4.25 40
660 It was good when I was wasted didn't makeme puke so that was a plus wouldn't buy them myself personally but hey were all different right 4 5 1
660 great taste 4 5 1
660 And I love everything by oliva including this cain. They are very straightforward in your face but amazing nikaraguan flavor and strength 4 5 1
660 Just a bigger version of the Cain F series of cigars by the Oliva family. If you love Oliva cigars like I do then don't wait and go get one tonight 5 5 1
660 I definitely prefer the 550 size to this one and then lancero even more to the 550. But everything in this lineup is delicious and I would not turn it away if it was offered. I prefer my cigars to have a smaller ring gauge generally so this size is not particularly my favorite 4 5 1
660 Technically built well but my palate wasn't happy with it. Seemed to fall short of any particular note both on the nose and in the mouth. Better options from Oliva and elsewhere. 4 5 1
660 This cigar knocked me over with its strength. Even more than the diesel wicked or rocky Patel super ligero 5 5 1
660 The Cain F is one of the stronger blends out there in terms of nicotine kick. In the 660 vitola it's more like a solid kick in the nuts. 3 5 1
660 The gage of this resolves the taste issues I have with the 550. This cigar smokes nice. Holds up well to my heavy wet bite. Wife enjoys the aroma and sits close when I am soaking these. 4 5 1
660 This one's pretty good. Nice rich flavors handsome wrap. Well worth the price. Nicely constructed with a nice smooth draw. 5 5 1
660 An strong cigar that is too strong and last way too long. Little flavor and all power makes this a poor choice and a terrible burn 2 5 1
660 Anothe fine smoke from Oliva. A great cigar for any time of the day. Consistent burn with lots of smoke. 4 5 1
660 This is an all time favorite that never lets me down. Great flavor and awesome with a cocktail 5 5 1
660 A good smoke overall. Has some bitterness than is somewhat like a bitter cocoa For those of you who enjoy that 4 5 1
660 not teally sure about this stick its ok but taste is a lil off construction ok not the best i would say its a 5 out of a 10 3 5 1
660 Prefer the G or O series to this one. Still worth a try if you haven't had it before 4 5 1
660 You need to buy a box of these Oliva Cain F 660's and a few bottles of Whistle Pig Small Batch Bourbon and invite you friends over for an enjoyable even. Excellent drawburnashsmokeflavor and finish. 5 5 1
660 At this size of cigar most would have some sort of problems but this one is different 5 5 1
660 Olivia Cain 6 6 0 is a great cigar by a great company. One of my fav cigars with great flavor 5 5 1
660 The Cain that has not had draw problems for me love them and enjoy one with beer as they pair greatly 5 5 1
660 The 60 ring gauge gives a great draw. The flavor is closer to full with a spicy ptofile. 4 5 1
660 this is a quality cigar this cigar never disapoints. pick some up and try them out 5 5 1
660 Maybe I got a dud but this cigar was middle of the road at best. Flavor was so so 3 5 1
660 I like this smoke as I find it very similar to the 550. I like the 550 because it's a shower smoke for a morning or afternoon. I like the 650 for a mild easy night smoke. 5 5 1
660 This cigar is not for me I enjoyed the flavor but that’s it ! It’s just not my kind of cigar no fault of the cigar it’s just not my kind 3 5 1
660 This cigar has very bold flavor yet it is delightful to the palate. This is a big cigar that you will certainly enjoy as an evening smoke. 5 5 1
660 This is a powerful cigar with taste of chocolate and Rich with fine tobacco flavors set aside an hour to enjoy 5 5 1
660 The Oliva Cain is a tasty treat. Really full flavored and a kick in the teeth 5 5 1
660 All the Cain cigars are good but this one isn't great. The draw was too loose and the size impeded the flavor. 3 5 1
660 The Cain is a strong stick with Cuban inspiration. It's got a lot of punch and kick to it. Every smoke is enjoyable but strong. Not my cup of tea but it's good if you like that sort of thing. 4 5 1
660 Just a big cigar. One note. Flavor was fine but didn't blow me away by any means. 3 5 1
660 this was a ok stick wasnt out of the patk but ok i dont know if i would buy another just have to see 3 5 1
660 What a surprise. Great cigar smooth and flavorful. Love the 60 ring. Grass construction. Now one of my favorites. 5 5 1
660 This is a nice size for the Oliva Cane. The flavor and aroma is very good. 4 5 1
660 This is a great flavored cigar that is well made with a good draw. Another winner from Oliva 5 5 1
660 Big stick bigger flavor this smoke can knock your socks off if you're not ready for it make sure you eat full of rich tobacco taste strong strong great burner 5 5 1
660 Smoked one of these yesterday and I received it when I ordered a box of the SERIE G and wondered if OLIVA makes anything other than great cigars. The cigar is a great smoke down to the end. Smooth draw good construction and nice flavor that keeps coming. The only problem I have with this cigar was the size. I'm a 50 - 52 size ring man. And that's the size I'll be ordering. 4 5 1
660 They are getting hard to find, Mike is good to deal with. 5 5 1
660 One of my go to cigars...construction is always great! 5 5 1
660 "F's" are strong, full bodied well rolled cigars. This size is no exception. Great burn and construction. 5 5 1

Oliva Cain F

660 6 × 60 OC660F

This big fat cigar, packaged in a box of 24, will pound your palate with its intoxicating bold yet refined taste. This premium, full-bodied, all Nicaraguan gem is loaded with bold flavors of earth, pepper, and spice. Once you wrap your kisser around the Oliva Cain 660, you will never look back!
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