3.7037037037037037 54
Magnum Maduro Crap. Burns like crap. Tastes like crap. Since I have free shipping from JR I wanted an alternative to the Robusto Deluxe from Famous Cigar and others. 50 sticks for 65.00. Much better taste and construction than Mr. B. 1 5 1
Magnum Maduro Mr B rating is proportional to the amount of money that it costs A cheap maduro that tastes good is hard to find and this does the trick 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro These cigars are the best i have found at this price.Very consistent smoke for very little money.A Connecticut wrapper is also very tasty. 3 5 1
Magnum Maduro good cigar however I have had a few that just fell apart or tunneled 2 5 1
Magnum Maduro best cigar for the money by far. I like a mild smoke that has flavor / aroma and the maduro wrapper on this stick does the trick! 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro To me it seems a medium bodied cigar burns nice and even and decent smoke production. The biggest positive about this cigar is the price. Makes it a steal. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro pretty good for the price! 3 5 1
Magnum Maduro Nice cigars if you don't mind spitting bits 3 5 1
Magnum Maduro For the price, this is a great cigar. Good flavor, consistent, strong but not overwhelming. Great for smoking when you are doing other things and just want a cigar to puff on for fun. It wouldn't be my cigar to kick back with after a nice meal or with a good scotch. But for every day it is perfect. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro Verry Good cigar 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro It was a very nice cigar construction was not that great. flavor was fine. I would buy again if on sale. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro I've been smoking Mr. B's for years. It never changes. Always an even burn. Nice smooth draw. Never canoes. Mild flavor. I've found I enjoy the Maduro Connecticut wrapper even more than the Natural wrapper. Better nutty flavor. Nicaraguan tobacco has wonderful flavor in itself. Volcanic soil makes it as such. Sweeter than most cigars. Always consistent! 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro I really enjoy the naturals and these are just s nice with a touch more sweetness. A very nice bundle stick. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro This is the third bundle of Mr B cigars I've bought but the first Magnum Maduros and it's also my favorite. The quality is up there with much more expensive cigars and the taste never varies. They also seem to burn more evenly than the others. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro Nice cigar for the money. Some inconsistency with the draw (too tight at times) and burn (a bit uneven at times.) Nice medium cigar. Fairly consistent coffee good tobacco flavors. 3 5 1
Magnum Maduro Just like the candela sticks without the green flavor! I'm a big fan of Mr.B sticks in general. They are a little looser rolled so they have an easy draw. Very rich flavored with a chocolatey full tobacco flavor. The lighter Maduro wrapper gives it a nice deepness. I like the barnyard smell of the unlit stick. They're about a 30 minute cigar. Great for golf. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro Great taste consistan flavor and burn. Can't beat the price try one and I guarantee it'll be your daily smoke. 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro underwhelming but hey was pretty cheap 2 5 1
Magnum Maduro Magnum Maduro Mr. B 3 5 1
Magnum Maduro This is the first time I've tried Mr/ B's. I'm actually quite impressed. I wasn't expecting much from a 'cheap' maduro but was pleasantly surprised. Good flavor good burn nice even ash satisfying who could ask for more? If they continue to satisfy then they will have a new regular customer! 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro Without fanfare they are what they are and don't pretend to be anything more ! What you will not get is a memorable smoke. For the money that is not what one would expect. What you will get is a consistently quality bargain smoke. Are they as good as the Consuegras and other Factory Second type cigars that bill themselves as the overruns of premium brands? Yes and No. The aforementioned can have really high highs and very low lows and you never quite know which you will get ( and at a higher price). I have been thrilled with some and very disappointed with others. The Mr. B's perhaps overall are more mediocre than the average Second has to offer but they do deliver reliable consistency and a darn good smoke that dollar for dollar makes them the best in the battle of the bargain brands. 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro A good value for a bargain cigar. I've bought several of these and have never been dissatisfied. If you're on a budget these are a great buy 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro This our clubs house cigar. Tuesday night at Tanakalab is always better with Mr. B's . Full flavor nice draw. Nice relaxing smoke! 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro Great daily cigar for waiting out a pandemic. 3 5 1
Magnum Maduro god smoke 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro I have really enjoyed these , I like the maduro cigars best 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro These are a Terrific Smoke. 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro First cigar from this pack had a good draw, even burn, and nice flavor even though on the mild side. Good sweetness from the Maduro wrapper. Some in the past burn a bit uneven and sometimes tough draw, but this one just smoked was very good. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro Truly a terrific cigar and service was excellent. 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro Too much tunneling and the binder is weak, causing burn holes as you draw, plus the wrapper tends to peal off the longer you smoke it. I had just a few that were good. Not bad for the price but it's barely Maduro, or worth it. Sorry. Very disappointed. 3 5 1
