4.061855670103093 97
Torpedo The rocky Patel 15rh anniversary torpedo is a very nice cigar burns well and the taste is very satisfying. Another fine cigar from rocky patel. 4 5 1
Torpedo these cigars are pretty decent. after a long day of working the streets I come home and smoke one of these and they're great 5 5 1
Torpedo Of this series this is my favorite. Burn was great and draw was super good. Flavor was very nice. Over all worth a try 5 5 1
Torpedo I’m not a Rocky Patel fan - way too many mediocre cigars. However the anniversary series are truly great cigars. The 15th Anniversary is my all-time favorite RP. The construction draw burn and flavors are all top notch. Get yourself some and find out! 5 5 1
Torpedo I loved the decade and was excited for the 15th. Not bad but had a long finish that I wasn't a huge fan of 3 5 1
Torpedo Belis are great. Love the concentration of smoke and flavor. Good straightforward tobacco taste. A little strong 4 5 1
Torpedo The best of my toilet in the lineup. This is my favorite of these anniversaries smokes. I love the size flavor and consistency 4 5 1
Torpedo But this was definitely a Solid 4 out of 5 for me. Honestly the only problem I have with this stick is the vitola. 4 5 1
Torpedo Neither my favorite size or favorite Rocky Patel. Ill stick to the Rocky Patel Edges in Habano 2 5 1
Torpedo A beautiful torpedo with a firm draw and even burn. Great earthy taste with complexity. An outstanding cigar. 5 5 1
Torpedo Rocky has definitely hit a knock out with this intense stogie. A very nice and smooth well crafted cigar. A definite champ! 5 5 1
Torpedo One of my favorite vitolas. Amazing flavors of spice pepper cedar and a touch of sweetness. Great smoke output. You won't be disappointed. I wasn't 4 5 1
Torpedo This was one of the first few cigars I'd smoked and has been a good cigar the whole time. 4 5 1
Torpedo Exceptional cigar. Well constructed with a nice smooth draw. Burns well rich flavors handsome wrap. This line is priced right and taste great. RP keep working it Brother. The torpedo is a keeper 5 5 1
Torpedo The rocky patel 15th anniversary is really good. Really rich flavor that is similar to the decade 5 5 1
Torpedo Rocky Patel had never disappointed. Great taste and always consistent. Nice even burn. Goes great after dinner. 5 5 1
Torpedo Not a great stick. Rocky is overextended with so many different lines and should concentrate on just a few. Flavors were acidic harsh and no real flavors. Burn was horrible 2 5 1
Torpedo Love this line from rocky Patel and this is My 2nd favorite sizes in the line 5 5 1
Torpedo Very decent stick not too complex when I'm in the mood for something simple yet still flavorful but not overpowering 4 5 1
Torpedo 15th anniversary torpedo is an interesting cigar. Some good flavor Erich good draw and construction 4 5 1
Torpedo Good overall. I like the torpedo as it smooths out the box press. Nice flavor and aroma. 4 5 1
Torpedo A nice medium to full bodied RP cigar reminds me a lot of the Platinum line only a little easier going and not quite as bold and peppery. A good go to when you're in a store with limited selection or as a cigar to give out to friends. 4 5 1
Torpedo Can't say too much bad about this stick. Like most of the Rp cigars I don't want to like them but I do. 3 5 1
Torpedo I love rocky Patel. The best of the best in my opinion. Smoke all the Rockies that you can! This one kicks ass! 5 5 1
Torpedo This cigar is in line with all of the other RP's. Well rolled nice leathery wrapper. Initial light I picked up pepper earthy notes that lasted pretty much the entire stick. 3 5 1
Torpedo I absolutely love this cigar. The 15th anniversary is a staple of my cigar collection. Great flavor pull and consistency. I know what I'm going to get every time I smoke one of these. Definitely urge anyone that smokes to try one of these 4 5 1
Torpedo It's a rocky what more do I need to say. Great cigar to have in your humidor. Make sure you have a few that way you can smoke one and save one. Though I'm sure you want save it for to long ha ha. Solid smoke. Great cigar as always from a great brand. 5 5 1
Torpedo This is one of my favorite cigars. Great flavor and draw. I would recommend this to everyone. 4 5 1
