4.0 50
LAT54 The L'Atelier LAT54 is a great cigar with some power to it great stuff coming out of that My Father Factory 4 5 1
LAT54 What better way to spend a day smoking this cigar that you get the most out of the L'ATERLIER LAT54 is just 5 5 1
LAT54 Bitter and not very tasty. This cigar canoed and just burned poorly. Even the unlit taste was unpleasant Construction was too rough. I am glad I did not buy a quanity of these. 2 5 1
LAT54 Good cigar great tast and great burn good for after a long week or day nice for poker night at the house and cheap enough to go around for friends 5 5 1
LAT54 Heavy in the hand a beautiful habano wrapper that produces large flavors of earth spice and wood great construction and burn 4 5 1
LAT54 Great cigar can't imagine anyone that would not enjoy it.. great taste good long burn and a good mellow flavor.. good for the beginners and the novice of choice. . 3 5 1
LAT54 Flavored were full and present and was not a boring smoke. Nice aroma and burned razor sharp. Impressed with the construction as well. 4 5 1
LAT54 One of cigar aficionados top 25 of 2014. Smooth and creamy with an excellent draw. Definately not an everyday cigar but if you want to splurge it's well worth it. 4 5 1
LAT54 Perfection. That's all you need to know. This cigar is perfect from start to finish the burn the smoke the flavors. Just nailed it 5 5 1
LAT54 First let's talk about the flavors of this delicious stick. Woods and hay and meat are the first that come up with spice and an almost sweet fruitiness on the finish. The draw was almost perfect a little tight--but that could've just been my fault. I think it was a storage issue on my end because the burn was a little bit wavy too. 4 5 1
LAT54 Such a great cigar bold flavors earth tones and hints of spices and leathery finish all from a smooth draw that was tight at times towards the end of the cigar but only barely noticeable. Great cigar definitely going to buy more 5 5 1
LAT54 Smooth wrapper that has a golden hue to it in the light. Smells grassy fruity and flowery. The prelight draw reinforces these flavors. First third all those flavors in the aroma hit. Sweetness follows in the smoke. Smells heavenly like a flowery and grassy tobacco. Second third the flavors come together in a perfect coalescence. Smoke is creamy it's nutty and slightly spicy with fruity and flowery notes. Just a delight. Final third boosts the intensity a bit from the heat and it finishes wonderfully. I can not turn one of these bad boys down. 4 5 1
LAT54 This thing has great flavor stays out with spice then fades into a sweeter vanilla and cedar flavor then into a tasty woody flavor. Construction was outstanding and smoke production was great. 5 5 1
LAT54 Awesome cigar! I got these in a fiver on a whim and they did not disappoint. Super tasty flavors of tobacco and hay. Great construction. All around awesome. 4 5 1
LAT54 I'm torn because I love the behike and this looks like a knock off. But this cigar stands just fine on its own. The pigtail cap is consistently applied and finishing is excellent. A great medium bodied smoke 5 5 1
LAT54 this was a fairly middle of the roads dick about a medium bother you about it me strength the flavors we're not all that interesting to me I like something with more complexity 3 5 1
LAT54 Another great cigar from L'atelier. Never a disappointment when you get a cigar related to Pete Johnson of Tatuaje. Delicious flavors 4 5 1
LAT54 Another great blend from the folks at Tatuaje. It's on the medium-full side of the spectrum in strength and has great body to it. 4 5 1
LAT54 Everything from Lat is great. Very good construction with an awesome draw. Would smoke again. The price is good for the smoke 4 5 1
LAT54 Another great stick from LAT! Great flavors of cedar tea nuts and pepper throughout the smoke. The 54 is good but I prefer the lances. 4 5 1
LAT54 Tons of great and complex flavor! Medium to medium-full. Razor sharp burn line throughout. Took this to the nub and enjoyed every bit! 5 5 1
LAT54 You can't go wrong here. The ash hangs on for days and is as white as can be. Flavors are amazing and will leave you wanting more 4 5 1
LAT54 This cigar is always a treat. Buttery smoothness a hint of pepper and enough strength to make you pay attention but not enough to knock you out. It's a great smoke any time. 5 5 1
LAT54 This is an incredible cigar. It has great sweet floral flavors with some hints of nuts and coco. It had an excellent razor sharp burn all the way down. I love this cigar. 4 5 1
LAT54 I was a little underwhelmed by this stick. I really wanted to love it but it just wasn't there for me. I would love to go back to it however. 3 5 1
LAT54 The 54 was my first Lat and guaranteed it wouldn't be my last. I loved everything about this cigar and couldn't wait to buy more. 5 5 1