Magnum Maduro Young peppery leaf. Gonna let sit in humidor for a week or so to see if favor improves. 3 5 1
Magnum Maduro Amazing. These cigars are wonderful for the price. I smoked the whole bundle and not a single issue with unraveling or draw. Quite rare for such an inexpensive cigar. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro I bought these by mistake thinking I had purchased another brand of bundle of cigars. But decided to try them anyway. And was pleasantly surprised. I love the nutty retro and it has a great smoke output. This is one bundle I will order again. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro Many cigars in this price range are poorly constructed, taste like burning newspaper and are inconsistent from stick to stick -- not so with Mr. B Magnum Maduro. This is a surprisingly good cigar with good draw and flavor; just a little more strength than the natural version. I found the construction of the Maduro a little better than the Natural after smoking about 20 of each. Are they perfect? No, you still get the occasional canoe, but I can usually salvage the burn. I've been looking for an affordable daily cigar for many years -- this is the answer for me. Buy them on sale, give them a try! 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro I received two of these in a sampler pack. The first was so tight that I could get no draw even with a punch and it was not smokable. The second had a very good draw and maintained a nice burn throughout. The cigar was a little harsh and the flavors were somewhat nukd aknist to the point of nonexistent.With one of two being bad I do not think I would risk a purchase. As a new smoker, I still have a lot to learn about detecting flavoring and I find it difficult to believe some of the You Tube reviews that describe all of these wonderful flavors coming through as the cigar is smoked. However, it was a cigar and that is about the extent to which I would define any flavor other than a sweet peppery flavor at the very start. I may not yet be able or may not ever be able to detect the "complex" flavors that the cigar reviewers I have observed describe while they are smoking a cigar. Hope this hleps in your decision, for the most part the one that was smokable was very will constructed and burnt really well. 3 5 1
Magnum Maduro This is a cigar to enjoy between the more premium cigars. When you're fishing and golfing and not paying too close attention, but still want a pleasant tasting cigar, Mr. B Magnum fills in nicely. Surprisingly good construction and consistency, with a mild sooth flavor throughout the smoke. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro Fantastic full bodied cigar 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro Great cigar 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro good value 2 5 1
Magnum Maduro I am not satisfied with this cigar. Each of the cigars burns unevenly and "canoes". It is very discouraging to light one up and have it perform this way. I have purchased Mr. B cigars in the past and have been completely satisfied. This particular cigar totally underperformed. As a result I ordered a different brand and will probably discard these remainder of the Mr. B cigars. Very disappointed. 3 5 1
Magnum Maduro Great smoke for a low price. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro one of the best smokes on the planet for the price! 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro In hopes of finding another daily smoke i decided to try these. Bad idea .I have had these in my humidor for months hoping as they age they will have a better flavor. Just way way way to bland for a Maduro. Actually They might call them Maduro but they are not. 2 5 1
Magnum Maduro Good everyday stick 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro I bought these in a deal recently. Worst roll I’ve encountered from JR. On my third stick. Won’t stay lit for even 15 seconds. Gaping holes in the body. Flavor was okay but what good is that when you can’t keep them lit? 1 5 1
Magnum Maduro Mr. B holds it down really well for the price point. Good overall smoke 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro Great cigar for the $. Nice even slow burn, mellow, flavors of chocolate and tobacco 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro Like others I bought a deal bundle looking for a daily smoke. What a mistake. The things are overly harsh to the point of nasty with the little flavor. Just plain bad. 1 5 1
Magnum Maduro Nowhere can you get a Maduro with such deep dark earth flavors and notes of Coco, great burn start to finish. Great buy 5 5 1
Magnum Maduro A great maduro economically priced. I was hesitant about this cigar, but once I tried it, I was sold. A great smoke from the beginning to end. A great flavor that holds its taste even with the last part of the cigar, If your looking for a quality cigar with a top-notch taste and smooth delivery, I recommend this maduro cigar, and the price is exceptional for the quality. 4 5 1
Magnum Maduro Take it from another "Mr.B"...I really gave these a go but too many had draw problems even after attempting to use a drawer poker. Taste just flat and earthy. Live and learn. 3 5 1

Mr. B

Magnum Maduro 6 × 50 MRBM3

Featuring a dark Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper and Nicaraguan filler, this a creamy smooth Toro with flavors of nuts, spice, dark chocolate and espresso. Mr. B Magnum Maduro, in a bundle of 20, is a very popular and affordable bundled cigar that smokes like a dream.
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