4.5 20
Double Toro needed to restock my humidor and saw this. I like the oliva brand so I took a chance. I was very happy really good smoke for a great price. 4 5 1
Double Toro Great company 5 5 1
Double Toro Excellent weight and construction. Good, solid maduro taste. Band and box labeling doesn’t match the smoke but great otherwise 4 5 1
Double Toro Maybe this box was not humidified/stored or not a popular seller and had been around a while. The reason I'm saying this is that the wrapper on 5 of the 10 I have smoked have come apart resulting in a poor draws. Taste is very good, too bad about the wrapper. 3 5 1
Double Toro Really good cigar at a reasonable price. I definitely enjoy these and will be buying again, just a different size. I don't normally purchase 60's. I prefer cigars in the 50 to 54 range. These were rather large. I ordered the larger size by accident, but still really enjoyed them. They have a very nice flavor profile, and burn very nicely with a good draw. 4 5 1
Double Toro Love this cigar. Great craftsmanship in the role. Aimed very smooth from the first light to the last puff. Should be apart of any humador. I smokes the 6x60. 5 5 1
Double Toro A lil spice, wood, and cocoa along with earthy flavors make this fabulous 5 5 1
Double Toro I'm not a big Maduro fan, but I got these as part of a sampler. Even though it is a strong cigar it still had subtle flavors. I enjoyed it so much I have decided to start mixing things up a bit. Definitely a cigar to go with your scotch after dinner. If you are like me and still exploring the world of cigars to find your preferences, this is one to try! 4 5 1
Double Toro This is a great find, not too expensive and great tobacco flavor without overpowering you. It has good complexity and always keeps me interested. I would expect o pay way more for this performance..great aroma, stays lit, IMHO it is a great find for the price, I always look for a good bargain when buying and when these are on sale, I sweep in like a hungry vulture..consistent burn and you can't go wrong..easily an $8-$10 dollar smoke on a $5 budget..keep up the good work JR! 5 5 1
Double Toro Enjoyed smoking these. Probably will buy again. Bunt well. Great taste. 4 5 1
Double Toro Great taste just the right amount of medium to full bodied strength. Great construction as well-don’t have to constantly re-light. Will be buying more in the future 5 5 1
Double Toro Full Bodied, Consistent and Tasty Smoke. 4 5 1
Double Toro The double toro is simply amazing. Excellent flavor, draw, construction, and color. Highly recommend this cigar. 5 5 1
Double Toro I got one of these with the Olivia sampler and I was highly impressed. Has a steady burn, an easy draw, and the taste is delightful. I’m ordering a 10 pack now. 5 5 1
Double Toro The Olivia Nicaraguan Double Toro is a medium to robust smoke. I enjoy these cigars and recommend them for your humidor. 4 5 1
Double Toro This is the kind of cigar I shouldn’t review because the rest of you will buy up the remaining inventory! Seriously good flavors consisting of rich earth, coffee, chocolate and leather. The PA Broadleaf is the star of the show and brings that sweetness even better than CT does. By far better than most CT wrapped sticks out there. Catch these on sale and it’s a winner all around. 5 5 1
Double Toro Even, slow burn, great taste with a dash of spice at the end. LOVED IT. Thanks, respectfully. 5 5 1
Double Toro First cigar…really good. Even burn - no canoeing or tunneling, excellent draw, looks great. Second one needed a few touch-ups but nothing out of the ordinary. Noticed a distinct (pleasant) salty taste from the time I lit up through at least the first half. Maybe a little cedar about ⅔ of the way through. Had never tried the brand before, but it exceeded my expectations. It didn’t displace my favorites, but worth keeping a few in the humidor. Smoking time: 2:00. 4 5 1
Double Toro Great everyday cigar a smooth and mellow taste good even burn, it’s one of the best that I’ve tried. I’ll order again. 5 5 1
Double Toro Of course it is subjective, but I find this to be nearly the perfect smoke. I had my concerns when I read it wasade.especially for JR Cigar but those concerns were laid to rest quickly. -I find a double toro to be the perfect size -It is flawlessly constructed: Burns perfectly with an even, easy draw (yet burns for a long time). It held its.ash to the nub with minimal help. I just find it a shade strong for me, especially toward the end. What a great smoke. 5 5 1

Nicaraguan Series by Oliva

Double Toro 6 × 60 OLNSDT

The Nicaraguan Series by Oliva Double Toro cigar brings an exciting new maduro blend to the famous Oliva brand portfolio. The cigar is expertly rolled in a big 6 x 60 size with a dark, oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper, a Sumatra binder, and aged Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos. Cigar enthusiasts will enjoy a bold smoke with complex, well-balanced flavors of dark peppery spice, chocolate, and earth, punctuated with a long creamy finish. Packaged in boxes of 10, this Nicaraguan beauty is made in limited quantities, so you’ll want to order yours very soon.
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Pennsylvania Broadleaf




Medium - Full


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