4.0 24
Short Gordo Always liked big gauge cigars and Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 has been a favorite. Flavor profiles are immediate due to short length. 5 5 1
Short Gordo Great cigar it reminds me of the Cubans I've had in the past. Spice like white pepper, with some caramel and cream. Good amount of smoke. Some cocoa and more caramel in the 2nd 3rd. The spice smooths our but is still there. 5 5 1
Short Gordo Apparently the person who printed the shipping label didn't print my complete address, so my order was returned as undeliverable due to insufficient address. JR Cigars would not reship once items were returned to them at not fault of mine---poor customer service, not satisfied. 1 5 1
Short Gordo All twenty cigars had hard spots and not just one, hy the time I got a good draw it it was like why I'm I wasting my time. I"ve had these before and enjoyed them but this box really turned me off. Will never order them again. 1 5 1
Short Gordo Every one of these that I've smoke so far (4 out of a 10 pack) had burned unevenly. And not just a little: wildly unevenly. The cigars have been kept in a well-maintained humidor. 2 5 1
Short Gordo Great cigar 5 5 1
Short Gordo Really enjoyed this cigar. Burn for me was even through out the smoke. Great cigar for a quiet early evening. 5 5 1
Short Gordo It was decent but expected better 3 5 1
Short Gordo I very tasty stick! The burn can be uneven, varies stick to stick. But overall a great flavor from a smaller than im used to cigar 5 5 1
Short Gordo Very consistent. 4 5 1
Short Gordo This 1990 Gordo in my humble opinion is a bit lacking in flavor. The burn on the 1990 needed serval touch ups because the burn was uneven. A bit too mild for me. I am a fan of the Rocky Patel cigars. But give it a try for yourself and see what you think, it might be better for you. 3 5 1
Short Gordo Construction and flavor are top notch. First one out of a 5 pack and I had to constantly touch up to burn correctly. Subtracted one star for that. If the others burn even I’ll update review. Great smoke besides that. 4 5 1
Short Gordo This is probably my favorite cigar. 5 5 1
Short Gordo A little pricey 5 5 1
Short Gordo Gold star service every time I call thank you 5 5 1
Short Gordo Very well constructed cigars. It tastes good until the last puff although it gets a bit bitter near the end. In terms of price to value, you can't go wrong with this. 5 5 1
Short Gordo If you get one that is well made, it is a great cigar. But the quality controls in this shop is lacking, or they don't care. Because some sticks are so tightly rolled that it is impossible to draw. Be warned that in a box of 20 you may have to throw out a few. Even a metal skewer can't get through. 3 5 1
Short Gordo Easy on line purchase process, quick delivery, and quality cigars 5 5 1
Short Gordo Taste great 5 5 1
Short Gordo First looks, very nice wrapper, as I like to see the veins. Smooth , easy draw with tons of smoke volume. Not very tightly packed which is why it was easy draw but then made a quick smoke. Not complaining as I would rather have that than a too tight draw. Only required two minor touch ups. Medium strength. I did have to re-light once when got down to 1.5 inches. This is my first cigar taken right from the 5 pack. 5 5 1
Short Gordo This cigar a well balanced exceptional flavor. It goes well with a good port wine. 5 5 1
Short Gordo I always look for a deal on these. A bit out of my price range but on sale or with a discount I jump on them. 4 5 1
Short Gordo I wrote a review about this cigar sometime ago and my experience has deteriorated. I bought two boxes and it was a big mistake. Every time I get a stick I am not sure if it will be smokable or not. Can't light it, can't draw and if you get it going it needs multiple touchups. I smoke a cigar to relax not to stress out. Do yourself a favour and don't buy this one. Not worth the hassle plenty of other choices out there. El Rey del Mundo is one. 1 5 1
Short Gordo This is by far, my favorite cigar. Just about any size, but Toro is my go to. 5 5 1

Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

Short Gordo 5 × 60 RP90SG

A Vintage 1990 Short Gordo, this JR Exclusive by Rocky Patel is a mellow to medium bodied smoke with undeniably smooth flavors of chocolate, spice, cedar, nuts, and cocoa. This handmade premium beauty is dressed in a broadleaf maduro wrapper from Honduras, aged to perfection for 12 years, over vintage long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. With Rocky Patel, a commitment to excellence becomes quite clear with every savory puff, and he has an impressive 92-rating to prove it! Be sure to order a box of 20 from JR Cigar, you’re one stop online shop with the best prices on the web!
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Dominican Republic / Nicaragua


Mellow - Medium


Box of 20

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