3.8275862068965516 29
Lonsdale For me it's all about draw. These have awesome draw and I will buy them again for that reason alone. Great draw great price. Flavor is a little poor but it's mild enough that it isn't a significant draw back. I will buy these again. 3 5 1
Lonsdale Smokes well. Mild. It is a bargain. I am not afraid to offer one to my cigar smoking friends. 4 5 1
Lonsdale I bought a bundle of these. Set it humidor at 70% for a few days. So far I've smoked 4 cigars and so far each one has had a good even burn good draw. Not that much flavor but very smooth. Good for an every day cigar or humidor filler. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Great products great prices great service 5 5 1
Lonsdale I have no problem with the way the cigar burns and It tastes good too. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Rolled very soft, harsh taste like ashtray, and I'm continuously spitting pieces of short fill. Draw is 1 star since it is so softly rolled. 1 5 1
Lonsdale They aint Cohibas but for the money they're pretty good 4 5 1
Lonsdale Mr. B is a staple in my humidor. More than once I've fought a much higher priced cigar with bad draw and questionable construction given up on it and grabbed one of these. They never disappoint. It's nothing mind blowing just a good mild cigar that you can smoke and not worry about. If the price went up I'd still buy them. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Very surprised with how well this cigar tasted and smoked! Definitely a must try. Will be an everyday smoke for sure! 4 5 1
Lonsdale For me it's all about draw. These have awesome draw and I will buy them again for that reason alone. Great draw great price. Flavor is a little poor but it's mild enough that it isn't a significant draw back. I will buy these again. 3 5 1
Lonsdale Good cigar, has a tendency to canoe 4 5 1
Lonsdale Mixed fillers in this ring size require frequent relights. Good outer wrappers and consistent construction. 3 5 1
Lonsdale I smoked two sticks. One was so tight I got a hernia sucking, just trying to get some smoke. The second would not stay lit in a 4 alarm fire. Returned both the Lonsdales and the coronas. 1 5 1
Lonsdale Just got to try this one. It was in a sampler pack. Its solid stick. Construction good. Flavor good. Draw excellent. Flavor mellow nice nutty notes. Burn was good held ash well. Would by again. 4 5 1
Lonsdale great for the money 4 5 1
Lonsdale Good cigar for the price 4 5 1
Lonsdale I was pleased with this cigar, for it's flavor AND price point. 4 5 1
Lonsdale For the price, one of best cigars on the market. Solid construction but not too tight as to limit the draw, a good draw and a fine and tasty smoke. I keep ordering these for the price and the quality. 5 5 1
Lonsdale I bought these because they were offered at a great price for a 10 pack...I was really pleasantly surprised at how good these are...The ones I had burned straight and tasted fine...In fact as good as some of the pricier cigars in my humidors,,,Really good morning cigars for me... 4 5 1
Lonsdale What an excellent taste and aroma. The Sumatra wrapper is toothy and sweet, give off a ton of smoke and has an excellent aroma. The burn is straight and even. I caught these on sale and bought a bundle, an instant favorite bargain stick for the price. Only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is the draw can be a little tough on some in the bundle but that’s just my presence as I prefer a very easy draw with little resistance. The Sumatra wrapper is gorgeous 4 5 1
Lonsdale Nice smoke when you don’t have a lot of time but you don’t want a cigarillo. Flavor was okay and the construction was good. Enjoy these after work on the drive home. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Quick delivery decent construction for economical cigar 5 5 1
Lonsdale Ŵere not as good as past batches. Harder to light. Draw inconsistent. Taste so so. Too dry. Nice ash. Probably not something I would buy again. 3 5 1
Lonsdale I should have purchased more when the price was low. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Nice mild smooth smoke 4 5 1
Lonsdale Excellent product very enjoyable 5 5 1
Lonsdale This was my first purchase from JR and overall I’m pleased. The bundle I got burned well and even. I did have one cigar with a pin hole but I was still able to smoke it. The flavor is good and the wrap is just right, not too loose and not too tight. These will be on my list of cigars to buy in the future. For now I want to try some different cigars and see what I like the best. Good value for the price. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Nice mild smoke for price you can not beat it 4 5 1
Lonsdale Light to mild strength the Churchill version burns inconsistently. It’s great morning smoke does not leave strong flavor in mouth which is very nice. The Mr b londsdsle is very good. 3 5 1

Mr. B

Lonsdale 6 × 43 MRBL

The enormously popular Mr. B Lonsdale, in a bundle of 20, has a nice looking reddish brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper and binder, covering choice filler tobacco from Nicaragua. These subtle creamy-smooth smokes have been flying off our shelves for many years, thanks to their high quality and very low price.
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Ecuador Sumatra

Ecuador Sumatra





Bundle of 20

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