4.25 60
Love Story The Romeo y Julieta Reserve Love Story is a fantastic cigar starts out with a tight draw but that is to be expected once I was past that the cigar opened up with flavors of chocolate oak and a sweet nuttiness while putting out a decent amount of creamy smooth smoke! No construction issues the burn and draw are flawless. 5 5 1
Love Story An excellent cigar for a quick smoke on the patio in the evening with a few friends while playing cards when it's nice and warm flavorfulwith a nice burn to it 4 5 1
Love Story This is not my favorite of this line of cigars. That said it is very good and enjoyable. Still for the money it is worth it. 5 5 1
Love Story Fantastic little smoke packed with amazing flavor that isn't over powering.its wrapped nicely and cleanly 4 5 1
Love Story So many cigars and not enough time try them all but this one is a must 5 5 1
Love Story Good quality. Smooth wrapper nice burn and the aroma is not bad at all. I will be buying this stick again. 4 5 1
Love Story Good cigar. I enjoy this but not one of my typical smokes. In my opinion there is better 4 5 1
Love Story If you want the Romeo flavor and brand without having to smoke all night. Great choice for a 10 minute relaxer 4 5 1
Love Story What's not to love about The Love Story. This is one of the best short smokes I can ever remember having. The smoke output is great the burn is almost perfect the flavors of this cigar just go on and transition beautifully from the first third to the last. I would definitely suggest to split a box if not buy a box of your own and hide them away for your own Personal Pleasures. 4 5 1
Love Story Don't think that these will replace those Hemingways in your humidor. These are very good but not that good 5 5 1
Love Story For me the love story was a great smoke. Rich flavor and a great construction. A very bold taste wrapped in a smallish package. 5 5 1
Love Story Any Romeo y Julieta is going to be absolutely amazing let me tell you that this is even better 5 5 1
Love Story Love story is a nice cigar for a shorter smoke. It's mild to medium bodied with earthy palate but closer to medium strength. 4 5 1
Love Story It s a short love story at that. Nice stick for a medium length smoke. Good flavor and balance 4 5 1
Love Story These are great because of the unique. Tapered ends. It's really an enjoyable experience to cut both ends of the cigar. 5 5 1
Love Story I love the romeo and Julieta reserve it's a nice medium to full cigar. I like the size as well. 5 5 1
Love Story Very tasty odd little cigar. Surprisingly plenty of smoke once you get past very small starting nip 4 5 1
Love Story i had to try one just for its shape. Wow was it worth it. Dark woody taste that lingered around 5 5 1
Love Story Romeo y Julieta Reserve Love Story is a great cigar with deep Cuban roots. They have produced a cigar with high quality and rock solid consistency. Tasty from beginning to end 4 5 1
Love Story This bowling pin cigar is one of my top smokers for any ocassion. It has a great form that makes the best of the tobacco earth and nut flavors 5 5 1
Love Story Love the perfecto shape but not crazy about much else. Flavor was kind of bland and really didnt speak to me. 3 5 1
Love Story This Remeo tells you and love story while you smoke it a love for an excellent cigar. The draw burn ash and flavor is all in this love story. 5 5 1
Love Story A pretty decent short smoke they're alright to keep a few round but I think they aren't as good as the Hemingways 3 5 1
Love Story nice cigar that was constructed well. good draw with no relights or touch ups needed. flavor I got was a sweet spice. 4 5 1
Love Story The only thing I don't like was it had light flavor for my taste. Everything else was good. 5 5 1
Love Story Amazing cigars with amazing taste and we'll made. They are bold and a little spicy. Mostly a woody flavor all 3 thirds. 5 5 1
Love Story Wife bought me a couple of these cigars when we were in Florida on vacation ! Enjoyed this cigar over a cold beer and several BBQ s over the summer 5 5 1
Love Story Sadly the love story is not my favorite. It's too short for my taste and the flavor is just not there for me. 3 5 1
Love Story Good cigar excellent flavor.. Nice all around cigar. I definitely suggest keeping a couple in your humidor. 3 5 1
Love Story A delicious fantastic smoke with a mild wrapper and a very even burn. It has a great taste that is consistent. 4 5 1
Love Story Love at first sight a rest put to together cigar a truly great cigar that you will enjoy get a bundle today 5 5 1
Love Story Bought this box for a good friend's birthday - glad he was kind enough to share. Fantastic little smoke and it lasted well over a half hour which surprised me. Great flavor but it did get a little warm. Super even burning. He left a few for me but I'm going to need to order some up again. 5 5 1
