4.2105263157894735 57
550 Not a bad stick. Got 2 in the Oliva sampler. Not as good as the master blend 3 but decent. Burn didn’t need any touch up. 4 5 1
550 Oliva always puts out really good cigars I enjoyed this one pretty well. easy to smoke and nice calm flavors 5 5 1
550 I was a little disappointed with this cigar. A little too bitter for my tastes personally but if this is what you like then this is one you should try. Excellent construction and draw. Burned clean. In General a good cigar. But I expect nothing less from Oliva. 4 5 1
550 Tried this car out as a gift for my friend couldn't have been more pleased easy draw smooth flavors great plume of smoke with hints of cocoa and Oak a slight pepper finish enjoyable 5 5 1
550 Olivia Cain F 550 is a good cigar because of the qualities involve making this cigar. You won't be disappointed at all 5 5 1
550 Excellent smoke woody mild spices! Not as strong a finish as i expected. But good value as a smoke. 4 5 1
550 Punchy little firecracker. Citrus and cedar with a creamy long finish. Great humidor filler for an everyday smoke. 4 5 1
550 Oliva Cain f 550 is always just as consistent as the last. The flavor is out if this world. The aroma is second to none 4 5 1
550 Great construction but be prepared for a very strong cigar. I wasn't ready the first time and almost threw up 5 5 1
550 This cigar is a go to for any cigar smoker. It's classic spice is always a treat. Love it. 4 5 1
550 You cant go wrong with Oliva. I bought a sampler of these cigars and was immediately hooked on the great flavors of these cigars. This was my first Oliva and i continue to buy more 4 5 1
550 I got some leaves a Livia cane on a JR auction they smoke for an hour they're smooth they don't get better they burn perfectly and they have an aroma that doesn't change the wife out of the room 5 5 1
550 Draws good. Thought this was a little mild for my taste. It's also not as wild as I like to smoke. But flavor is nice. 5 5 1
550 Milder than I expected. Great construction. Easy draw and good length of ash Cedar nuts and a touch of spice. Consistent flavor. Really good cigar 5 5 1
550 The Oliva Cain 550 is a great cigar. Like many of the Cain series this stick is a winner. 4 5 1
550 An insanely strong cigar that is wayyyy too strong and last way too long. Little flavor and all power makes this a poor choice 3 5 1
550 This one is just ok. Pretty average. Flavor is fine but nothing to really write home about. 3 5 1
550 This cigar was a bit too harsh for me. The flavor in first two thirds was good but turned harsh in last third. Maybe I got a bad one. 4 5 1
550 This is s great cigar. Lots of flavor smooth right down to the end. Pricey but treat yourself. You won't be disappointed. 5 5 1
550 Love Oliva ! This is full of flavor great draw and packs a firm punch in a nice vitola. Worth trying at least once. 5 5 1
550 Another great cigar from Oliva's collect of cigars. This Oliva Cain F 550 should be enjoyed with a Hudson Bay Small Batch Bourbon. The two are made for each other . Excellent drawburnashsmokeflavor and finish. 5 5 1
550 I got a couple of these in a sampler and am glad I did. Not for the feighnt of heart these puppy's are strong. But oh my the flavor is in droves. Compare to joya antano 4 5 1
550 The Oliva Cain is a pretty good cigar. It is a medium to full flavored cigar. 4 5 1
550 ok stick. good construction with no burn or draw problems. buttery and spice flavors were detected. 4 5 1
550 Olivia Cain 5 5 0 is a great cigar by Olivia with good fbalor draw and consteuxt 5 5 1
550 This full bodied cigar is smoking heaven! The look is astonishing this cigar is one of the top 20 cigars 4 5 1
550 Had time to sit with on of these and it's a great value a nice full flavor for the price. Draw was a little too tight for me on the stick i grabbed but over all was a very nice smoke 4 5 1
550 This Is A Power House Stick. Great Burn. pretty Heavy. The Word Toothy CoMes To Mind. Try one 5 5 1
550 The Cain Olivia f 550 is a great cigar that burns perfect and has a good depth of flavors and its construction is perfect 2 5 1
