4.228571428571429 35
Sixty pretty average stick with average taste. I wouldn't go out of my way to get these sticks but they aren't horrible 3 5 1
Sixty blend of Nicaraguan tobacco under the broadleaf wrapper beautifully imparting earthy nutty notes and bittersweet chocolate with the sweeter properties of the wrapper. 5 5 1
Sixty Great interesting flavors like an old leather shoe with some great spice to it. A nice creamy flavor after the first few puffs that lasts until the end. 4 5 1
Sixty Probably a 86-88 stick. Not bad but not amazing. If you like maduros you should try this cigar. 4 5 1
Sixty Great cigar. Full bodied complex yet smooth. Great draw perfect burn . Always in my humidor 5 5 1
Sixty Nice easy draw razor sharp burn. Notes of coffee and dark chocolate! A pleasant cigar with flavors that build an become very dark with hints sweet spice over the palatte 4 5 1
Sixty Excellent sun grown cigar. Had a couple of them. Will continue them in my roatation. 5 5 1
Sixty Great cigars I really enjoy the Sun Grown line of RP. They always seem to be pretty consistent. Has a nice spicy flavor. 4 5 1
Sixty This is a medium to medium-full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: sweet spiciness coffee dark chocolate caramel toffee. The spiciness of the cigar can be overpowering at first then half way thru tends to mellow out. Great luminous white clouds of smoke. Easy draw and even burning. Maduros are hands down my favorite 3 5 1
Sixty A superb burst of flavor. Chocolate espresso and nuts. I love it. Definitely one of my top cigars from 2015. 4 5 1
Sixty The rocky patel sun grown maduro is awesome. Absolutely full flavored and not for the faint of heart. 5 5 1
Sixty Super big and super bodied I don't mind that the wrapper is a little coarse because it's Sungrown because they have flavor and nicotine 5 5 1
Sixty Ok for a big ring size those usually are not my favorite. I would smoke this one again. 4 5 1
Sixty This thing is just packed full of uncompromising and unmatched flavor when it comes to delivering a great experience this thing always delivers 5 5 1
Sixty Love this one. Rocky knows what he's doing great flavor from the sun grown wrapper with a woodsy taste. 5 5 1
Sixty Big smoke. This thing is bold and smokes bold. You cannot beat this one with a stick. Rp has done it again. 5 5 1
Sixty This one is one of my favorites by r p. Good smoke with creamy blend of goodness that's enjoyabke 4 5 1
Sixty This was a solid smoke. Not amazing but not bad either. If the price was right or on sale I would get another 4 5 1
Sixty I love the Sun grown maduro! Definitely deserving of its spot among top cigars. The 1990 is the only rocky I like better 4 5 1
Sixty The only problem I had with most of the SGM's I've had were tight on the draw. And i love my cigars so this is no wise crackin. The first RP SGM I'd ever bought from ZT Cigar in Oklahoma city I was just getting into the 2nd 3rd & the darn thing jumped out of the driver side of my 1ton I worked out of. This guy cut the wheel before hitting the brakes. I pulled around to it ranned over by the rear duels and still smoking I grabbed the master crafted stick and kept right on smoking it for another25 minutes. RP SGM's one of my top 4 cigars 4 5 1
Sixty The Rocky Patel Special Reserve Sun Grown Maduro Sixty is a nice thick fat juicy cigar with a strong taste and a nice chocolate wrapper 5 5 1
Sixty if you like big sixty ring gauge cigars you will perhaps like this one as well. give it a try matey. 3 5 1
Sixty Very good smoke. Flavor is fantastic and tons of smoke. Rocky always come through. I will definitely be getting more of these. 5 5 1
Sixty Great interesting flavors like an old leather shoe with some great spice to it. A nice creamy flavor after the first few puffs that lasts until the end. 4 5 1
Sixty Nearly an inch thick this monstrosity is even worse than its counterparts. I tried with this brand and this line AND THIS SIZE five different times. All five were exactly the same -- no smoke no draw a total waste. 2 5 1
Sixty Exceptional cigar. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Nice flavors burns well throughout. Starts well finishes great. RP Sun Grown is th best 5 5 1
Sixty Rocky Patel Reserve Sungrown maduro Sixty size is a pretty good cigar. Better than your average Patel creation. Good flavor is exuded from this cigar. Pretty tasty.After all its special 3 5 1
Sixty This sun grown maduro is a lot better than the reg maduro milder and has calmed it down a notch 5 5 1
Sixty The rocky sixty is a one of my favorite cigars. a sun grown rocky stick is amazing and the maduro is very special. If you like med body but lots of flavor cigars do it. Approved. 5 5 1
Sixty Rocky has hit it out of the park with this sun grown 60. The outstanding rich complex flavor is amazing. The drawburnsmoke ash and finish were outsranding. 5 5 1
Sixty Good smoke. Very good stick. Good draw good construction even burn and good flavor. Would recommend this cigar 5 5 1
Sixty I love maduros but am. It a fan of big ring gauges. The one I had had burn issues but a nice flavor when things were going right. 4 5 1
Sixty This is one of my favorites! Strong and bold but smooth. Even burn and consistent. Out of all the Rocky’s there are to choose from, this is my go to. 5 5 1
Sixty I would love to be able to write a review on this particular cigar but have been unable to receive the correct item 4 times now. I won 3 auctions for these and each time received the wrong item. I spoke with customer service on the phone twice and each time they sent me to the return portal. JR did send out a replacement pack one time and that was incorrect also. Yes, I received full refunds, but was more interested in getting the cigars that I had ordered. 1 5 1
Sixty The rich & well-balanced, medium-full bodied flavor is exactly as described. Excellent construction, consistency, draw, & reasonably even burn; with a firm & uniform, white ash. The dark brown & oily, Nicaraguan Broadleaf Maduro wrapper is smooth & expertly finished with a triple-cap. A true premium cigar, best savored with a slow smoking pace. 5 5 1

Rocky Patel Special Reserve Sun Grown Maduro

Sixty 6 × 60 RPSGS

This huge dark offering is the latest in the line of super-premium cigars offered by industry legend Rocky Patel. Sold in boxes of 20, the Rocky Patel Special Reserve Sun Grown Maduro Sixty is brimming with complex and well-balanced notes of coffee, dark chocolate, sweet spice and caramel. . Its fragrant bouquet and lush medium to full-bodied taste will have Rocky fans and maduro lovers alike, lining their humidors.  

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Broadleaf Maduro




Medium - Full


Box of 20

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