3.6470588235294117 34
Churchill Tube This is a great long lasting smoke. I love the tubes. I wanted to save some of them for a trip I have coming up but JR's service has gotten so terrible my latest order is taking forever and left me without smokes. 4 5 1
Churchill Tube An almost always consistently good cigar. Medium bodied and quite smooth. Burns evenly and draws well. 4 5 1
Churchill Tube What is not to love. The flavor of the 1875 is always spot on. Nice spice and a nice draw. The tube Churchill is a nice bonus as it provides a good long smoke 4 5 1
Churchill Tube The best thing about this cigar is it's smell. I bought a box on sale and I love lighting up one of these every once in a while 4 5 1
Churchill Tube Surprisingly very smooth. Low on flavor but mild to medium with notes of hay grass nuts wood and white pepper. Good burn and draw. 4 5 1
Churchill Tube I love this cigar.....first brand ever smoked. Cool tube it comes in highly recommend! 4 5 1
Churchill Tube I would buy 4 times what I buy if you did;'t have your fixed shipping. You should have graduated shipping so the amount goes down which the purchases over $25. This would encourage sales. 4 5 1
Churchill Tube I was traveling and I bought 10 of these because the tube would protect them from getting damaged. The bonus was that these are a awesome tasting cigar 4 5 1
Churchill Tube Friend gave me this cigar. Has a nice mild to medium taste which is bold and smooth. Nice at night with some whiskey. 4 5 1
Churchill Tube I like this on it is a pretty good cigar. Romeo y Julieta makes great cigars and this one is one. The urn was suburb with a razor sharp ash. The flavor was a solid medium 5 5 1
Churchill Tube The 1875 tubo Churchill was quite delicious to say the least the construction was superb the burn was excellent always a go to stick 5 5 1
Churchill Tube Quick burn. Good draw. Slight sweetness. It was really just ok in my book but definitely worth the price! 3 5 1
Churchill Tube not pleased cigars are cracking within the first 15 minutes of smoking 2 5 1
Churchill Tube These are good smokes but are very different than the 1875. 3 5 1
Churchill Tube Overall what you'd expect from a R&J... Excellent and smooth smoke with superb flavor 4 5 1
Churchill Tube Romeo 1875 Churchill is a great cigar def a go to cigar for me. I enjoy this cigar very much it is great 5 5 1
Churchill Tube Nice long smoke. Excellent quality cigar. Medium to full earthy profile. Notes of cedar and leather. Everything you want in a cigar 5 5 1
Churchill Tube These sticks are wonderful from their creamy wrapper to the consistent draw and construction. Romeo and Julieta are my go to brand but the 1875 cigar is one of the best lines of the brand. 4 5 1
Churchill Tube Really good. Had a bit of mold on the wrapper but it was small and easy to get rid of. Typical of ones in the tubes. 4 5 1
Churchill Tube Mine came and was super exciting I love Romeos....I almost let em humidor for a month but wanted to look at em. To my surprise they were all covered in a good amount of mold....and no not plume. Try to get a exchange or return...I will update. 1 5 1
Churchill Tube One of my favorites. The packaging is ideal when away from home. These are my go to cigar for time on the boat. These are not too strong and I smoke these ant time of the day. Love the spiciness the cigar lends. Easy to light and smokes great. 4 5 1
Churchill Tube This is a medium bodied cigar with flavor notes of earth nuts sweetness for balance. This is a very aromatic cigar. My GFriend hates the smell of cigarette smoke however loves aroma of certain cigars and pipes. When I lit this up I felt as though she was captured by the aroma from the distance and coming closer for more of a whiff lol! R y J quality always consistent and affordable. 3 5 1
Churchill Tube Great for traveling. Shows elegance when you slide it out of the tube. Protects well from damage while making sure you have excellent flavor 4 5 1
Churchill Tube This is a monster of a cigar made for alot of time. Perfect for a after dinner treat. Medium body grrat aroma. 5 5 1
Churchill Tube this wasnt a bad cigar after i found one without mold on it the tubo kept to much moisture and ruined it 3 5 1
Churchill Tube A good all around smoke. Romeos are always dependable but the tube ensures they stay fresh too. Recommended. 4 5 1
Churchill Tube I genuinely appreciate ROMEO & JULIETA; however this is my least favorite cigar. I purchased these and got some for free as well. They are still sitting in my humidor and I would like to give them away. Tough draw lacking flavor and altogether disappointing. 2 5 1
Churchill Tube These are some of the best cigars out there I also like the fact of It being in a tube gives it an extra kick it seems. 5 5 1
Churchill Tube Love these cigars. But in my last box the cigars were in cellophane wrappers, and no cedar. The lack of cedar makes a difference! Wrote JR to ask about this and never heard back. 4 5 1
Churchill Tube I have tried other Romeo y Julieta 1875 cigars before, these were the first tube version I had tried. So, I figured why not. Half of the ten had issues with even burning and also drawing. The others were fine. The flavor was fine. 3 5 1
Churchill Tube These aluminum tubos are no longer sold with cedar lining but the descriptions all say they are. False advertising! And the cigars have gone downhill. Flavor isn’t good, and more than half have draw problems. Smoked them for a few decades but no more. Waste of money. 1 5 1
Churchill Tube I don't know for some reason the Romeo's don't have a very good draw anymore. I've ordered several different sizes and shapes they all seem to have a very common issue with the draw the smoke is okay the flavors good I like the fact that they're mostly Dominican I do appreciate that but they need to work on the role of the cigar itself 3 5 1
Churchill Tube I like Romeos. I like this 1875 Romeo Churchill. Great cigar for a great price. But, I love Reserva Real. Let's get those on sale too. 5 5 1
Churchill Tube Oh my God I wish I could leave a half a star review! I have said time and time again in the past about Romeo and Juliet being a fantastic cigar and have steadily gone downhill, but I must say that this is a complete waste of money.! Don't waste your time Don't waste your money no matter what deal they give you it's not worth it unless you got a lot of lighter fluid to keep lighting them over and over again I mean I take one draw off of it and it already goes out they burn horribly they half are rolled loose half a rolled tight this is by far the worst cigar I've ever bought and I've bought many of Romeo's in the past I'll never buy another one again unless by some remote chance that they send me a free box of perfectly rolled cigars and at least 50% of them smoke.! I wish I can get my money back on these I would send them back in a heartbeat but it's been over 30 days it's a complete waste of money Don't waste your time buy something else no matter what deal they give you! 1 5 1

Romeo y Julieta 1875

Churchill Tube 7 × 50 JUCHT

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Churchill Tube takes cigar smoking satisfaction to a delicious new level. Expertly rolled with aged Dominican binder and long fillers, firmly packed inside a silky Indonesian wrapper, the cigar delivers rich medium bodied flavors cocoa, cedar, hazelnuts, and hints of spice. Packaged in a box of 10, the handsome tube makes for the perfect gift presentation or as a traveling companion to keep your cigars snug and crushproof.
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



Box of 10 Aluminum Tubes

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