4.3428571428571425 35
Gigante The large format of this cigar has some burn issues for me but overall not bad considering the price point. These make great cigars to hand out to those friends that don't smoke cigars often but want to give one a try. 2 5 1
Gigante Not a bad cigar for the money a decent walk the beach cigar ok flavor 3 5 1
Gigante The Odyssey Habano Gigante is a pretty good complex smoke with decent aroma 5 5 1
Gigante Nice size cigar for the money. Bold flavor good pull and great burn 5 5 1
Gigante It's an enjoyable cigar. You are able to get a smooth & easy draw and the wrapper stays intact. 4 5 1
Gigante For the price these are a pretty good smoke with decent flavor. Cutting the tip even just slightly causes them to fall apart so I've switched to just using a punch, but even with that I must moisten the tip or it will just lose it's tip. They've gotten better after leaving in my humidor but I'm still very careful and gently using the punch to keep it holding. The burn is generally pretty good, though sometimes burns unevenly. 3 5 1
Gigante It's good! 5 5 1
Gigante This is my everyday smoke, as they replaced my former everyday smoke: New Cuba’s. If you happen to get a really fresh batch, then this cigar smokes way above its price point. If not, a lil time in the humidor or even the freezer will correct that issue. Smooth taste, even burn and steady draw make this cigar a winner! 5 5 1
Gigante Bargain smokes that take advantage of the larger makers excess tobacco are always welcome if the wrapper is acceptable Nice wrapper and good flavor throughout 4 5 1
Gigante Great stick! Not exactly a fan of the big size but overall a good stick. 4 5 1
Gigante Best value for your money Well made, full of flavors, burns evenly every time, 4 5 1
Gigante Burns great !!! 4 5 1
Gigante Excellent speedy service 5 5 1
Gigante I smoke two to three cigars a day while at work, and I tried these last July and boy am I ever happy that I did. They're a great cigar for a $1.80/ stick. I am so happy I got a shipment of 280 of these before the Border close to Canada and they were sold out. be sure to use a punch as sometimes they are so big that when you try to cut them even with a V cut it ruins the end and they don't smoke as well. 5 5 1
Gigante This is the first time I have tried these cigars. I have smoked 3 out of the bundle of 20, so far. I am a big fan of Habano wrappers, this cigar is a superb example, smooth draw, creamy flavor, well constructed, an overall outstanding cigar. I will continue to make future purchases! 5 5 1
Gigante test 5 5 1
Gigante These large ring smokes are flavorful and draw well. 5 5 1
Gigante Anytime I pay $1.89 for a cigar, I don't expect much. But, these were not bad at all. Don't expect a complex flavor profile, just a decent smoke. Draw was a little too easy, but a nice, even burn. I would buy them again if the price stays down. 4 5 1
Gigante I enjoy these cigars very much. You need to stick more as they are often out of stock 5 5 1
Gigante Great cigar at super price 4 5 1
Gigante Great cigar price great. 5 5 1
Gigante This is a good end of day smoke, very nice draw and good flavor profile. The burn is even to the end. 4 5 1
Gigante Good smoke 5 5 1
Gigante Good value. Well made and flavourful. A good every day smoke. 4 5 1
Gigante One of my favorite 4 5 1
Gigante Quema bien 5 5 1
Gigante This ciger burns too rapidly and a bit hot the last little bit. But...........it is smooth and draws well. A Good value. I'll buy it again 4 5 1
Gigante I tried the Odyssey Habano and now I'm hooked. It's my favorite bargain cigar. For the money, you can't get better, and the Gigante lasts a good long time. If you haven't tried these yet, do yourself a favor and grab a bundle now. 5 5 1
Gigante Nice and slow burn. Taste good to backup my favorite cigars. 4 5 1
Gigante This is one of my go to daily smokes now. If you rest them well, it smokes like a stick that costs three times as much or more. Highly recommend. 4 5 1
Gigante Nice even draw, great smoke and excellent flavor. 4 5 1
Gigante Love odyssey 6x60 Connecticut /smoke habanos when sold out 5 5 1
Gigante These cigars are a hit or miss. I recently had two that absolutely would not stay lit or smoke. With about 4 inches left, I threw it away. On the other hand, if you get a good one, it could be the best cigar you have ever had. It's a shame that it is not a more consistent cigar but for the money, a few bad ones do not break the bank. 3 5 1
Gigante Very good inexpensive cigar. 5 5 1
Gigante Good 5 5 1

Odyssey Habano

Gigante 6 × 60 ODHGI

 The Odyssey Habano Gigante cigar offers a big, popular ring size, outstanding construction, and rich Cuban-style flavors, all for a very affordable price! Rolled at the famous General Cigar Factory with a dark, oily Habano wrapper and aged Nicaraguan binder and fillers, the Gigante is an unbeatable smoke with delicious flavors of earth, spice, leather, and a rich, tobacco sweetness throughout.

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