × 48 RV45

The Romeo y Julieta Vintage IV is an aged masterpiece that has remained unchanged for over 20 years. This Romeo comes loaded with mellow, yet, flavorful Dominican fillers that are encased inside a light golden brown Connecticut wrapper. Any enthusiast regardless of strength preference will find enjoyment while smoking this classic cigar, packaged in packs of 5.
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Ecuador Connecticut


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


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