4.333333333333333 21
EMH Great smoke a lots of flavor and notes but do eat something but you smoke this 4 5 1
EMH The comagnonbi smoked really turned me off. The flavor and burn weee off to me. I will revisit at a later time to see 3 5 1
EMH The RoMa Craft CroMagnon Aquitaine Smokes pretty good with some good flavor and smell 5 5 1
EMH I like big ring sticks and it fits in the description of what I like. This blend dosnt need to be in a large size. Waste of tobacco making it a unfit stick 3 5 1
EMH This Roma crsftvis a aweome stick great lil flavor stick I smoke these all the time best on the market buy these great 5 5 1
EMH I was unaware of this stick until a friend sent one my way. It sat in my humidor for some time. I saw it last night and became curious so what’d I do? Light it up! No regrets there. A wonderful cigar. Good complexity and great flavors. Draw was perfect as was construction. 5 5 1
EMH I have really tried to enjoy these as they are solid all around the flavor profile just doesn’t sit well with me so I’ll pass 3 5 1
EMH This cigar is like a great steak! Woody start coffee middle that ends with a spicy finish 5 5 1
EMH The RoMa Craft CroMagnon Aquitaine EMH is a good full strength cigar with pepper and Earth flavor 5 5 1
EMH Deep rich coffee and spice flavors with a full body and smooth finish. A very rich cigar. One of the top selections from Roma Craft and generally one of the most satisfying full-bodied cigars I've ever smoked. 5 5 1
EMH This isn’t amazing. It’s nice though. Easy smoke at a nice price with a solid enjoyable flavor. It definitely has no harshness. 3 5 1
EMH I like roma crafts. This is a good one. Just enjoyable and deep and rich smoke. Fermented sweet tobacco. Smooth and cr meamy. Good cigar 5 5 1
EMH I’ve never had a Roma Craft I didn’t like and this gem is no different. Rich robust and delectable... a must for anyone who loves a complex stick. 4 5 1
EMH Big flavor but knocked me on my behind. Room was spinning. But I'd come back again. It was that good. 5 5 1
EMH This cigar is above average for sure. I just did not see the hype. Good thing u can score these at below msrp these days. Definitely worth a try since it is a good cigar. Well built and flvaors are good. Maybe i need a bit more rest on them. Try one for urself 4 5 1
EMH Skip and the boys are killing it!!! The stick is one of my all time favorites. This isn't my favorite vitola but it is still a killer stick. These also age beautifully 4 5 1
EMH RoMa Craft is a great brand. The line CroMagnon Aquitaine is one of my lines of theirs 4 5 1
EMH The aquintane blend is the first Roma Craft cigar I smoked and I was floored by the complexity packed into this cigar. If you are looking for a full bodied well constructed complex flavor bomb this cigar should be at the top of your list 5 5 1
EMH Very very good the coffe and woodsy flavor is pretty dominant and it sure is one that is good 4 5 1
EMH Outstanding flavor profile that even others will appreciate when you smoke it. 5 5 1
EMH Tasty stick, well made. Draw a bit tight but very manageable. 5 5 1

RoMa Craft CroMagnon Aquitaine

EMH 5 × 56 CROME

The CroMagnon Aquitaine EMH is a full-bodied blend of some of the world’s most sought after tobacco, starting with a beautiful thick and oily Ecuador Habano Ligero wrapper. Selected from the highest priming’s, this sun kissed leaf covers a rare Cameroon binder and aged long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. The result is a hearty and robust smoke with luscious notes of coffee, cedar, cocoa and subtle spice flavors. Sold in boxes of 24.

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