Torpedo The rocky Patel 15th was great in every way. Had a a dark rich and very smooth smoked textured beautifully 5 5 1
Torpedo I am not a huge rocky panel fan. This cigar is about average for me nothing to write home about they are just ok. Nice burn and draw but the flavors aren't all there. 4 5 1
Torpedo I am somewhat of a fan of Rocky Patel. Next to the Decade and the Royale this is the other RP on my favorite list. Excellent flavor and complexity this one is well worth the money 4 5 1
Torpedo This is a medium with no strong flavors. It is smooth but does not offer much complexity. I get light coffee and cedar. It's a pleasant enough smoke but not outstanding. 3 5 1
Torpedo A dark oily wrapper . At first light I tasted coffee spice and cocoa. As the cigar progressed it tasted a little sweeter and then went to a charcoal flavor. Towards the end it turned to a nutty profile. It burned very well and stayed cool throughout. It is of a bolder profile and is a pleasure to smoke. 5 5 1
Torpedo Some construction issues but not too bad just disappointing. Good flavors and silky smooth flavors. Little pepper on the finish end of the finish is earthy but smooth not harsh. Nice stick 3 5 1
Torpedo The Rocky Patel line in its entirety is very good. Although a little pricey I reward myself with a few of these in my humidor. I like the torpedo for the draw and even burn. The nutty creamy and smooth flavor is one of my favorites. 4 5 1
Torpedo If you haven't lately you need to treat yourself to one of these anniversary Rocky Patel cigars. They are very nice torpedoes. The rappers are so smooth and perfect. Great draw. Smoke it down to nothing 5 5 1
Torpedo It's was an o.k. cigar. Wasn't my cup of tea. But other people love it. I would stick with the decade. 3 5 1
Torpedo Good smoke last a long time great aroma and made very well. I compare this one to a good cohiba. Excellent construction. And consistency. 4 5 1
Torpedo I've always really liked everything I have tried from Rocky Patel. Immaculate construction spicy flavor notes and the anniversary series just kicks it up another notch. 5 5 1
Torpedo This is. Good cigar I guess. But it is not for me. The taste was not what I was exhausted eating and it often lingered long after I smoked. 4 5 1
Torpedo The Rocky Patel 15th anniversary torpedo is my favorite Rocky Patel cigar to date. I've stocked up on these beautifully crafted sticks. 5 5 1
Torpedo This is another good example of the quality you get from Rocky Patel. I have not had a bad cigar from this company. Good solid cigar for any occasion. Good construction great flavor and a very nice aroma. Great value by this company. 4 5 1
Torpedo Not always preferred rocky patel but this cigar is very good. A little pricey but i would probably buy it again. 4 5 1
Torpedo This is yet another great cigar from rocky patel. It has dark and deep flavors off earth and coco. Very nice cigar. 4 5 1
Torpedo All the rocky cigars are great this one is great and you know after this first puff it was made right after 15 years you can only wait for the 25th year 5 5 1
Torpedo The cigar came to fruition to celebrate Patel’s 15th year in the cigar business back in 2010. Construction is excellent. Tight seams. Little to no veins. A near perfect box press. And an impeccable triple cap. The wrapper is semi-oily smooth with a dark chocolate color. 5 5 1
Torpedo I have loved Rocky Patel cigars for a long time now. This fifteenth anniversary entry is certainly no exception. Nice chocolate notes throughout. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future 5 5 1
Torpedo Rocky's 15th Anniversary cigars are amazing; this torpedo ranks at the top with great flavors and a richness you do not typically find. JR carries these at great prices get some. 4 5 1
Torpedo I love the cigars. Always good. Good burn. Good pull. Very dark and strong. I highly recommend these. 4 5 1
Torpedo Great smoke for a FULL body smoker. A bit strong for me but superior cigar and always well built And draws well 4 5 1
Torpedo Loved the flavor and shape of this cigar. Super easy to cut and easy to lift. Developed nicely with flavors combining throughout. Awesome 4 5 1
