4.111111111111111 9
Monte Draw is perfect and smooth. The burn is great. However it's quite harsh on the tongue as well as the smell and taste. If this is what you're after you may like it but if you like a smooth smoke this is not the cigar for you. I would not recommend this cigar and would not buy or smoke it again. Pretty awful. It did mellow slightly about half way through but the taste was still pretty sharp and harsh on the tongue. Slight ammonia smell in the smoke. 3 5 1
Monte My favorite montecristo cigar by far. Good slow burn and medium flavor... Definite hints of spice and chocolate 5 5 1
Monte This cigar took some persuasion to get the draw just right. Flavor didn't have a wow factor for me but for a full flavored 60 gage cigar I would have another. 4 5 1
Monte I've been smoking Montecristo Reds recently but I also like Afrique and just plain old Montecristo. Monte blew me away it's definitely my new favorite. I have a thing for ginormous gauge but this one was almost too fat at 60. I love it but 54-56 is the sweet spot for me. You might have trouble cutting this pig! 4 5 1
Monte I really enjoy this Gordo because it burns well, smokes smooth, and has a great mild taste. These smokes are consistently made and I’ve ordered a few boxes without disappointment. 5 5 1
Monte Incredible cigar that burns even and is a great smoke!!!!! With Suppaaaa flavor!!!! 5 5 1
Monte Burns hot, terrible cigar 1 5 1
Monte got these in 10 packs what a score monte quality at phillies price. 5 5 1
Monte Awesome smooth 60 ring cigar great taste 5 5 1

Monte by Montecristo

Monte 6 × 60 MXMM

The Montecristo Monte is a popular 60-ring gauge smoke. This big stogy smokers dream burns slowly and draws evenly, delivering complex notes of leather, wood, and spices, with a delightful sweet cocoa note on the finish. The Monte is offered in elegant dresses boxes of 16 for your sampling enjoyment.

Rated 91 by Cigar Snob in 2013 (September/October)

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Ecuador Habano

Dominican Olor / Vintage Nicaraguan

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full


Box of 16

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