4.283950617283951 81
Robusto Rocky out that his self on the cigar if you like Robustos this is the cigar for you. 5 5 1
Robusto Desert time!! This stick is so well made from its infuflvor to ours beautiful wrapper this is really like having a rich desert after a good meal! 4 5 1
Robusto Mint and cigars do not mix in my book. Don’t get me wrong this is a quality stick but no. 2 5 1
Robusto Another great java smoke coffee flavor with a hint of mint what I liked most about the mint was it wasn't overpowering but it was there through to the end that's another cigar I will smoke again and again it's telling me my review is similer to my last review well that's because it was of the Java latte also a great smoke made by the same company just with a hint of mint 4 5 1
Robusto Nicely made. A decent flavor profile and burn. Not my choice but a different smoke for those you enjoy such thiings. 3 5 1
Robusto I enjoy mint chocolate stuff so I had to try this cigar. The smell is excellent and taste is great. Not much transition but good smoke of you're into mint chocolate flavors 4 5 1
Robusto I'd rather swallow Scope than be forced to smoke another one of these things. Smokes like a box pressed Phillies only you can't split the wrapper open. I want my money back. 2 5 1
Robusto A good smoke with a nice taste of mint. Good around ppl that don't enjoy as much smoke but this one has a good sweet flavor 4 5 1
Robusto Love this and all other Java's great construction draw flavor and construction. When I offer cigars to my friends they ask for a Java. 5 5 1
Robusto This was a tasty well-balanced not overwhelming mint flavored treat. I would smoke it again. 4 5 1
Robusto Love these! Really the best infused cigars on the market. Great choice for the coffee lover 5 5 1
Robusto ... for what that's worth. The mint chocolate flavor does go well with coffee but that's not enough to make it worth smoking more than a couple of times. It's a loosely packed cigar that doesn't last very long. 3 5 1
Robusto Slight tingling on the lips from the mint Mint come through to tongue after first half Hints of cocoa and vanilla but cocoa leave in second half Boxed pressed Coffee that gets stronger in second half Turns woodsy and mossy towards the end. Good even burn I purchased these as something I would give to women friends who like flavored cigars but I think it's too strong for that. I agree that this is good as an after desssert cigar with a cup of coffee or coco. 4 5 1
Robusto One of the best flavored cigars and one of my favorites. Smooth and a good end of the day cigar. 5 5 1
Robusto A bigger version and well worth the extra time to enjoy. These are fun when you get sick of your old stand by. Even burn and great flavor. Well made 5 5 1
Robusto Ever had a girl scout thin Mint? Yes the best of their cookies. This cigar perfectly matches that taste in a cigar. I tend to avoid flavored cigars but this smoke is great think a man's version of a thin Mint cooking. 4 5 1
Robusto It's almost like the blenders at Rocky Patel know that their tobacco is no good so they keep trying to cover that fact with fake flavors. Take cheap tobacco and add in cheap mint flavoring and you'll have this abomination they call a cigar. 1 5 1
Robusto Tasty! Cool mint and hints of fudge. Like your classic Thin Mint in a cigar. Definitely a great morning cigar but recommended any time. 4 5 1
Robusto Really good. I love these as an infused cigar. I wouldn't have expected to like mint infusion but it's good. 5 5 1
Robusto It's like the Java robusto with a hint of mint. Again if you like infused you will love it! 5 5 1
Robusto I love the mint flavors. Extra bold and minty. I really like the string robust flavors and the thick size 5 5 1
Robusto My favorite cigar so far! Very smooth and creamy with a hint of refreshing mint that leaves your mouth nice and cool. The cigar I had had a perfect draw. Very very enjoyable. Only issue was the cap came off when I cut. I will use a punch next time. 4 5 1
Robusto I am absolutely not a fan of flavored cigars but Drew Estate has hit a homerun with their Java Mint cigars! This cigar is fantastic from start to finish. The flavoring is extremely well balanced. I highly recommend buying more than 2 at a time! 5 5 1
Robusto Fantastic cigar great from the Beginning to the end and when I mean end I really smoke it till my fingers burn. Chocolate and mint my favorite. I would buy again and again you just can't get enough. 5 5 1
Robusto As I sit here and smoke this stick I can't help but continually lick the mint flavoring from my lips. If you like infused cigars and you like mint you can't go wrong with this guy. Very easy draw with a lot of smoke. 4 5 1
Robusto Mild/medium bodied. Unique cocoa kinda minty vanilla taste. Reasonably priced. Pretty good draw. Long lasting smoke. Good with a morning coffee. 4 5 1
Robusto Mint and coffee never felt so right. Good draw and great construcion. Burns evenly all the way through. Great 5 5 1
Robusto Reminded me of a slightly spicy prppermint patty on steroids. Cocoa mint coffee flavors fill the palate and a pleasant room note follows. Draws nice and finishes sweet. 5 5 1
Robusto This is a great cigar to enjoy after a meal of just about anything. The construction is strong and the draw is consistent. The minty flavor really makes this an enjoyable cigar that is not too strong yet not too mild. 4 5 1
