4.5 22
Flying Pig Good smoke fun to hold and tasty. You should try one or two or three. 3 5 1
Flying Pig You will enjoy the kfc cigars if you enjoy Smokey flavors like bbq etc. it is very powerful smell to the nose before you light it but not a pungent when lit 5 5 1
Flying Pig Ironically I had the KFC cigar after the KFC – Amazing smoke but sometime I have notice that halfway through gets very soft but overall a great smoke. 4 5 1
Flying Pig Clear your schedule! This smoke took me a long long time to finish.... but I'm not complaining. Like its smaller counterparts this cigar starts smokey and finishes smooth. Totally worth a go! 4 5 1
Flying Pig My favorite of the kfc line the pig has the same great flavors as the rest but not as overpowering as the others can be 5 5 1
Flying Pig I have smoked 2 of these and their just like the other sizes. Very strong smoked meat flavored and smell like a cook out and camp fire. 5 5 1
Flying Pig Ok. I love this cigar and all sizes bit this one is a Little too thick. It smokes to fast and burns fast. I still love the flavor. 4 5 1
Flying Pig Another masterful blend by drew estate. The kentucky fire has a rich medium to full bodied flavor that carries a slight sweetness too 5 5 1
Flying Pig Nice smoke better than expected. Not as smoky as I expected a good thing. Medium body 4 5 1
Flying Pig This is one of those cigars that I smome on occasion. When I want a change of pace smome. 4 5 1
Flying Pig This was an excellent smoke. Perfect draw paired real well with Jameson's IPA cask mate. 4 5 1
Flying Pig Great execution that creates a ton of smoke flavor while keeping it a smokeable cigar 5 5 1
Flying Pig One of the best cigars in my box. Tastes like a backyard campfire with its Smokey taste. 5 5 1
Flying Pig This cigar is a game changer. After smoking this one you will always think of this cigar when smoking any other cigar. These are little treats. 5 5 1
Flying Pig The flying pig is my favorite KFC by a long shot. It just seems to me to add to that open pit smokiness while smoking the pig (Literally) the flying pig is a excellent smoke with a great draw and nice flavors 4 5 1
Flying Pig I had never seen a cigar like this so I had to try it..I couldn't resist..the fire cured gives it a hint of bourbon and the shape of this cigar is so cool..it produces loads of smoke and flavor.. 5 5 1
Flying Pig The kfc ffp are the bomb but they plug up easy and hard draws but still love these stivks yummo 5 5 1
Flying Pig The fire cured leaf brings back some memories of when I smoked a pipe. Nice change of pace smoke. 4 5 1
Flying Pig It's a great flavorful quick smoke. Highly recommend this to anyone that likes to smoke pipes. Tobacco is cured the same way. 5 5 1
Flying Pig With the smell and taste of a bon fire the kenycky fire cured is a bokd amazing cigar. Highly reccommended to anyone 4 5 1
Flying Pig This cigar is definitely different from the norm but for me it's like having a barbecue everytime I smoke them. I'm a professional chef and just happen to love barbecue. Drew estate out did themselves. Consistency is on point as well as construction. Again the flavor might not be for everyone but this is now one of my top cigars. My humidor will always have them in stock. Enjoy 5 5 1
Flying Pig Was looking for the Liga Privada Flying Pig but were all sold out so decided to give these a try. Glad I did, great draw, amazing flavor and reasonable price, will definitely purchase these again! 5 5 1

Kentucky Fire Cured

Flying Pig 4.12 × 60 KFCFP

Bring home the bacon with the bold distinctive flavors packed inside every Kentucky Fire Cured Flying Pig. A San Andrés wrapper covers a Nicaraguan binder and a secret recipe of aged filler tobaccos. Notes of roasted hickory, oak, and sweet Kentucky burley tobacco join forces to flood your tongue with toasty flavors. Packaged in a box of 12.
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