4.838709677419355 31
Figurado Being a Figurado shape the initial draw of course was somewhat tight for me but knowing it'd open up I was very satisfied in the taste. Even with the tight draw I was picking up graham crackers honey just an overall smooth and complex stick from start to finish. 4 5 1
Figurado Will Always keep a box in my humidor. Oliva Series V Melanie is my favorite daily cigar! 5 5 1
Figurado Fantastic as always 5 5 1
Figurado My favorite cigar Great service Best price Thanks! 5 5 1
Figurado This is hands down the best cigar I've ever had. From first light all the way down to the nub it is fantastic. A sweet chocolatey, nutty, creamy silky smooth smoke with amazing aroma. Get a box and see what you've been missing. Just amazing. 5 5 1
Figurado Great flavor and smoke output. Very good smoke 4 5 1
Figurado Sweet and smooth. Excellent construction. Lit it in the 1st quarter of the NFC Championship game and it lasted until towards the end of the 4th. Stayed lit the entire time. Nice white ash, even wraps. The smoke smelt good as well. Got a nice deal. Paid $75 for a box of 10 and JR threw in an Oliva sampler as well. 5 5 1
Figurado Rich flavor , great draw and construction. 5 5 1
Figurado To me Oliva has taken over the affordable great cigar market. They have a fantastic line up and down the price points. They are as good as more expensive Padrons (which I have smoked a lot) and taste better and have better burn characteristics than much more expensive Arturo Fuentes. The generous inclusion of sampler packs with box purchases put all the Oliva sticks into a great price range for the quality. This cigar smokes very smooth, particularly for the first 2/3rd. The last 1/3rd gets a little more aggressive. It burned very consistently with no touch-ups. Smooth draw, more mild than my normal daily - Oliva Series G Perfecto OSGP3. These are more expensive but the cost can be seen in the quality. I got 10 for $132 with a 12 cigar sampler, making the average stick price $6, which is good for this quality of smoke. The Series G Perfectos are my daily smoke (3 per day) because they are more budget friendly, but again this is a higher quality cigar in all respects so it's worth a little extra and it's still way better than other maker's offerings at any price. 5 5 1
Figurado My go to. 5 5 1
Figurado Great Service 5 5 1
Figurado These are a great smoke. I love the box press figured shape, and this one provides a good one-hour backyard cigar with a mellow taste that's not harsh at all. 5 5 1
Figurado Great smoke, easy to light. The length is perfect for me. Can really enjoy with a nice Scotch to top it off. 5 5 1
Figurado Ok, started off a bit tight… I was concerned. Opened up after a minute. Best draw; not too easy, not too hard. Sublime flavour. Medium/medium strong. Enjoying it with a Lagavulin on Father’s Day. Perfect afternoon. 5 5 1
Figurado Out of a box of10 cigars, 5 had an uneven draw that resulted in an uneven (canoe) burn. Very disappointed. 5 5 1
Figurado It took me a while to find this bad boy but eventually I came across one in a VERY small selection at a B&M. I got this shape mainly cause it looked cool but I can honestly say I had a decent time smoking it. Lasted 1hr 23mins for me, and I enjoyed the end of the 1st third and the middle of the 2nd. I get a lot of the toasted nut (hazelnut for me) and a espresso with cinnamon. 5 5 1
Figurado This cigar is a rival to many Cubans. 5 5 1
Figurado This is my favorite cigar, as it is a smooth, even smoke and has a good overall flavor. If you haven’t tried these yet, please do. You’ll never regret it! 5 5 1
Figurado Churchill is better for me As is Robusto. 4 5 1
Figurado I wish I didn’t love this stick so much because I end until ordering multiple boxes every time I visit JR website . But the price is on point for such a consistent cigar with great flavors, razor sharp burn, and overall enjoyment. This is a great stick when you want to treat yourself. Hopefully JR will continue with the great deals on this figurado. 5 5 1
Figurado Very good smoke 5 5 1
Figurado I liked it 5 5 1
Figurado What a quality cigar. These are by far both my favorite and the best ones I have ever smoked. Try ‘em out, you won’t be sorry. 5 5 1
Figurado This smoke has a tremendous and consistent flavor. The Figurado has a perfect curb appeal to set the tone and match the awesome sensory experience of this stick. My Christmas and Easter go to. The box press shape might rarely require a touch up light now and then, but that just adds to the experience. My favorite! 5 5 1
Figurado A true luxurious Cigar normaly only found for at least double the price w other high end brands. Smooth, silky, fulfilling, complex and flavorful. A true representation on what is ment with taking a special time-out smoking a Cigar. Try it with a bouble oaked Woodford and you will experience what this Oliva Series V Melania is all about. Celebrating a special time-out. 5 5 1
Figurado Oliva Melanio is one of my favourite cigars. The figurado is a vitola I am particularly fond of. It is a wonderful 90 minute smoke with a smooth draw and perfect burn. I will be buying more. I recommend this cigar without reservation. 5 5 1
Figurado Good flavor, really long draw, prefer Padron 26 4 5 1
Figurado The Serie V Melania is a top shelf luxury cigar. You can spend more for other cigars, but you won't get much more than you will with this one. The Figurado is a quality cigar with a superb burn. The predominate flavors on my palate were caramel and coffee, it reminds me of dessert. If you have a special occasion or looking to impress someone this is how to do it. Buy the Oliva Serie V Melania Figurado. There's a reason it was named Cigar Aficionado's Cigar of the year. 5 5 1
Figurado I did a taste test. First the V. Then the Melanio. I know they are different blends but since I am a huge V fan wanted to see what the Melanio was about. The Melanio flavors are more pronounced. They are milder flavors but they standout more. I have to say they are different but both excellent. Will be smoking more of these. 5 5 1
Figurado Well the first half of the cigar is pretty benign but when it gets to the second half is where all the flavor and nuances are. Heavy spices and notes of coffee and Earth are very pronounced. A very smooth and balanced ending that you would have wished that you had from the beginning but all in all a great cigar... 4 5 1
Figurado This has been for years and always will be one of my favorite cigars. Perfect draw, complex flavors, full-bodied, flavors evolve through the burn, and never gets old. I wish I could find them a bit cheaper, but worth the price. 5 5 1

Oliva Serie V Melanio

Figurado 6.50 × 54 OSVMF5

Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado cigars were created to honor the Oliva family patriarch Melanio Oliva, who first began growing tobacco in the Pinar Del Rio region of Cuba back in the late 1800s.This stunning old world Figurado also displays the extraordinary skills of the master rollers at Oliva. The blend starts off the finest selection of Nicaraguan binder and bold ligero long filler tobacco all grown on the Oliva family farms in the fertile Jalapa Valley region. Then, after further aging, each Figurado is finished gorgeous Ecuadorian Habano wrapper born from Cuban seeds. This leaf is dark, oily, buttery smooth, and provides an added layer of rich naturally sweet taste to this award-winning blend. The finished product is a full-bodied cigar whose smooth well-balanced flavors of wood, leather, coffee, spice, and cream, make it the perfect choice well-seasoned aficionados, along with those looking to move up a couple of notches in strength. Order an affordable and convenient 5-pack from JR Cigar today and get ready to enjoy one of most popular cigars in the award- winning Oliva brand portfolio.

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