Robusto The Rocky Patel Java Mint Robusto starts out a bit on the sweet side due to the sweetened cap but the sweetness subsides allowing the main flavors of coffee chocolate mint and a subtle vanilla to come forward. The flavor profile is consistent throughout the cigar the smoke is smooth and creamy and the burn and draw are flawless. 5 5 1
Robusto This was a very enjoyable cigar that paired excellent with a Baileys and kahula iced coffee. It was almost like a dessert stick. I will definitely purchase again. The mint was not overpowering by any means. It has a great draw burn ash and lots of smoke. output. A little pricey but worth it for a once in a while smoke. 4 5 1
Robusto Exactly like the mini just bigger. Smoke definitely satisfied the volume check box. Would smoke again 3 5 1
Robusto This is a super flavor bomb. The box smelled by the time I was opening a 5er of theses. 4 5 1
Robusto I find that the mint line of the Java has a fuller body than the others with less flavor as well. 3 5 1
Robusto The Rocky Patel Java Mint Robusto is a great smoke infuse with a nice sweet mint flavor that leaves a refreshing after taste in your mouth 5 5 1
Robusto A nice size for the classic java...about a hour to smoke and it's a perfect flavor combo. 5 5 1
Robusto Rocky Patel Java mint corona is one heck of a flavored smoke. Great mint flavor and nice aroma. 4 5 1
Robusto I'm not a fan. Loved the Java and i love mint. But I couldn't stand this cigar. Luckily I just bought a single so I wasnt stuck with any extras. 2 5 1
Robusto So I was looking for a new box of cigars after I was disappointed by some sticks from Cuba a friend of mine brought. I love mild to medium bodied cigars and for some reason construction draw and burn are really important to me (as much as flavor). I have a few Davidoffs that I keep for celebrating and I was looking for something cheaper maybe not as much refined but perfectly constructed and good. I want to enjoy the cigar so much that I don't have to bother about it i.e. light it again too tight draw burning etc. I got a box of these in auctions about 50% of the price. They are exactly what I was looking for. Don't be scared of the smell when you open the box as it's pretty strong. Even the wrapper tastes like chocolate on the lips. What a great surprise although I was worried I was going to smoke an after eight instead of a cigar. But as soon as you light it everything changes. Mint shows up a bit more chocolate moves to the background and you get to enjoy a mild tobacco. Chocolate and mint are definitely not too present you get to enjoy an actual cigar and this is amazing. I would say it's mild-medium and smoking time is about 45mins to 1 hour - well it's a robusto. As the reviews here state (including this one) the taste is great. But the construction is even better! I smoked it at various paces eagerly at first and slowing down as I was getting relaxed - I had a tough day. No matter how frequently I puffed this stick was always burning. Don't get me wrong not like a cigarette but exactly who you'd like it. Even burn not too hot even at the end. Just perfect. Bonus: my wife appreciates the smell more than a regular cigar because of the mint hints. So while I had this box at a fraction of the price I think I'll get another one even at full price when I'm about to finish it. Definitely try it and if you're unsure just get a 5 pack but you need to try. 5 5 1
Robusto Bigger in size and bigger on flavor. This is a great cigar with a hot cup of coffee or a cappuccino. It's smooth minty and loaded with big clouds of white smoke. This cigar isn't an everyday but it never fails to satisfy the sweet tooth. 4 5 1
Robusto MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! This cigar will melt your soul it's so good. The mint is strong but not over powering with coffee and hints of vanilla. 5 5 1
Robusto I love the mint addition to the Java cigar. It's such a great flavor combo. If you're looking for a smoke that's not too complex and just tastes good this is a great choice. 4 5 1
Robusto Good creation by drew estate and rocky patel. Not big on flavored cigars but this stick is one i'll smoke again. 4 5 1
Robusto If I had to sum it up quickly this cigar is like smoking a thin mint girl scout cookie. The construction was ok difficult to cut and did have a small hole on the foot of the cigar wrapper but that is easily forgiven by the insanely good flavor. 4 5 1
Robusto Ever had a girl scout thin Mint? Yes the best of their cookies. This cigar perfectly matches that taste in a cigar. I tend to avoid flavored cigars but this smoke is great think a man's version of a thin Mint cooking. 4 5 1
Robusto Great flavor out of this Java Mint. I really enjoyed it. Construction was nice. Draw was too. I'm very finicky about flavored cigars and this was a hit. Had it on the boat on a nice evening when the sun was going down. Perfect cigar for the setting. 4 5 1
Robusto As good as any other Java Mints. Some smoke longer than others. Well done my friend. This sticks are top shelf. 5 5 1
Robusto Rocky Patel java mint robusto is a cigar that in my opinion is ruined with an infusion of mint and coffee flavors. I like mint flavor and I like coffee flavor. To me it doesn't mix with cigar smoke. 2 5 1
