4.0 31
Gigante Good everyday cigar. Enjoy the flavor. I think it is very mild. 4 5 1
Gigante The Odyssey Connecticut Gigante is decent cigar that's a bit mild but this one's a decent-sized so it's not bad near the end 4 5 1
Gigante Every one had a bad draw. After I punch them I have to use an awl to open them up. After that they draw well. They are extremely mild, which is nice for an occasional smoke. Not at the top of my list, but nice with a cup of coffee and the dog in the morning. I drink the coffee, smoke the cigar while the dog play (so no snickers about dunking the dog in the coffee!). 4 5 1
Gigante I am purchasing my second bundle. Like I said, this is not a great cigar but at less than $2 a stick when on sale, its a good cigar. I smoke these on the golf course. When I am walking to my next shot I don't want the distraction of a bad cigar nor a really good cigar for that matter. It is mild so being that I tee off at 8:00 AM, mild is good and there is no distraction from being too strong for the first cigar of the day. I saw one reviewer had a problem with the draw. I have only smoked 4 and have had no problems with the draw. I did let them sit in the humidor for a week before smoking one. 4 5 1
Gigante Not a bad choice for the price. 4 5 1
Gigante It’s an ok cigar for the price. Burns a little crooked, but overall it’s ok 3 5 1
Gigante I’m going to stick JR cigars 1 5 1
Gigante They are go like the taste burn well 5 5 1
Gigante not getting daily promos 5 5 1
Gigante Gigante cigar 4 5 1
Gigante Great smoke 5 5 1
Gigante 60 ring mild to med, great every day casual smoke 5 5 1
Gigante The Odyssey Connecticut Toro and Gigante are at top of my list of inexpensive sticks. Burn well with little touchup. Toro for 30 minute break Gigante for an hour. 4 5 1
Gigante I smoked about 6 out of my bundle. 2 of them had the worst draw I've ever had in a cigar to the point I just trashed them because they were just unsmokeable. Taste is more mellow then mild. Not sure if I will buy again depends on how the rest of the bundle smokes. One more thing every time you take the label off it takes the wrapper with it.. 2 5 1
Gigante Pretty decent stick. Not a huge fan of the giant size but overall pretty good. 4 5 1
Gigante Smoked it first time and loved it. Very smooth and even smoke. Pretty enjoyable 5 5 1
Gigante A good every day smoke 3 5 1
Gigante I only smoke mild or mellow cigars. This fits the bill and provides a 1.5hr + smoke for my evening cigar. It is smooth on the tongue and the flavor is pretty consistent. Construction is uniform. I recommend that you don't remove the label until necessary to prevent tearing the wrapper. (glue well soften as it heats up - SEE good information at: HTTP://bit.ly/EnjoyingCigars .) I will purchase them again. 5 5 1
Gigante Just a little dry but a good cigar 4 5 1
Gigante An excellent cigar for the price 5 5 1
Gigante Bought a bundle,almost all burned down one side then would catch up 1/3 down, lots of lose filler to chew on. 3 5 1
Gigante I’ve bought these before, great price with good draw and mild enough smoke that my wife doesn’t turn and say what’s that you just lit up 😂 4 5 1
Gigante The Odyssey Gigante (6x60) Connecticut has ben my "go to" favorite for a medium ~ smooth reasonably priced smoke. I buy them in 20 pack bundles. NOTE: Over the past year QUALITY CONTROL ~ of internal filler placement & construction ~ HAS SURRERED GREATLY as I have noticed that the burn rate has become "dramatically" fast & hot, caused by a very visible irregular "outside burn" wherein only one side burns leaving the cigar useless within minutes of lighting. ................ see photos 1 5 1
Gigante Most were great a few were not so good 4 5 1
Gigante They were enjoyable to smoke. 5 5 1
Gigante Great cigars 5 5 1
Gigante Only problem is they are sold out often 5 5 1
Gigante Nice everyday cigar 4 5 1
Gigante Nice smooth smoke that is really inexpensive. 3 5 1
Gigante Good smooth flavor with a good slow even burn to the end. The price makes it even 5 5 1
Gigante Great cigars for the price with good taste. I would definitely get them again. 5 5 1

Odyssey Connecticut

Gigante 6 × 60 ODCGI

 Big ring cigar fans looking for a smooth and creamy every day smoke with an affordable price tag, will love the Odyssey Connecticut Gigante cigar. Made by General Cigar, home to many of the world’s most popular brands, the Gigante consists of aged binder and long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua, paired with a golden-brown Connecticut wrapper. Expect a rich, slow burning, mellow to medium body smoke with lush flavors of caramel, roasted nuts, sweet spice, and coffee.

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