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Don Victor Pyramid Bundle This is a well constructed figurado that combines economy and good taste. The connecticut wrapper helps mellow any hashness of the somewhat immature flavors in this cigar. A few months in your box help even this smoke out and give off any excess moisture. The size and shape of this cigar make it smoke better with each puff. If you smoke a few cigars a day this is a good one to add to your repertoire. Reccomend! 4 5 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle Great cigars. Great flavor, never harsh and easy draw. 5 5 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle A good smoke and a good value 4 5 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle good to work with you. 4 5 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle Very nice Cigar! Good smoke, taste, good draw, medium strength with no harsh aftertaste. Try them when they are on sale! . 4 5 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle Most are ok but the draw on some is inconsistent. 4 5 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle Not a bad smoke. Constructed well and has a nice flavor. 3 5 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle Very good smoke. Has a great flavor and put together very well. 4 5 1


Don Victor Pyramid Bundle 6 × 54 REMDVBP

From a brand that holds a place in the hearts and humidors of seasoned cigar fans, the 6 x 54 Remedios Don Victor Pyramid is a simple yet satisfying smoking experience that showcases traditional craftsmanship with a top-quality tobacco blend and an expertly executed tapered shape.

Handcrafted in Nicaragua with a multination recipe of well-aged tobaccos carefully curated to manifest a middle-of-the-road, medium-bodied strength profile fit for just about any smoker of fine cigars, the Remedios Don Victor Pyramid is finished with a Connecticut shade natural wrapper of gleaming golden-brown. Packed in budget-friendly bundles of 20, the Remedios Don Victor Pyramid's blend balances the right amount of zesty spice with traditional tobacco taste. When you're shopping online for a sharply tapered popular premium handmade cigar designed to appeal to all kinds of smokers, you won't go wrong with the Remedios Don Victor Pyramid Bundle.

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Connecticut Shade

Mexico / Sumatra

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua




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