Robusto I usually don't care for sweet cigars but Java Mint is one I enjoy when I want to smoke something stronge without the bitter after taste. 5 5 1
Robusto Not a huge fan of this cigar although the mint seemed nice after s meal with some after dinner drinks. A little sweet and burns fast. 3 5 1
Robusto I guess its a good smoke my main problem was that it was a mint flavor that wsd added instead of blended. Tastes a bit cheap 3 5 1
Robusto Chocolate and mint who doesn't like that? This is another medium desert cigar that I love to enjoy every now and then with coffee. 5 5 1
Robusto This is just another on of those cigars that is loaded with hardcore flavor from the time you light it 5 5 1
Robusto I really like this one a lot more than the other ones love the after taste and it can be enhanced by some minty treat to wash it down with 4 5 1
Robusto Can definitely taste the mint in this one. It's a good smooth smoke with coffee and mint flavors. Great smoke to have in the morning. 4 5 1
Robusto The mint is subtle don't think that it would overpower the rest of the stick. If your looking for regular coffee notes stick with the mocha. 5 5 1
Robusto Java and mint all rolled into rp. They are great with a. Bold flavor and nice aroma plus good blends. 5 5 1
Robusto Very good stick. I enjoyed this cigar from the beginning of the cigar to the end. Would recommend this cigar 5 5 1
Robusto This mint robusto is an excellent cigar by r p. One of my favs and a really good one 5 5 1
Robusto These are some of my favorite cigars. Minty but not too sweet. My elderly neighbor will come across the road to smell the smoke when I am outside with one. 5 5 1
Robusto I enjoy this as a change of pace smoke. Rocky Patel quality with a nice flavor that is an easy late night treat 4 5 1
Robusto the Java Mint us a great collaboration between Rocky Patel and Drew Estates. This along with the Java Maduro are on my short list of infused cigars that my palate enjoys. 4 5 1
Robusto Mild/medium bodied. Unique cocoa kinda minty vanilla taste. Reasonably priced. Pretty good draw. Long lasting smoke. Good with a morning coffee. 4 5 1
Robusto This one had me tricked. I figured by the smell it was going to be overly minty and sweet. The flavor is great with just a slight cool mint left on the palat. Very good. 4 5 1
Robusto It was like smoking your coffee with a shot of cream de minth in it well constructed and smooth burned cool throughout about 45 min burn time 5 5 1
Robusto This stick is a pretty solid bet. Nice sweet chocolate flavors dominate. However the construction lets this get mushy in the last inch+. 4 5 1
Robusto I'm not much into the mint but a good smoke and good flavors with great aroma. Even people who don't like cigars like the smell. 4 5 1
Robusto What can I say they actually managed to get a great cup of coffee into a cigar and touch it off with a hint of mint. Great even burn and easy draw. I think a box is going on my Christmas wish list. 5 5 1
Robusto I love this cigar!!! It's truly a special experience that I indulge from time to time!!! It's one of the rare cigars that I will go out of my way to buy locally when I can't to order online!!! 5 5 1
Robusto Very good 5 5 1
Robusto First of all, it didn’t take as long to be delivered as initially stated, even though the notifications was slacking. I got notified when it was at my city’s post office...no biggie. The flavor and aroma was everything I hoped for and more!! Definitely will be ordering these again!! 5 5 1
Robusto I have bought these before from “cigar shops”. Overall, I have never been disappointed with any “Rocky Patel” cigar. These, however,… I bought for a present, and tried one from the 5 pack I bought. Well, some present! I wound up having to order ANOTHER 5 pack! Yep, I smoked every one of those FRESH, delicious sticks. I especially liked how the mint was like smoking a “Menthol” cigar. At first I thought that’s weird. But all the flavors came thru! Truly a DELICIOUS smoke! I MOST DEFINITELY will be ordering a box for MYSELF! Thanks for reading this,… Raul 5 5 1
Robusto These were great 5 5 1
Robusto Great flavor, very nice smoke. 5 5 1
Robusto Awesome 5 5 1
Robusto One reviewer says a quality cigar but mint doesn't go with a cigar not for me. There gives it a 3 star. Learn how to write a review. It's not about you it's about the cigar and a great one at that. 5 5 1
Robusto Great job all around, I will keep this always in my collection. 5 5 1
Robusto A pleasure! Perfect for a morning cup of coffee, or at anytime of the day! Rich, sweet, with a touch of mint! The draw, consistency and construction are all first rate. The burn tends to the fast side. Considering that it is a robusto to begin with, this cigar is not going to last all that long. Yet, for the price, it is heaven for those who love a flavor infused cigar. 5 5 1
Robusto The flavors in this one are delicious! If you get an opportunity to try one I’d highly suggest doing so. 5 5 1
Robusto It a good smoke I will buy and keep buying 5 5 1
Robusto Not a fan of flavored cigars, but this one I like every now and then. 4 5 1

Rocky Patel Java Mint

Robusto 5.50 × 50 RPJMR

A dark, chocolaty Brazilian wrapper joins forces with the delectable taste of perfectly infused mint to create a luxury smoke that you will savor. This invigorating Robusto is the perfect after-dessert smoke. Packaged in a box of 24.

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