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Kings I’ve been smoking these for decades. The construction has always been hit-or-miss, but the ratio of good-to-bad ones has generally been acceptable. However, the new packaging has been a nightmare. The cigars have been forced into cellophane sleeves at the detriment to their structure, and they come out falling apart and frequently unsmokable. A disappointment and a shame. A loyal customer, but I’m now forced to find an alternative. 2 2 1
Kings This is my first try at these cigars and rest assured it is my last. About one of four have a wrapper that is so porous that you get very little smoke and a whole lot of air. Copious saliva is a temporary, poor partial solution. When one of the sticks does smoke properly, it tastes like it has been fire cured and is pretty good. Too bad there are so many crappy ones. The cellophane another reviewer mentioned is infuriating, nearly impossible to get open, and as he said, beats the cigar to death trying to get it off. Overall, a waste of my money. 2 2 1
Kings I have been smoking these for a long time. I agree with the other reviews, the packaging is a nightmare. I too have purchased my last box of these. Please let me know if you go back to the old packaging. 2 2 1


Kings 4.50 × 34 PAKS

Since their inception in 1925, these scrumptious smokes have been prevalent in the cigar industry. Made in Scranton, PA, the Parodi Kings features 100% American tobaccos that have been selected from crops from three different years. The combination produces a smooth, rich blend that is incredibly enjoyable. With a medium-bodied profile that is full of sweet flavors, you will enjoy the taste from start to finish. Available as a box of 50, you won’t regret this purchase.
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Kentucky Dark Fired


Kentucky Dark Fired

United States

Medium - Full


Box of 50

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