4.21875 32
4x60 Great cigar for the morning and everyday. I highly recommend this cigar. Great notes of coffee and very little pepper. 5 5 1
4x60 This was a great nub cigar. I smoked it with a cup of coffee and it was a good combination 5 5 1
4x60 Great infused smoke. The flavor in this is awesome. Love it with a cup of coffee morning or evening. The burn is spot ongreat draw and they stay consistent. 5 5 1
4x60 The nub machinno is such a great flavorful stick just a flavor bomb i love these if u like coffe infused get one 4 5 1
4x60 Love this first thing in the morning. Love the coffee hints. Burns great. This one is a winner 5 5 1
4x60 Exceeded my expectations. Good draw good coffee/caramel flavor while still tasting like a cigar! 5 5 1
4x60 I must say that not being a big fan of indices cigars this sure did change my perception of them really good 4 5 1
4x60 Not a fan of this cigar. I had to relight the cigar twice. It's seem to fall apart by the middle. I won't be smoking this brand again. 3 5 1
4x60 This was a complete miss for me. Sweet in all the wrong ways. Nothing to write home about in my opinion. 3 5 1
4x60 My wife's favorite because she likes the sweet after taste. I like em too. I wanna know how they do it 4 5 1
4x60 These make a great morning smoke with a tall cup o Joe. These are very noticeable with the infused coffee flavor. Not a wet like infused but still a little too much for my preference. I have never been big on infused stuff anyway 3 5 1
4x60 Love this first thing in the morning. Love the coffee hints. Burns great. This one is a winner 5 5 1
4x60 Great cigar if you don't mind a touch of sweet. I find these especially good as an after dinner smoke. I enjoyed it thoroughly. 5 5 1
4x60 Good cigar. Very smooth at the top and bold but not bitter at the bottom. Excellent smoke. 4 5 1
4x60 i thought i got a great deal because it came with a bonus amount of cigars but was far from the truth , i love the tipple roast and was so excited to try these nubs, omg just about everyone i tried to smoke ran like a river everyone except one so far and i kept thinking maybe it was just a couple but no they where bad i was so upset i just started giving them away such a waste of money shame on you Oliva and i love most of your cigars witch is why i was so bummed 1 5 1
4x60 Added treat to go with breakfast. 5 5 1
4x60 A mild mild cigar with excellent flavor 5 5 1
4x60 Love the double roast nub cigars! You guys had a great deal the other day but I couldn’t get it to work. It was 30% off the nubs. Plus when will you have the boxes of the double roast? I have to order the 5 packs. 5 5 1
4x60 These are great .I get chocolate on the taste and the aroma. Will order more. 5 5 1
4x60 This cigar is as much a necessity as the cup! 4 5 1
4x60 Awesome smoke 5 5 1
4x60 I’m smoking this nub and I have say, it does not burn like any other nub I’ve smoked. This is burning uneven and much faster than the muduro 3 5 1
4x60 Good flavor, great for a lover of coffee flavors. Burned well, but the finish was very long lasting due to the potent flavor. 3 5 1
4x60 Great infused NUB … smells so delicious, I want to chew on it It burns as good as any NUB and draws smoothly with a silky consistency to the last third … I’ll need to create a big roach clip .. love the NUB 5 5 1
4x60 Great lil smoke. Good draw, good smoke, even burn. Excellent w coffee, great flavor. 4 5 1
4x60 A true and relaxing delight! The coffee flavor comes through loud and clear! Easy draw! Consistent burn! A pleasing aroma! I can think of nothing negative to say about this smoke! 5 5 1
4x60 This one was good. The flavor stayed consistent throughout some had an uneven burn. I will definitely be buying more of these. 4 5 1
4x60 Great smoke.....good draw and fantastic flavor 4 5 1
4x60 Good cigar great coffee flavor but not over done. 4 5 1
4x60 Aaa 3 5 1
4x60 To date the best nub I have had the pleasure of experiencing. From start to finish, great draw, great burn, great flavor. Definitely in my top 3 of nubs 5 5 1
4x60 Great flavor 5 5 1

Nub Nuance Double Roast

4x60 4 × 60 NC460M

Nub Nuance Double Roast 4x60 cigars feature a dark, oily, Sumatra wrapper, over a Dominican binder, and a blend of fully aged long filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. The cigars are rolled in Oliva’s signature fat and stubby shape that’s made to hit the sweet spot the moment you light up. And, with flavors of espresso, roasted nuts, and frothy milk, you’ll be glad you didn’t have to waste anytime getting to the core of these delicious medium to full bodied flavors. Order an affordable box of 20 today, and discover a cigar that’s billed as “the ultimate coffee experience”!
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Connecticut Shade / Sumatra

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Medium - Full


Box of 20

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