LAT54 Used to smoke these fairly often & enjoyed these cigars but ordered a box recently & worst wrappers I've seen in awhile - dry & not tasty. I'm a big fan of Tatuaje & other Pete Johnson stuff but won't be ordering these again 2 5 1
LAT54 The flavors that comes out of this stick are okay sometimes it can be overwhelming 3 5 1
LAT54 The lat54 is a lot better than the 52 but still not what they explained it was so as shocked 4 5 1
LAT54 After reading some of the rave reviews I couldn't refrain from adding my comments. A nicely constructed cigar with flavor which didn't appeal to my palate. Consistency? Consistently awful. 4 5 1
LAT54 I've had several of these and each of them was better than the last! Loved these sticks just about as much as much as you can love a great cigar! 4 5 1
LAT54 The Lat54 starts out great but for me seems to mellow out quickly ..mild smoke and the taste ended halfway through ..I would definitely give it another shot though 4 5 1
LAT54 Picked one of these up not knowing anything about the brand. Ended up being a very good smoke. Great flavor and a nice pull. Would def suggest giving one a try 4 5 1
LAT54 This is the cream of the crop. Sancti Spiritus wrapper from the My Father tobacco fields. This is a full bodied pleasure that Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia put together. The price is steep for a box but try a sampler to see if it's your cup of tea. It's definitely mine and it's worth a try especially if you like Pepin Garcia and Pete Johnson offerings. 5 5 1
LAT54 Just really an average smoke for beginner to expert it is a pretty good smoke for the price and should be in any humidor I highly recommend this for any beginner it's smooth and enjoyable 4 5 1
LAT54 It was a nice enough stick but I found the flavor lacking. It wasn't bad just dull and consistently dull. My friend really likes these so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt that I just received a bum stick. I'll try it again sometime it wasn't bad enough to never try again but I wasn't too impressed 3 5 1
LAT54 I received one of these in a trade. The cap deterioated while smoking had a very lose draw and tasted very bitter. I'd avoid trying one again. 1 5 1
LAT54 Nice stick kind of tight draw but it opened up. No burn issues requiring touch ups. Pretty smooth flavor transition 3 5 1
LAT54 L'atlier cigars are in my mind among the finest in the world. Great flavor profile not overly powerful but still a solid medium full cigar 5 5 1
LAT54 L'Atelier LAT54 is a cigar that should be getting far more attention. It is a superb gem of a cigar. A True Bounty Of goodness. if you have not tried this you need to stop waiting around before the price goes up even more. you won't be sorry if you do this is a great cigar. 5 5 1
LAT54 Another great blend from the folks at Tatuaje. It's on the medium-full side of the spectrum in strength and has great body to it. 4 5 1
LAT54 The LAT54 is another gem from L'Atelier. It is a smooth creamy smoke that has a solid burn and cool smoke. While good fresh out of the box age does wonders for this smoke. 4 5 1
LAT54 seriously one of my favorite cigars with amazing flavor and the Lat construction and quality is superb 5 5 1
LAT54 This Pete Johnson made cigar has impeccable construction and top of the line tobacco. Its a nice medium to full bodied cigar 3 5 1
LAT54 L'Atelier was a brand I skipped over many times. I was gifted one and man o man why was I skipping these? Look for the natural and the Maduro. 4 5 1
LAT54 These are great smokes good construction razor burns and great smoke. I enjoy the MAD over these but both are worth it 4 5 1
LAT54 Super honey filled goodness. Underlying bits of pepper and cream. Absolutely fantastic cigar which I always keep a box of around. 5 5 1
LAT54 Whenever I can find these sticks I jump on them. Great quality and consistency. Holds its own against sticks twice as expensive. Like a more mellow version of the PSD4 4 5 1
LAT54 We all know Pete Johnson and company make great cigars and this is one of them. A smooth medium bodied cigar with a great retrohale. These will always be in my wineador 5 5 1
LAT54 Nice enjoyable smoke has beautiful wrapper 3 5 1


LAT54 5.25 × 54 LAT54

The L’Atelier LAT54 is not to be missed. But due to its extremely limited run, you should snatch one up now or else you may never get the chance. A complex cigar with lots of character, this natural beauty features a Sancti Spiritus wrapper, a Nicaraguan special hybrid leaf binder, and a Nicaraguan filler tobacco blend. Designed with a 54 gauge ring and 5.25 inch body, this is a cigar you can really sink your teeth into. Sold in boxes of 15, you might want to consider grabbing a few before they’re out of stock for good!
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Ecuador Sancti Spiritus




Medium - Full


Box of 15

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