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Plumcake Flavor is honestly just ok. Burns hot. Burns HOT regardless of your technique. Very coarse cut, will be hard to pack in some bowls. Like a metal scouring pad. A good pinch of H/H, a bit of S.Value English, and maybe pinch of S.Value whiskey, and you'll get the majority of this blends flavor. JR's shipping was FANTASTIC as always. EXCELLENT service, and I'm not paid to say that. 3 5 1
Plumcake Very great traditional Plum Cake pipe tobacco. If you are not used to traditional plum cake tobacco it will be new and different for you. Very tasty blend though that is a fine all day smoke. Good taste with pure tobacco goodness. 5 5 1

Mac Baren

Plumcake 1MP16

Mac Baren Plumcake pipe tobacco is a unique English blend of Syrian Latakia, premium Virginia and Balkan tobacco. Its enjoyable spicy sweet flavor and captivating aroma comes from using top notes of Jamaican Rum. If you enjoy Latakia in small doses and want a blend that's gently sweet, well refined, and mellow, than Plumcake is just what you're looking for. Order a 16 oz. bag from JR Cigar and enjoy a distinctly delicious Mac Baren blend that’s unlike any other on the market today.

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