4.3164556962025316 79
Fat Molly This cigar is very good. In my opinion taste is delicious - chocolate and a little bit spicy. I really recommend 4 5 1
Fat Molly I fell in love with the aroma right away. The cigars themselves have just an OKAY construction. The wrapper is beautiful in color but I immediately noticed several patches and a few veins. The burn needed touched up 3 times. At the price point and flavor profile those couple of flaws are definitely not a deal breaker. They make a great addition to the collection. 4 5 1
Fat Molly First time I smoked this I didn’t care for it but I’ve had a lot more since and I gotta tell you they are addictive. Completely different than anything else you have smoked. Try this one it will put you under its spell. 5 5 1
Fat Molly Fat Molly rocks but burns a little fast The fire cured tobacco threatens to be overpowering but isn't Not as good as Acid but very interesting 5 5 1
Fat Molly Smooth smoking unique tasting cigar with an aroma of a pleasant wood fire. 4 5 1
Fat Molly The kfc cigar line is everything you might expect with a fire cured cigar. The Smokey smell is pungent to the nose without even lighting it. I enjoy Smokey so... I like 5 5 1
Fat Molly Very enjoyable smoke. At first I wasn't sure that BBQ flavor would mix well with a cigar but I was surprised. I would definitely buy this again. 4 5 1
Fat Molly Short version: I really like the cigar and I will buy it again. I was first introduced to Kentucky Fire Cirex at Jr's Smokin' in the Carolinas event of 2016. So to the Reps who stood out there in the hot sun you got at least one loyal customer for your efforts. I see that the filler is a manufacturer's secret. However I have read elsewhere that Drew Estate uses at least some Kentucky and Virginia tobacco in this blend. I believe these homegrown tobaccos are the secret to the distinctive flavor of this stick that I really like. I confess that I sometimes smoke the cheap Parodi Kings that are made of all Kentucky and Tennessee tobacco. I detect a similar flavor here in a much better cigar and for me that's a really good thing. I applaud this effort and there will always be some version of Kentucky Fire Cured in my humidor. 5 5 1
Fat Molly An amazing stick if you love the outdoors you'll really enjoy this cigar great wrapper with wonderful barbecue like campfire flavors nice smokey stick 4 5 1
Fat Molly This kfc fat molly are the best cant beat these lil gems i love the deep smokeyness of these live these 4 5 1
Fat Molly This tastes like a camp fire... in the best possible way. I wasn't sure about this at first but once you really get into this smoke it mellows out and becomes one of the best cigar experienced you'll have. 4 5 1
Fat Molly If you want to try a completely different taste this is the one. The Father Molly has a nice smokey flavor and is a nice size for those who want to enjoy a shorter smoke. It's well put together and has a nice draw. 5 5 1
Fat Molly Reviewers claiming a completely unique smoking experience are absolutely right. Frankly I was shocked to discover that this came in a bundle of free Drew Estate Cigars with Joya Reds. Fired-cured tobacco leaves make a huge difference and impart a smokey and very different smoking experience. Highly recommend it! 4 5 1
Fat Molly This cigar better know as KFC is quite a unique cigar. Smells like a campfire/ cook out. The flavors are just like some smoke meat. You either will love this cigar or hate it. 4 5 1
Fat Molly Not the worst cigar I've ever smoked but the flavors didn't come through as much as I had hoped. The draw was a little on the tight side and I think that made the flavors fall short. 3 5 1
Fat Molly If you want to talk about a good flavor stick this is the one that you want to say something about 4 5 1
Fat Molly My new favorite cigar Kentucky fire cured. Great flavor and aroma nice draw even burn. I could smoke Kentucky every day ! 5 5 1
Fat Molly This cigar is my all time favorite. When you open the passage a wierd smell of burn hits you but then you smoke it and fall in love. 5 5 1
Fat Molly Nice woodsy taste on cold draw reminiscent of smoldering oak. Well constructed and easy draw. Full bodied. 5 5 1
Fat Molly This was an excellent surprise a little more than I would normally pay for a stick but well worth it. This stick is mellow has a nice draw and is perfect for am after work relaxer. 5 5 1
