3.8 20
Original Not much bad to say about this stick. Great smoke at a good price will definitely buy again. 4 5 1
Original HUUUUGE surprise. If you were to smoke this in a blind taste test with the (DR) Montecristo Original Churchill - 7 x 50 you wouldn't know the difference. EXCEPT if you guillotine cut the Mr. B............then you'd have a mouth full of short fill and the Monte wouldn't. 4 5 1
Original My go to for day to day smoking. Little sweet and usually burns evenly. Every once in a while you'll get one that burns up uneven but that can't be avoided in 1.50 a pop cigars. All in all a good choice. 4 5 1
Original Got five of these several months ago because I hadn't smoked a candela in a long time. For the cost they are well made have good draw and they look nice. But all five either had almost no flavor or an abundance of (to me) unpleasant flavors at times almost like what I imagine drinking a bottle of liquid smoke tastes like. 3 5 1
Original Not a high dollar cigar. But you can smoke a few of these playing golf. Mild and dece construction. 4 5 1
Original I have enjoyed bundles of them as an everyday cigar. I will keep ordering them. 4 5 1
Original good cigar for the money some uneven burn decent flavor. was suppose to get ashtray, lighter and cigar cutter but that never showed up with the order pretty disappointed with jr promising free stuff and don't come through!!! 3 5 1
Original I would not order again because it took three days to ship and I received no tracking number to track the shipment. 1 5 1
Original very good cigar …. 4 5 1
Original Pleasant everyday cigar. Well constructed. Mild. a cool green Candella wrapper. 4 5 1
Original Great price for a nice smooth smoke 5 5 1
Original I love these cigars. Very smooth and burn well. Great price also 5 5 1
Original Thank you for your excellent service. Your selection is abouv Sutherland and Always fresh straightest price. Thank you always forbyourvwonderful service. 5 5 1
Original Nothing great; OK for price 3 5 1
Original Very smooth not offensive in smell burns nicely . 3 5 1
Original I've only smoked a couple so far so I can't give a total picture of the whole bundle. I like them. The wrapper is tight, the draw is good plus nice and even. The flavor runs consistent throughout the smoke. 4 5 1
Original Was able to purchase 3 on the auction a while back. Had tried the Lonsdale and enjoyed them. These are just perfect for my first smoke of the day! 5 5 1
Original Good cigar at a good price. 4 5 1
Original I love the candela wrapper' it reminds me of some past family. 4 5 1
Original Nothing special about this cigar. The flavor was rather bland. 3 5 1

Mr. B

Original 7.25 × 45 MRB1H

This Churchill sized, Candela wrapped beauty is part of the Original Mr.B lineup! Quality construction, consistent creamy smooth flavor, and its affordable price have made this brand one of our all-time bestsellers!  Available in bundles of 20.
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