3.8 20
Corona Bundle I havent smoked one of these in years. The last time I bought them they came in a Cedar box. That was back in cigar boom years. I just purchased a sampler and got a few of these in the sampler. They are just as good as I remember possibly better construction and I'm sure tobacco availability is better than in the boom years. Great nutty flavor and effortless draw. They cost a little bit more than in the past but still a great cigar for the price. 4 5 1
Corona Bundle Very harsh flavor. Not the worst cigar I have ever had but a lot left to be desired. 2 5 1
Corona Bundle Verdict: don't even think about it. These were bad when Lew was selling them and they haven't changed much. Stick to Connies if you want cheap cigars. 2 5 1
Corona Bundle I've been smoking these for over 15 years when they came in boxes of 25. The construction is flawlessand the flavor is good ! Great gar for the golf course or working in the yard! I don't see much difference in the ones that are 10 years old to the one I light up right from JR. 5 5 1
Corona Bundle Good every day smoke! Plenty flavor . Very few construction issues Great price! Very fast service as I have come to expect from JR! 4 5 1
Corona Bundle I got this to try out because I like La Finca cigars but this didn't cut it for me. Dry and tasteless. No where near as satisfying as the robusto. 3 5 1
Corona Bundle These are easy to light, burn evenly and are pretty consistent between smokes. Fairly strong but not biting. 4 5 1
Corona Bundle Thank you 4 5 1
Corona Bundle Easy smoke, great little cigar for the price 5 5 1
Corona Bundle Flavor was there construction wasn't. Tried a couple sticks and both fell apart. One mid smoke the other within the first third. I doubt my humidor is that far off causing the issues because non of my other cigars have done this. Would not recommend. 2 5 1
Corona Bundle First bought this cigar in the mid /late 90's came in a nice little box back then from JR of course. Ridiculously priced for those who remember what a deal! !!! I remember JR telling us set them aside for 6 months or so. Tried emailing right off of course. Again at 6 months. Not totally terrible. ... but. Fast forward 2 yrs. Took some to a New Years Eve party. Along with the half dozen others who were lucky enough to get one unanimously one of the greatest cigars ever. Hate having to wait 2 years soooo much but if they are still THAT cigar in the end well well worth the wait. 5 out of 5 stars. 5 5 1
Corona Bundle Quite a good gar for the price! Have several sizes in my box! Fast delivery! 4 5 1
Corona Bundle I got a few of these before I committed to the 91 count ammo can. I'm glad I bought a few singles so I didn't waste space in the humidor. These are yard work cigars at best. They draw fairly well but nothing about them blew me away 3 5 1
Corona Bundle For a budget bundle cigar you can't beat the La Finka. Not a bit harsh you could surprise a lot of people with thenquality you get for such a low price. These Coronas are a great size and take about 35-45 minutes for me. I find myself gravitating to these more often when I don't want to try something new but want something that I know will taste pleasant and the same every time. 4 5 1
Corona Bundle Like many JR offerings the Corona bundle proved to be a good acquisition, especially given the low price per stick. La Finca is a solid everyday smoke and the pricing makes it a bargain. 4 5 1
Corona Bundle I smoked my first La Finca I found in a bunch of 30 cigars from JR. It stood out. The wrapper, the construction, even burning and the great price. This is my fourth bundle and I will be buying more. A truly great value! 4 5 1
Corona Bundle Pretty good 4 5 1
Corona Bundle Five stars for the price and quality. Medium power, flavorful, burn and draw are better than most $8 cigars. 5 5 1
Corona Bundle A flavorful smoke OK construction in the bundle that I bought I've had a few that don't burn consistent but not bad for the money 4 5 1
Corona Bundle To my mind, this is about the perfect cigar for a morning smoke, though the body is a bit stout for the purpose. A very hard Cigar to beat for the money 4 5 1

La Finca

Corona Bundle 5.50 × 44 LFCB

This classic and very affordable Corona, packaged in a bundle of 20, knocked the cigar world on its butt, when it was awarded a prestigious 92 rating from Cigar Aficionado way back in 1993. The same great rich, earthy taste of the La Finca Corona is still going strong today, so why not order a bundle of cigar history today, you’ll be glad you did!
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Bundle of 20

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