Fat Molly Very big smoke great burn and draw 5 5 1
Fat Molly Great tasting smoke. I've been smoking them for two weeks and never get tired of the flavor. Great construction with an even burn. I hope the are around for a long time. 5 5 1
Fat Molly Kentucky for cured is an amazing cigar. You know the smell you clothes get after a big bon fire? Thats what they taste like! 4 5 1
Fat Molly Great smell and aroma before smoking. Being a Kentuckian I am familiar with the cured tobacco smell and can vouch for this being very authentic. These sticks would not be and every day smoker for me as I found them very strong and robust. However I can think of nothing better for a campfire or barbeque. 4 5 1
Fat Molly Has a nice strong tobacco flavor that sticks with you a while after its done. Full flavored yet very smokable. Pair it with a Kentucky bourbon for a great combo. 5 5 1
Fat Molly Wonderful smoke. One in my hand right now. Found it by accident at my local cigar store. Tried one and I was hooked 5 5 1
Fat Molly A very densely packed cigar with slight veins and smooth seams. Pre light inhale tastes of wood chips charcoal and a bit of licorice. The cigar lit well and burned evenly all the way to the end. A very smokey flavor throughout Very little complexity. Being a DE I was waiting for something else as the smokey earthy taste alone left me flat. Also not as much smoke as I would expect from a DE product. These are a good once in a while smoke but I wouldn't fill my humidor with them. 3 5 1
Fat Molly A buddy of mine gave me one of these for my birthday before then I had never heard of these and did a quick YouTube search for reviews and info about it. After watching a couple of video I prepared myself to hate it but the opposit happened I fell in love with these things they are fantastic. The fire cured tobacco reminds me of sitting around a campfire made with well seasoned logs. It’s a very pleasant aroma that it leaves behind as well almost like pipe tobacco. My wife often times will comment that I smell like an ashtray after smoking cigars but with these I come in the house and she says I smell nice. I gave these 4 stars all the way down which is pretty high for me becuse I feel if you’re giving 5 stars that means it’s perfect with no room for improvement. These are the first cigar that after smoking one I ordered a 10 pack of I feel like they are that good. 4 5 1
Fat Molly I let these woodsy bombs sit in my humidor for A few months and they have seem to have mellowed out. Not so mush burnt wood flavor l really Fn like them A great PM smoke. 5 5 1
Fat Molly I love KFC cigars. The taste and construction are normally superb but the one tonight was a total disappointment. I find KFC have a tight draw but this one takes the cake. It didn't burn well because of the draw. Trying to fix the draw exposed the failure of this stick. I am really disappointed in this stick. Is Quality failing that poorly? 1 5 1
Fat Molly love these 5 5 1
Fat Molly Tried this because my wife is from Kentucky and talks about the tobacco farms - it has been become a daily smoke - also like the sweets and Swamp Thang all have unique and good flavor and the ash and consistent burn unexpected in this cigar - I am usually an avid AF smoker and fan but these have been added to my selections 4 5 1
Fat Molly Love these cigars great taste and burn good to the end... 5 5 1
Fat Molly Great tasting tobacco and a well rolled cigar. 5 5 1
Fat Molly 50/50 cigar but defiantly not a go-to cigar 3 5 1
Fat Molly I’ve smoked cigars for the better part of thirty years. Smoked my first one 64 years ago when, at five, my uncle Frank handed me his and told me not to tell my mother. Cigars mean two things for me; a contemplative habit and a break from the mundane. This Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly is my top shelf cigar. It’s best comparison for me is an early fall morning campfire. Unwrap the package and the smell of good wood smoke will let you know you’re in for a treat! The consistency is 4.5 out of 5. So is the draw. Punch it, ream one occasionally to improve the draw and set aside an hour or so to enjoy this one. I will always offer one of these to my friends. 5 5 1
