4.1558441558441555 77
Lancero Nice smoke wouldn't add this to my humidor. But don't know if I'll buy a pack of them. Not bad. 3 5 1
Lancero I just smoked my first Oliva Cain F Lancero. Loved it! Had an amazing flavor all the way through this long Lancero. Excellent. 5 5 1
Lancero Very long and thin it's a little bit odd how long it it is but it is an awesome smoke thoigh 5 5 1
Lancero I was very surprised by the Olivia Cain. A little peppery if memery serves and a little sweet. Paired together just right to make a unique flavor profile that is intriguing enough to make you want another and then another... 5 5 1
Lancero Flavors consisted of spice and a base earthy note. Pretty one dimensional. No flavor changes. Draw was good but burn was pretty poor. Required many touch ups. Wouldn't buy again 3 5 1
Lancero This sucker is long! Only smoke if you have a lot of time on your hands! Good one for the golf course. 3 5 1
Lancero I really like it. I found it smooth yet slightly spicy and earthy. I will order again. It seems to me that Oliva can't make a bad cigar. 4 5 1
Lancero Solid cigar as most of the oliva cigars are. Not too bold but decent flavor profile. 3 5 1
Lancero Okay cigar would go with the higher and models of this brand and you will not be disappointed it's a good cigar 4 5 1
Lancero Not my favorite. I'm not a huge fan of lanceros and this cigar didn't change my mind. It wasn't bad just not my flavor palate. 3 5 1
Lancero Im actually quite upset with myself for never giving this cigar a try until a few months ago. A very rich earthy flavored yet very smooth smoke. This La Gloria Cubana is a bolder smoke that keeps consistent dark flavor throughout. I had only heard good things about this cigar from friends and finally decided to pick one up and im sure glad i did. 4 5 1
Lancero This Cain really surprised me was a great smoke great construction draw and flavor highly recomended! 5 5 1
Lancero This is the perfect size for the Cain F. Full of flavor. Bold and complex. This is sure to satisfy your tastemail buds and senses. 5 5 1
Lancero Great strong cigar. I am a huge lancero fan and this is a great one. Good draw and the flavors really pop in this vitola. 4 5 1
Lancero Used to be one of my favorites. So much so that I bought a whole box. Didn't smoke them one after the other since I like to rotate. I always have an oliva in my rotation. Everyone of their cigars is a good smoke. This is one of the better ones. Of course it doesn't cimpare to a melanio. Melanios are in a class of their own. 5 5 1
Lancero I never really had many olivas until my friend shared some and they are great light smoke for me 4 5 1
Lancero Nice cigar. Well constructed l elegant look with a nice smooth draw. Burns well rich flavors handsome wrap. Starts well with moderate flavors throughout. Enjoy with a beverage 4 5 1
Lancero Warning this is a full full strength stick. Eat a full meal and be an expert we smoker! Have some sugar at the ready. Flavors were nice tobacco and coffee 4 5 1
Lancero Love it or leave it Kane it's such a great smoke lots of peppery flavor great filler and binder love it one to share with your friends and family love spicy notes to it 5 5 1
Lancero True Lancero powerhouse sure to knock you off youf horse give it a go b if you dare BrAve the boldness 5 5 1
Lancero The Cain line of Oliva Cigars are strong and this is no exception. However they are very tasty and this is a well made cigar. 3 5 1
Lancero This is one awesome smoke bold an mild an smooth this is one awesome cigar. Long lasting. 5 5 1
Lancero Long tall Sally I guess you better slow that mustang down and enjoy this wonderful cigar. A real treat 4 5 1
Lancero Powerhouse. I lover this one. It kicked my behind. Great flavor and to me it seemed very strong. 4 5 1
Lancero Oliva usually makes good sticks. This one is a good stick. Would smoke again and keep a few of those in the humidor. Get when you can. 4 5 1
Lancero Don't want to give a negatively biased review but before smoking this cigar I hadn't eaten anything all day so I got nicotine sickness and it wasn't fun. I believe everything was fine with the cigar but I don't think I'll be going back to it because of my bad experience 4 5 1
