3.6666666666666665 9
Kings This product is much smaller than it use to be - much shorter and much thinner 3 5 1
Kings Blast from the past. Good old fired Kentucky. 5 5 1
Kings Thx 5 5 1
Kings Great service. Always on time 5 5 1
Kings A full flavored smoke 4 5 1
Kings I've smoke Parodi Kings for over 30 years. The last case I bought was skinny (not close to the original 34 gauge). The cigars were also wrapped poorly, without the cardboard sleeve, I would recommend switching to the "Superiore", unless they downsize that too. 1 5 1
Kings Plastic wrappers I dislike, the ring size tapers off way too small makes the draw very difficult,out of five in a box at least two on average can not smoke because of draw is very hard or no draw at all because of hole in cigar. I may have to change brands if not corrected. 2 5 1
Kings Parodi Kings I’d love to love these cigars. A mild, fire cured cigar that is bursting with sweet coca,has been a staple of mine for several years. Short and quick - that fills all your needs in a 15-minute cigar. That said about a year ago they changed or the dropped original cardboard reinforced cellophane wrapper with a pull tab “cellophane only” wrapper. Okay I get cutting costs and in reality, the cigar IS the same cigar. The only problem now is, instead of just slicing open the wrapper against the cardboard (which also protected the cigar in the box) you now have to first locate the “invisible” pull tab, then somehow grab this minuscule tab and pull. All the while trying to not break or crack this hard/smoke-cured cigar. Out of a box of 50 I end up repairing around 10-12 cigars. And I would usually purchase 2 boxes (100 cigars) but that’s now A LOT of repairs to make, very annoying! I reached out to Avanti cigar and their response was a thank you and $5 coupon on my next purchase. Oh, thank you so much 🤷🏽‍♂️ 3 5 1
Kings Remind me a Smokin with all the old Italian guys back in the 50s 5 5 1


Kings 4.50 × 34 PAK

Machine-crafted in Scranton, PA, these Parodi King cigars are deliciously made using high-quality American tobaccos that are expertly blended for a smooth, even finish. The Parodi is a satisfying, dry-cured smoke that is bursting with hardy, sweet flavors that will certainly have you coming back for more. A popular staple for ages, they’re sold as 10 packs of five (50 total).
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Kentucky Dark Fired


Kentucky Dark Fired

United States

Medium - Full


10 Packs of 5 (50 total)

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