4.352941176470588 17
Exhibicion No. 1 These cigars were completely dried out. Put them in my humidor hoping they would soften. Very disappointed. Won’t order these again. 1 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 Romeo y Julieta 1875 exhibition is a great premium blend with a creamy smooth flavor. Notes of mocha Cedar and a hint of spice 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 This is Romeo y juletas bread and butter and for a good reason this cigar is great and the complexity of the flavors prove it. 4 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 Flavor was great with this one. Consistency was great. Draw was perfect. The one thing that stuck out to me the most was the aroma. Great aroma lit and unlit. I highly recommend 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 one of the best its draws nice ans stays lit 4 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 I love this cigar. The flavor is great all the way until the end. Draw is excellent. Love sitting back with one for two hours of relaxation. 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 good value, great smoke 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 This is my favorite cigar. I keep these in my private humidor and away from mooching hands. These cigars light nicely and smoke like a dream. The size of these cigars keeps them smoking cool and enjoyable start to finish! 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 Just one of these cigars will make it through a two hour movie and it burns well the entire time. 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 This is a beautiful cigar to look at in a better one in Smoke. Medium body with a great finish. I really enjoy smoking this cigar. Romoe and Julieta is one of my favorites. 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 I love don't live in a statement issued by the end of the day before my eyes out and about to go 2 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 these are a very solid stick and a must have if you enjoy a nice med stick great flavors and awesome burn 4 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 As with all my Romeo reviews I found this to be a sublime superb super cigar with mild firm flavor profile great burn and firm ash. This is one that my wife buy a single of to sit and share. 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 Only cigars Mike smokes ! Fast & easy ordering ! 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 A great cigar to enjoy when you want an hour plus downtime and relaxation. Great burn, taste, and easy a draw. Consistently crafted. 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 Nice flavorful cigar tobacco is good not a lot of filler if you have a bout an hour and a half to smoke this is your cigar. 5 5 1
Exhibicion No. 1 A great choice for the smoker trying to find a regular style/brand. 4 5 1

Romeo y Julieta 1875

Exhibicion No. 1 8.50 × 52 JUE120

The Romeo y Julieta 1875 Exhibicion No.1 is a massive cigar in both stature and flavor. This prestigious Presidente is the perfect companion when you have a lot of free time to enjoy the luxury of its rich, nutty flavors and superb aroma. Packaged in boxes of 20, these regal smokes are appointed in dress boxes of 20 each for your continued smoking enjoyment.  
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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