Lancero It was a good smoke. Nothing so increifble to write home to but an easy smoke from my peeps at Oliva 3 5 1
Lancero This cigar has to be one of everyone's favorite. It has a rich intense flavor that will get you hooked. The complex body is though out from start to finish. Enjoy the excellent draw burnash and flavor. 5 5 1
Lancero This Oliva is a beast. Packed with flavor and only the best blend. Downfall for me was the long burn time. 5 5 1
Lancero Lancero is an acquired taste. I thought the draw was a little stiff but I generally love Oliva. I'll stick with the G or V series. 4 5 1
Lancero Starts out great. Easy to keep parked in your moth while you are busy. Tends to develop some bite after about halfway. Good choice for a long chore. 3 5 1
Lancero great cigar. good draw requiring no touch ups or relights. nice cedar flavor which turned peppery near the end. 4 5 1
Lancero So good I'll be buying a bundle of these bad boys so full of flavor and a must have in my book 5 5 1
Lancero Strong lancero. Tight draw in most I've smoked but that's a trait of most lanceros. Packed full of flavor and worth a try. 4 5 1
Lancero Long smoke and smoked better using a cutter than a punch. The burn was ok but not exactly even. The flavor was good smooth. Construction seemed to be good also. 3 5 1
Lancero With a bold and spicy flavor the Cain F delivers a just past medium profile that pleases the palet. It pairs well with IPA's and most whiskey. 4 5 1
Lancero This is by far my favorite Cain and favorite lancero so far. Granted I haven't tried too many but this one is just fantastic 4 5 1
Lancero The Olivia Cain was a good smoke. Good strength and flavor with a good slow burn making it very enjoyable And with a pleasant aroma my friends didn't mind it 4 5 1
Lancero Won these on beat the dealer. Good cigar with a nice spicy taste. Nothing to complex. Went out a couple times. It's an ok cigar. 4 5 1
Lancero The Oliva Cain F Lancero is a amazing cigar with great flavors of cedar honey and nutmeg. The wrapper is incredibly dark and the filler is world class. 4 5 1
Lancero I ended up picking these up as part of the beat the dealer daily deal and I have to say that the flavored are beautifully balanced yet very flavorful. 4 5 1
Lancero Nice body super strong ligero very nice construction medium to full strength. Absolutely awesome! 4 5 1
Lancero Cain is one of the best cigars that Oliva produces. Full bodied and smooth with a lot of excellent flavor. 3 5 1
Lancero Lancero size is perfect. This Cain is a med- full cigar. Great construction nice even burn with a tight ash. It is a good cigar to try 5 5 1
Lancero The Oliva Cain series is always a little strong for me but I can't complain about anything else 4 5 1
Lancero Love the flavor wish the draw was more open or more consistent cigar to cigar I would get a box of these they are that great I know lanceros are harder to roll but at least make sure you can take a draw other than that problem love them 3 5 1
Lancero Oliva and Studio Tobac knocked it out of the park with this one. This is just a great cigar no questions asked unless a full body it too much for you to handle. 5 5 1
Lancero Where do I start? It was a great smoke. I enjoyed these alot. The flavor was good. Aroma was pleasing. Draw was nice. Construction was good. 5 5 1
Lancero Beautiful looking cigar. The only problem I had with it was needing to re-light it a couple of times. That is not that uncommon with lancero if you smoke a little slow. 4 5 1
Lancero My absolute favorite vitola of the Cain series cigars. I'm always picking up lanceros because of the higher wrapper flavor ratio. Highly recommend this size out of all the other options for this brand. 3 5 1
Lancero This bad boy rite here aint no joke. FULL BODIED smoke. Not for the light weight. 5 5 1
Lancero I smoked this a while ago. It was a good cigar with not to many complexities burn was ok and required a touch up or two 3 5 1
Lancero I live lanceros and this Cain lancero was no different great flavor and construction. If you like lanceros pick one up 4 5 1