Fat Molly After trying the Chunky and loving it I decided to give these a shot. I never thought such a budget friendly cigar would end up being a permanent addition to my humidor, but here we are. The Flavor is amazing, the construction is superb and the draw is just right. I can’t recommend these enough. Please give these a shot especially if you’re a fan of quality bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey, or a good Rye. It pairs quite well. I get a bundle with every single order! 5 5 1
Fat Molly This is one of my go to sticks! It has a nice smooth draw good smoke production and a pleasant smoky flavor note. It goes great with a dram or two of good scotch and a relaxing evening on the porch with friends...or alone if you prefer. 5 5 1
Fat Molly I'm not a cigar aficionado by any means but this is the second time ordering these smokes. First time I tried them they were on sale. Loved them so much I ordered them again. They smell like hickory smoked BBQ so I didn't know what to expect. They're just flavorful with deep rich flavors and the hickoryish flavor just adds to the complexity of these cigars. I would order them again! 5 5 1
Fat Molly This has become my everyday smoke. Inexpensive quality smoke. Love the smokey wood fired taste and rich tobacco flavors. Flavor throughout the burn. Give them a try. 4 5 1
Fat Molly Very well constructed cigar even burn inconsistent draw the flavor is very woodsy and Bold. Not my kind of flavor . 4 5 1
Fat Molly Awesome smoke! Great construction with an even burn. Flavor from start to finish. Will keep these stocked in the humidor. 5 5 1
Fat Molly For those who love the outdoor camp fire or BBq this is the one for you. 4 5 1
Fat Molly My favorite size from the KFC line. Loaded with fired cured tobacco flavors. You can smell the tobacco in these as the wrapper is coming off 5 5 1
Fat Molly Excellent cigar worth every penny!! 5 5 1
Fat Molly Smooth smoking unique tasting cigar with an aroma of a pleasant wood fire. 4 5 1
Fat Molly The smoky drying on these definetly Leave a acquired taste on your lips. Strong burnt flavors 3 5 1
Fat Molly Love the cigars. Medium smoke that has its own unique taste. Very smokey. 5 5 1
Fat Molly This is my third bundle of this series and this time I got the Fat Molly. I can only describe the sensation of this cigar is like smoking a glass of scotch whiskey. It's an fire cured cigar so the flavor is smoke mixed with rich tobacco flavors. Smoking this cigar reminds me of my youth back in Kentucky where us kids would wander into the curing barns seeing the tobacco curing in the old fashioned way. This is a very unique cigar and I really liked it. 5 5 1
Fat Molly Molly will coddle you with flavor and joy! I love this cigar and the flavor is top notch! 5 5 1
Fat Molly The KFC isn't usually a cigar I turn to but they are nice to try out from time to time just to change things up. The construction is overall very good and there is a distinct BBQ style aroma when smoking. Reminds me of a pipe tobacco I used to smoke called Bold Kentucky. 4 5 1
Fat Molly Wow good cigar.the smell soon as u take it out smoked barbecue smell draw flavor spot on! 5 5 1
Fat Molly I have some construction issues with the KFC blends but that may just be me. This cigar is not a typical flavored cigar. This process is man made but there are no fake flavors added. The KFC smells rough until you light it. If you are a fan of fire cured pipe tobacco's like me you may wanna check out the KFC 4 5 1
Fat Molly Very good cigar. It had a funky unlit aroma but it didn't affect the taste a bit. The flavor was very good. I'm never let down from the guys at Drew Estate 4 5 1
Fat Molly I absolutely love the taste of these cigars. They are smooth an taste even better. I build custom cabinets an the smell these give off reminds me of the beautiful cabinets I build. Its hard to explain you will have to try them to understand. Haha. 5 5 1
Fat Molly This has a completely different taste than anything I've ever smoked. I got one as part of an Expert Picks sampler and whichever expert picked it did a great job! 5 5 1
Fat Molly Oh man I love this cigar. It's reminds me of home and my childhood. Out of the wrapper it has that oak and a hickory aroma. Also reminds a bit of pipe tobacco smell. The burn is even and the flavor is nothing short of amazing. It's not your normal flavor balance. Very woodsy and earthy but in a good way. 4 5 1
Fat Molly These Are Pretty Good Sticks. The Smoke Is A Lot Smoke From A Hard Wood Fire. They Are Little Different Favor ProFile Than Most sticks 5 5 1