Torpedo This was in the top 25 list for cigar aficionado back in 2013. Very well made cigar and the box press is a nice touch. 4 5 1
Torpedo I absolutely loved this cigar from the foot to the nub and that's no joke this is a seriously delicious well balanced and tasty 5 5 1
Torpedo Such an amazing cigar out of the Rocky Patel line. Perfect super light draw with lots of cream and an almost chocolate retrohale. 5 5 1
Torpedo The RP 15th was the first cigar I ever smoked. It will always be a favorite of mine because of that. Lots of coffee and chocolate notes throughout makes this a great medium bodied smoke. 5 5 1
Torpedo This stick started off rough and dint finish any better. From the light to the last third the burn was terrible and the draw was tight. 2 5 1
Torpedo One of the best Rocky Patel has to offer. A strong cigar with good peppery flavors. If you're looking for a good RP cigar try this one or the Decade. 4 5 1
Torpedo I generally like Rocky Patel cigars but this one was very disappointing. It tasted rather like a donkey tail but the bigger issue that rated a single star was that it would not burn evenly and kept me awash in cinders and ashes as I tried to get it smoked. 2 5 1
Torpedo The Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Torpedo starts sweet and chocolatey about an inch into this stick I get a heavy blast of red pepper it may be more pronounced due to the torpedo shape. As I smoke the red pepper fades and very pleasant notes of cedar and leather come forward along with a sweet chocolate flavor. The burn and draw are perfect if you enjoy a flavor bomb with a blast of red pepper this stick is for you! 5 5 1
Torpedo The Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Torpedo is a great smoke because the wrapper is well made and age to perfection 5 5 1
Torpedo A great cigar. Lights well great draw super flavor really love the chocolate and coffee together. Well but more. 5 5 1
Torpedo Top 3 rocky in my books. But i would say this is by far my favorite rp. Had to get me a box. Try em. 4 5 1
Torpedo These are great. I really like rocky cigars and this is one of my favorites from them. 4 5 1
Torpedo I like this cigar. Very good taste. Consistent taste and burn from start to finish. Classic Rocky Patel smoke. 4 5 1
Torpedo I don't know what it is about the torpedo. I am finding myself preferring them. And of course the 15th Anniversary is at the top of my list. Excellent flavor smooth consistent and a heck of a draw. 5 5 1
Torpedo This is a ok cigar. It could have a better flavor but it is not terrible. Simply ok. 3 5 1
Torpedo Medium bodied loaded with desert flavors with a touch of spice on the finish. Smokes great and a nice aroma. 4 5 1
Torpedo GREAT smoke!!! Very smooth taste for the palate. A mix of chocolate spices and a peppery taste. 5 5 1
Torpedo Love the 15th anniversary cogars. They are a little more than other RP cihars but with a great taste they are worth it. 5 5 1
Torpedo This is a medium-full bodied cigar. Flavor notes: espresso cocoa pepper. You can't go wrong with RP cigars. This is a very smooth cigar. Pairs excellent with Colombian Coffee or single malt scotch 3 5 1
Torpedo An absolutely fantastic celebration cigar. Happy birthday Rocky! I love the subtle chocolate notes and the slightly piney aftertaste 5 5 1
Torpedo Great stick definitely one to keep in the humidor. Great flavor profile and wonderful construction. Will definitely continue to purchase these Rockies 3 5 1
Torpedo Pretty good cigar. Price is right. Flavor is ok burn is ok I enjoyed this one 4 5 1
Torpedo Enjoyed this smoke nutty woody smooth with hints of spice. Good smoke good smoke output very nice construction and rich wrapper 4 5 1
Torpedo Avoid all vitolas of this cigar. I loved the Decade but the 15 is terrible. Unnatural oil on the wrapper that coats the lips and is totally nasty. Avoid this thing. 2 5 1
Torpedo I truly enjoyed this cigar. flavor was excellent. I did not have to relight or touch up. the draw was good. 5 5 1
Torpedo Mmmmmmhmmmmmm mmmmmm good. These things are great. RP cannot and won't beat. The best in the business. Buy them and smoke them daily. 5 5 1