Lancero This is a very good smoke good flavor and nice draw. I enjoy this stick pretty often 4 5 1
Lancero This lancero helped bring me back to Oliva. Unlike many olivas this has its own unique profile. I won't ruin it for you try it for yourself 4 5 1
Lancero By far the best Cain release to my palate. Spicy sweet and earthy. I have ran into a few that had slight draw issues but the flavor still stood out nicely. 4 5 1
Lancero Smokes even and true. Very well constructed with subtle notes of pepper. You'll enjoy this long stick 4 5 1
Lancero One of my favorite cigars. I bought a box with my father in law. We smoke this cigar when golfing. I liked the flavor. It. Burned great. The draw was perfect. 5 5 1
Lancero From start to finish a well made stick. Slightly firm yet steady draw with a perfect amount of smoke throughout. Flavor actually trumps strength in the final 3rd. Enjoy with your favorite beverage 5 5 1
Lancero Oliva always has the best wrapper in the business I usually don't like skinny cigars but I love all Oliva cigars 5 5 1
Lancero The Cain line of Oliva Cigars are strong and this is no exception. However they are very tasty and this is a well made cigar. 3 5 1
Lancero This lasts a few hours so make sure you have a good amount of time to sit back and relax with this one. You won't want to break it up into two sessions. 5 5 1
Lancero The Cain F by Oliva is a great full bodied smoke. I love lanceros so these are great when I have the time. 5 5 1
Lancero Olivias are nice cigars with great flavor and smooth burn perfect with cognac or coffee. 5 5 1
Lancero Cain F Lancero by the Oliva cigar family is a really great cigar. These beauties have really phenomenal flavor. Tasty smoke explodes into your mouth. These really are firecrackers. Try it today. 4 5 1
Lancero Cain Oliva it alone. Medium to full body to me. Lots of smoke great draw. Flavors of earth spice and nut. 3 5 1
Lancero I'm not a fan of the Cain cigars. Too much vitamin N for my liking. Never hurts to try some though. Lots of people like it. 4 5 1
Lancero Don't want to give a negatively biased review but before smoking this cigar I hadn't eaten anything all day so I got nicotine sickness and it wasn't fun. I believe everything was fine with the cigar but I don't think I'll be going back to it because of my bad experience 4 5 1
Lancero Nice cigar I think the smaller ring gauge on the lancero does it some good. Definitely a must try 3 5 1
Lancero Strong cheap tasty and well made. What more can you ask for in a cigar? If you haven't had one you really need to. 5 5 1
Lancero Not bad compared to some other os ive smoked try again at right price burns well 5 5 1
Lancero This is probably one of my all time favorites. This thing is a pepper cannon. Fantastic stick and one hell of a price. 5 5 1
Lancero Olivia Cain lancero is a great cigar and one of my favorites. Smooth and very easy to smoke with great construct and draw 5 5 1
Lancero It's A Caine F...... It Burns Well. It Has A SurpRising Spice Flavor That IDo Not Get From Any Other Caine F. I Look Forward ToThese. 5 5 1
Lancero A lot of pepper and spice thanks to the in this stick to go along with flavors of oak leather and even a little bit of black licorice. Good smoke output and great looking wrapper. 4 5 1
Lancero These are rare cigars are hard to find but they are good sweet and mild and a bit bold enough 5 5 1
Lancero One lf the best cigars for the price. At around $100 for 18 count these are phenomenal. Not for amateur smokers as this is about as ul bidied as they come. Highly reccommended! 4 5 1

Oliva Cain F

Lancero 7 × 38 OC738F

Don’t let its sleek size fool you, the popular Oliva Cain F Lancero cigar is a little Nicaraguan powerhouse made with a hearty Habano wrapper, and a blend of Nicaraguan ligero long fillers from the Estelí, Condega, and Jalapa regions. Bold, yet surprisingly smooth, Lancero delivers full-bodied notes of earth, coffee, dark chocolate, leather, and sweet spice. Sold in boxes of 18.

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