4.260869565217392 23
550 Maduro Good cigar but not great. Several notes of earthy leather slight pepper and a hint of coacoa. 4 5 1
550 Maduro This reminds me of the oliva series v nice rich and creamy not to peppery actually mild for a maduro nice smooth flavor flow tons of chocolate 4 5 1
550 Maduro The olivia can maduro was ok wasnt something that i wpuld sell my left kidney for but it was ok 3 5 1
550 Maduro Pepper and sweet tobacco at first light. Pretty consistent flavor through the long smoke time. Some leather too I guess. Strong. 4 5 1
550 Maduro The 550 maduro maybe just what the doctor ordered if your a maduro lover smooth and creamy well balanced smoke 5 5 1
550 Maduro Like micj of the cane line it packs a punch. Good draw and flavor. Nice burn and construction. 4 5 1
550 Maduro The Oliva Cain Maduro Is One Of My Favorite Blends. This Blend Of Nicaraguan LiGhero Is Great And Goes Well With That Wrapper. 5 5 1
550 Maduro This is a great cigar..no doubt..hands down..full of flavor..so well constructed..good to the last drop. 5 5 1
550 Maduro A satisfying medium body smoke with a pleasant taste. Good for passing a leisurely hour. Great length, ring gauge a little on the smaller side. 4 5 1
550 Maduro A very good smoke with plenty of smoke output. A nice toothy wrapper that one can sink their teeth into. Has a solid ash that doesn't flake, which shows top notch construction. Under 7 bucks - hell yes!! 4 5 1
550 Maduro I have tried a lot of other brands, variations in Oliva, and this one is very durable in that it always satisfies, never a bad one, and very smooth and even burning throughout. 5 5 1
550 Maduro Discovered at my local smoke shop. Excellent construction, great burn great taste. always have a box on hand. 5 5 1
550 Maduro Great wrap on this cigar. Love the aroma it lets out while smoking, solid solid smoke honestly. Consistent throughout. Definitely would buy it again. 5 5 1
550 Maduro I've purchased the sampler pack a few times now because I enjoy being able to try a different Cain... I've only left a review or two since doing this. I do not believe I left one for the Maduro. I am hard pressed to pick a Favorite over all of these Delights. The Maduro is definitely at the top of that list... Oliva Cain has proven to be a GO TO for me with the Expert Wrapping, Even Burning (very little need to touch up), and Ever Present Pleasantness in the smoke. The Maduro from the beginning shows off a smooth oily wrapper that gets even oilier as the smoke progresses. Each third of this smoke has a significant change in it's strength. It starts out with a little punch in the first third that doesn't have you recoiling from its soft peppery note The second third offers a lot less and at times missing the peppery all together. The last third the strength returns in more of a Robust taste and not so much the pepper - but it has returned in hints 5 5 1
550 Maduro A smoother, sweeter Cain. The construction on the Maddie’s isn’t quite as good as the Habanos or the Fs, but it is still a great smoke if you’re a fan of Oliva. 4 5 1
550 Maduro A full bodied dark maduro smoke. Construction is about 90 percent. Burns extremely well 4 5 1
550 Maduro One of my favorite Oliva cigars. Great flavor. Beautifully made and very consistent. I love Maduro cigars and and these are a must have in my humidor. 5 5 1
550 Maduro Quite a nice smoke. A little black peppery, but very enjoyable. One of the most evenly burning cigars I've had in quite a while. 4 5 1
550 Maduro I forgot how good these, and seeing it on the screen here, I think I'll go have one now:) 1 5 1
550 Maduro Enjoyed the rich flavors and the construction was excellent. 5 5 1
550 Maduro This Cain maduro is a fine addition to Oliva line 4 5 1
550 Maduro A very nice smoke. Medium body and complexity. Competently put together. Hearty smell to it. Not bad taste either! 4 5 1
550 Maduro Very good cigar, I will buy again 5 5 1

Oliva Cain

550 Maduro 5.75 × 50 OC5503

The sweet smoking, Oliva Cain 550 Maduro contains the finest aged oily and black Nicaragua wrapper. Its Rich bold flavor and scintillating aroma have made this beauty, packaged in a box of 24, one of our best sellers.
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