Fat Molly Very strong hickory smoke aroma and taste. Smell like the BBQ before you put the meat on. Burned well. A good camping cigar. 4 5 1
Fat Molly Worst cigar i have ever smoked. I took one out of the wrapper excited to smoke it and took a long smell of the cigar. it smelled like cough medicine. I lit it and it continued to disappoint. I threw the rest of the pack in the garbage. 1 5 1
Fat Molly I really like this cigar! Perfect smoke at a great deal. The “fire cured” imparts a visceral earthy flavor that is not overwhelming. It is unique. 5 5 1
Fat Molly Love the smoky flavor and the sweetness on the end 5 5 1
Fat Molly Hands down one of my favorite smokes. 5 5 1
Fat Molly Definitely not my favorite cigar. It smells like a burnt stick that I pulled out of a campfire. Thankfully it tastes a litte better but not much. It is well constructed and draws and burns well. Hopefully the larger ring gauges have a little more flavor. Not what I am used to from Drew Estate. Some may like this cigar. I would not purchase these again. 1 5 1
Fat Molly I really like these cigars. The name tells you what they are--fire cured. The initial smell is like a good peaty Scotch. Voluminous smoke, great draw, excellent construction. It's not really an everyday smoke for me, but rather when I want a lot of smoke and a comforting taste, A very consistent cigar. Of the dozens I've had I have not found am issue. 4 5 1
Fat Molly smells like a smoked meat based tang. but it smokes and tastes excellent boo yaah 5 5 1
Fat Molly It’s a different smoke for sure, not bad 3 5 1
Fat Molly Great cigar for the price. 4 5 1
Fat Molly Kentucky Fired Cured is my go to smoke - the unique flavor profile sets it a part from everything else in a similar price range. I've smoked dozens and dozens of these and have never run into an issue with poor construction or quality. This is as reliable and enjoyable as they come. 5 5 1
Fat Molly I buy these for my husband and he loves them. He loves the flavor, especially. 5 5 1
Fat Molly Smoky BBQ taste and with a good draw. Tastes good al the way down. If you like chargrilled burgers and campfires this is the cigar for you. 5 5 1
Fat Molly This is a great stick if you love BBQ and Campfires. This is now my go to stick for a daily or at least 3 times a week. There are very few that I will smoke to the nub. The flavors of Pepper bbq cedar are full thru the whole stick 4 5 1
Fat Molly I still remember my first Fat Molly...this is what I was waiting for. A distinct flavor that I will never get tired of, consistent in construction and flavor, burn, and draw...firmly packed, and curiously hard at the tip. I use a plug or V cut, and there's never a problem with the cut. I still buy these monthly, and they are my favorite, even among other Kentucky Fire Cured smokes. I prefer the size and attributes of the Fat Molly, unless time constraints push me to a Chunky or Kyoto. Just a Friend's are excellent as well. My market position is STRONG BUY. 5 5 1
Fat Molly I smoke these all the time. Love the wood smoke flavor. 5 5 1
Fat Molly This is my favorite cigar to smoke. I used to smoke these almost everyday after work while watching the surf at Waikiki. 5 5 1
Fat Molly I bought a bundle on faith in the other Drew Estate cigars that have been my favorites. Wish I had tried one first... Out of the wrapper each cigar smelled like mothballs, and tasted terrible.... I am a daily smoker, and this cigar is a huge disappointment... 1 5 1
Fat Molly Great smoke for money. Worked at a cigar shop for years and this is my go to cigar of choice. Excellent taste. 5 5 1
Fat Molly The description says it all. If you like the taste of a firepit or a charcoal grill you might love these sticks. Just like wine, whiskey and beer, every ones taste is different. This stick is geared for someone looking for a specific flavor other than a traditional cigar. The build, draw and quality is all there, just not hitting the sweet spot for me. 4 5 1
Fat Molly Good solid fire cured tobacco 4 5 1

Kentucky Fire Cured

Fat Molly 5 × 56 KFCFM

Fat Molly is a big girl with even bigger flavor! This Nicaraguan bombshell is bursting at the seams with notes of roasted hickory, oak, and sweet Kentucky burley tobacco to create a smoke unlike anything you have ever experienced. Burley was unheard of as a cigar blend until the amazing minds of Drew Estate made it magical. Packaged in a bundle of 10.
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