Love Story These used to be consistently good....before they were backordered. Now they side burn and they have a firm draw. Maybe I just got a bad box.... Also why does shopping take forever now 3 5 1
Love Story A nice 45-minute smoke a different shape then I've had before nice draw and Great Construction 5 5 1
Love Story Not a love story 3 5 1
Love Story Nice fatty cigar that packs a lots of delicious flavor. A great cigar for special occasions. 5 5 1
Love Story The Romeo Love Story is a medium bodied smoke with mild strength. It's flavor is of cream and wood. This is a good Dominican puro for maybe 45 minutes in the middle of the day. Good for a box purchase. DR is excellent in this way too. 4 5 1
Love Story Love me a love story! Great smoke with fantastic flavors all the way through. Great fun shape too! 5 5 1
Love Story This fat cigar is perfect for summer days on the lake my father got me my first pack of these and I keep going back for more get yours today at JR's.com 4 5 1
Love Story This was a delicious smoke in a great size and shape for when you are busy. Burned well and smooth. Definitely a great addition to any humidor. 4 5 1
Love Story Very nice smoke And just the right size for with a drink. Also a nice flavor and good till the end . 4 5 1
Love Story Not the best smoke and don't love the size. In a regular corona would be good. 2 5 1
Love Story When I first saw this one it caught Mayeye because of its shape but wide and makes a really nice open wide drawer all in the flavor is very mild and smooth taste great 4 5 1
Love Story An amazingly beautiful cigar. Perfect construction. Great flavor with hints of pepper and spice and a touch of sweetness. 4 5 1
Love Story Exceptional cigar. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Burns well rich flavors handsome wrap. Packs a punch. You'll fall in love. 5 5 1
Love Story All around a good cigar with a nice flavor profile. This is one that you should have in your humidor all the time. Nice stick. 4 5 1
Love Story This was definitely a odd looking smoke buy don't let looks fool you. The flavor was great and this one is well made.. the draw was good and maybe one of the best romeo cigars I have smoked. 4 5 1
Love Story It lasts quite a while even for how short it is! Even so I wish there was more next time I'll go a size up 4 5 1
Love Story Reserve love story by Romeo is a pretty good one with robust flavor and spicy finish. This is a good one for sure 5 5 1
Love Story Good quick shirt story. Flavor is more complex than I thought. Rich woody with hints of cream. 4 5 1
Love Story Great smoke and size. This is perfect for colder months or if you do t have much time. 5 5 1
Love Story Not high on my list. This Reserva line has some seious problems with burn and they are not high on my list of cigars to purchase. 2 5 1
Love Story Love story only had one of these sticks a friend gave me to try while golfing. Had trouble with draw and flavor wasn't to my taste! Not bad aroma from the smoke. 3 5 1
Love Story These were my first box purchase. I enjoy them quite a bit. They're about a 25-30 minute smoke; perfect for a quick time out on the back porch. They were a little tricky for me to figure out how to light them evenly but I was very drawn to the shape and I still appreciate it. I am very happy with these for the price. 4 5 1
Love Story Great cigar for short smoke. Good draw, burns cool. 5 5 1
Love Story well made short smoke, that has a nice draw and flavor 4 5 1
Love Story Once you get that out of your head you are bound for a tiny flavor adventure. I've been in a keto diet for a while and I have been experimenting with exotic flours. I got some Mesquite flour that native Americans in the south west adore. It's not that smoky stuff you might imagine, it's ground seeds or Mesquite beans. Huge volumes of smoke. This cigar tastes hauntingly similar, notes of rasin, maybe even some date, smooth, soft, silky and the size and shape that leaves you wishing you had selected a larger size but that is why they call it a "love" story. Reminiscent, romantic encounter that was wonderful in its fleeting impermanence. Pair it with a small glass of a very smoky scotch or maybe a dash of dry sherry. 5 5 1
Love Story I love this cigar. The only problem I have with it is that because of it's size I tend to smoke too many of them. I also feel that they are priced too high. 5 5 1
Love Story Great cigar for a quick smoke 5 5 1
Love Story Best small cigar I've had. 4 5 1

Romeo y Julieta Reserve

Love Story 4.25 × 46 RHRLS

The popular Romeo y Julieta Reserve Love Story is a feisty little figurado molded in the classic Cuban shape featured on many turn of the century cigars. With bold earthy flavors throughout, this uniquely shaped, fuller bodied version of the legendary Dominican Romeo has quickly become one of the brands bestselling sizes.  It is sold in boxes of 27.
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Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Box of 27

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