Torpedo This torpedo it a powerhouse of a cigar. It draws beautifully and smokes great all the way through. It stacks up against Rocky's Decade cigar. 5 5 1
Torpedo One of the greatest smokes around! I tried this cigar and was completely blown away. Perfect burn smooooooth taste and I literally smokes it down to a numb. This is my most recommend cigar(and I have smoked some great cigars) if you want a special occasion stick. 5 5 1
Torpedo An anniversary winner. Nice even burn with a great room filling aroma. Hints of dark earthy chocolate that leaves a slight sweet cream after taste. 4 5 1
Torpedo The Rocky Patel line in its entirety is very good. Although a little pricey I reward myself with a few of these in my humidor. I like the torpedo for the draw and even burn. The nutty creamy and smooth flavor is one of my favorites. 4 5 1
Torpedo This is definitely a good cigar. Had a really nice flavor that paired well with the coffee I was drinking. 4 5 1
Torpedo Rocky Patel Fifteen Anniversary is quite simply the best cigar Rocky Patel has EVER made. This is truly a masterpiece. Rocky pulled out all the stops when blending this beauty 5 5 1
Torpedo The Patel 15th Anniversary is a great cigar and has nice complex flavors the linger around your mouth. 4 5 1
Torpedo This is a tasty cigar. I like the draw. Nice and mild. Doesn't leave a harsh taste in your mouth. Great smell. Good cigar for shot smokes. 1 5 1
Torpedo Everything about this cigar is great! It has great flavor with a consistent burn and draw to go along with it . I would recommend this cigar to anyone anyday 5 5 1
Torpedo Great construction. Nice draw and lots of smoke. Nice earthy tobacco flavor but seems to go flat towards 3rd. 4 5 1
Torpedo I'm not a big fan of torpedo cigars but I got one in a sampler so I decided to go for it and once I saw it b was a Rocky Patel I knew I would enjoy every puff 4 5 1
Torpedo Great smoke. Creamy with a touch of spice. Burns very even. Great construction and looks even better. Definitely will buy again! 4 5 1
Torpedo Rocky Patel is a great American brand. Mostly all of their cigars are very delightful. A good smoke for the basic urge to want to smoke. The 15th anniversary has a nice pull with a hint of spice for enjoyment. Enjoy this smoke guys!! 3 5 1
Torpedo This cigar deserves nothing but five stars!!!! This was an amazing cigar and really shows the quality that Rocky Patel pushed out of his factories!!!!! I am a huge fan of Rocky Patel and his line I would smoke this more often but for me it's a bit pricey to do that but if I could I would!!! 5 5 1
Torpedo One of the best from Rocky here. I would say it's not quite as good as the decade but is almost there. A mix between the decade and the 1990 in my opinion. 4 5 1
Torpedo This stick started off rough and dint finish any better. From the light to the last third the burn was terrible and the draw was tight. 2 5 1
Torpedo This cigar suffers from too many blends from rocky. The brand has had a steady decline with all the different blends going on. The cigar wasn't bad but it left a lot to be desired 3 5 1
Torpedo Not a horrible cigar price tag is a little high but it is one of the better cigars he has come out with probably wouldn't buy again though 3 5 1
Torpedo I've only had one of these so it may just be a one time issue but this stick had a horrible draw. It was plugged beyond smoking after the first third. When it was smoking well it produced some good flavor though. I'd try it again I'm hopes of a better draw. 2 5 1
Torpedo This cigar blew up halfway through the smoke. The flavor was mediocre but I could not finish it due to poor construction. 3 5 1

Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary

Torpedo 6.12 × 52 RPTO15

Another fine example of the artisanship of Rocky Patel, this stunning Torpedo looks as good as it smokes. An oily, eye-catching Ecuador Habano wrapper is combined with two stout, peppery binders and a robust blend of long-filler tobaccos from Nicaragua to create the perfect smoking experience. Packaged in a box of 20.

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Ecuador Habano






Box of 20

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