550 Great smoke starts off with a big pepper kick then mellows to smooth leather with notes of coffee and leather. Not very expensive either would recommend. 3 5 1
550 The Olivia Cain for 550 is a flavor bomb just waiting in your humidor waiting to go off three construction is great and up to olivas high standard 4 5 1
550 Absolute perfection in cigar form! Great construction great bold flavor profile great all around smoke. 5 5 1
550 I absolutely love the cail series this one and the Daytona on my favorite. The spice is just right and the flavor is delicious throughout! I still have some of the original tubo lanceros and I'm so glad that they release them for regular purchase. 5 5 1
550 Cains seem a bit on the strongee side for me. Still this one had the characteristics of a good oliva cigar. On the fuller side of flavor. 4 5 1
550 Full flavor and bold. Great ferment by oliva. Affordable. That habano flavor lingers. And the strength kicks towards the. Not bad. 4 5 1
550 Eyeli of Cain cigars. All the power of the series V but at half the price. These are amazing 4 5 1
550 The Cain by Olivia is a great cigar the only issue issue I had was from the wrapper falling a part. Was still smokeable 4 5 1
550 This is a nice mild smoke with a smooth draw and a good burn. A great morning or afternoon cigar when you just want to smoke something not to powerful and not to mild. 4 5 1
550 A good stick if you want a real strong nicotine buzz. Full flavor full strength not for the weak. 4 5 1
550 The Oliva is the best all around smoke in the $16-18 price point. Constructed with pride and always consistent. Well done! 5 5 1
550 The Oliva Cain is a good smoke for the money. It's a little bit over powering. Better to let it hang in your humidor a while. 5 5 1
550 Don't let the Studio Tobac brand throw you off this is Oliva. Stronger than the Serie V but had a different flavor profile. 4 5 1
550 This is a mediocre smoke I my opinion. It gets bitter and tastes like it has been treated. The cap collapses on me. I like top ark my cigars in my mouth. I enjoy the textures feel and taste that developed. These leave me wishing for a better cigar. 3 5 1
550 This one's not too bad. Not their best effort. Nicely constructed with a nice smooth draw. Decent flavors but they fizzle out at the end. 4 5 1
550 The Cain is for Cuban lovers out there. The Cain is strong and spicy. It's a great stick but not for me. Don't get me wrong it's just not my type of stick. 4 5 1
550 Bought a box of these after trying one at an event. They sre good but I did tire of them before I finished the box. Good but better flavor with the Oliva V. 4 5 1
550 Another fine smoke from Oliva. This is an enjoyable cigar for any time of the day. Good burn with lots of smoke. 4 5 1
550 What an awesome cigar. This bad boy has everything you could want. Nice flavor and great smoke. 5 5 1
550 Love everything from Olivia. Nice spicy wrapper with a cocoa and cedar flavor. Great for anytime of the day 5 5 1
550 Probably my favorite blend of the Cain line. Good complexity and flavor transitions. Best after a big meal. 4 5 1
550 This cigar is rich and spicy. The flavor is closer to full with an evenly matched body. It pairs well with most whiskeys and lagers. 4 5 1
550 Well alright I love this cigar it's sweet I love that part about this cigar it is also a little stronger 4 5 1
550 My favorite Cain. The strongest in the line, doesn't disappoint. Earthy pronounced flavor without a bite. 4 5 1
550 Good Flavor excellent Burn 5 5 1
550 Good but not great. Had a couple that had tight draws and were disappointing. 4 5 1
550 Average 3 5 1
550 Not a fan however decent smoke 4 5 1

Oliva Cain F

550 5.75 × 50 OC550F

A powerful blend that is both balanced and refined makes the top-rated Oliva Cain F 550, packaged in a box of 24, stand out from the crowd. This Nicaraguan puro is comprised of Ligero filler and binder leaves covered with a beautiful Habano wrapper. Voted #17 on the Cigar Journal's Finest 25 Cigars of 2011, this tasty Robusto is pure smoking bliss!
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