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Deluxe No. 1 I have yet to smoke a bad Rome y Julieta. They have all been perfect and this is no exception for the standard. Perfect draw flavor and burn. 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 the first batch i ordered had mold at the end of the glass tube(the part away from the opening). so i got an exchange which went very smoothly. the next box that came was pristine but after a few months in the humidor these got mold in the exact same place. My humidor is away from sunlight and the humidity is holding at 71 and temp is at 72-76. I know its not ideal but I also don't think this would be considered bad even during 100+ degrees outside. The glass tubes haven't been opened yet only the box and i haven't even smoked one yet. very sad. 1 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Definitely a great cigar. Wonderful aroma with a bold and smooth smoke that rolls in to a sweet and spicy profile as it burns. 5 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 I really like these cigars. They have a mild smoith taste and a slow burn. A premium cigar at an excellent price. 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Well constructed cigar. Plenty of smoke and good flavor that was consistent. Stayed cool. 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Medium bodied cigar with flavor notes of cedar earth hint of coffee/espresso spiciness. The is a classic cigar from RyJ. Love the crushproof tubes which make it perfect for traveling or on the golf course. Burn was wonderful and ash had a 2 in +/-. This cigar are great for cigar enthusiast that just got into cigars from the novice. Very aromatic. Will recommend highly 3 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 This is a fantastic cigar.the presentation alone is worth the money.With a little agingthese are one of best Churchill's available.very smooth with a nice spice kick. 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Delux is the righg name for this smoke everything about it is great. Flovor construction and burn. 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 When I received the cigars I opened the box and noticed there was mold inside the glass tubes. I sent an email to J.R. and received an automated reply saying they would be contacting me. No response after a week😡Stuck with moldy cigars 1 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 I do love the cigar what is there not to love about the number one deluxe Flowers construction perfect flavors it’s super aromatic. Everyone should smoke the cigar at least once course it’s a bit expensive but it’s well worth it a real treat! 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 This is by far my favorite every day smoke. Easy to light even burn and smooth flavor. They are fresh from the tube but even better after a couple months in the humi. The last 3rd gets almost sticky from all of the oil and its fantastic. 5 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Fantastic medium smoke. Flavors slowly build as the stick progresses. Romeo's always deliver with quality excellence and wonderful flavor. 5 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Overall what you'd expect from a R&J... Medium light cigar with flavor and consistency throughout the smoke experience.... Burns even and finishes nice... 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 What an amazing deal. 8 free CIGARS plus the box of RYJ. JR always takes care of thier customers. The CIGARS are tasty and fresh. Clean burn and good ash. 5 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 This is a pretty good smoke however it lacks sustenance. There is a complexity of flavors within but they are timid in appearance. I do enjoy this cigar but find that it won't pair well with a strong beverage. 5 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 This stick is a personal fovorate pretty mellow but has some good strength at the same time 5 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Top notch cigar. Enjoyable coffee and oakflavors. Stays fresh and smokes as good as it looks. Silky feel in your hand and in your mouth. Very nice smoking cigar never harsh or bitter. 5 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 If you like this brand then you need to try this cigar it has a great smoke output and has tones of flavor that's great and overall is a complete easy smoke. 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Really great experience with this the 1875 Tubos. In terms of construction quality it is vastly superior imo than the ones in Cedro or without a wrap. 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Great stick. So smooth burns evenly down to the end. Flavors are complex and delicate.; not too strong it hits the mark squarely. This is the kind of stogie you give to your boss or close friends. Glass tube keeps them fresh. My feel good or special occasion smoke! 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 i was really shocked on this one couldnt believe the strong flavors and the construction best i could find 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 decent cigar all around. I had no burn or draw issues. no relights were needed. pleasant tobacco flavor. 4 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Hey what's not to like about this stogie beautiful wrapper the price is right for what you get pure quality and greatness 5 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 probably 15% of the cigars don't burn properly. For the amount I am paying for these, that percent should be far less. 3 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 These sticks come in a nice box and stored in glass tubes..excellent for a gift. As always, Romeo stogies are solidly constructed and feel good in the hand. These deliver a mellow to medium fragrant smoke...very nutty. 5 5 1
Deluxe No. 1 Love the Chuchhills 5 5 1

Romeo y Julieta 1875

Deluxe No. 1 7 × 50 JUD1T

Romeo y Julieta premium handmade cigars boast an impeccable medium-bodied blend of oak and coffee flavors that produce an enchanting flavor and aroma. The Romeo y Julieta 1875 Deluxe No.1 is sealed in a glass tube so this beautiful Churchill will always remain fresh and secure. Packaged in boxes of 10, this elegant presentation is perfect for those special occasions when only the finest smoke will do.  
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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