4.169811320754717 106
Chunky Great construction and burn. Consistent. However the flavors are quite unique and an acquired taste. At least a try once. 4 5 1
Chunky Thought I was gonna hate it based on the smell boy was I wrong. One of my top 5 favorites. Kinda reminds me of an acid with the sweet tip and funky flavors. Definitely tastes nice and smokey but super smooth. Retrohale is beyond satisfying has almost no bite and smells like bacon. Love this size too. 5 5 1
Chunky It’s really so interesting so I was not crazy about the smell out of yx it was to overwhelming then i smoked it and WOW!!!! What a smoke it is so incredibly smooth and tasty! 4 5 1
Chunky The KFC is a bit different. It definitely a change of pace smoke Well constructed with lots of flavor. Chunky is a good short smoke 5 5 1
Chunky This a good cigar that I do enjoy will be buying more it's a good lunch cigar for the middle of the day. 4 5 1
Chunky This is unlike anything else you have smoked. The smoking it the barns prior to production adds this smoky burnt brick flavor but in a really good way. This is a great smoke. Especially for BBQ season. 5 5 1
Chunky The smell of the smoke on this is something to be desired. Most don't like it bit I do. The flavor profile is different also. Very different but good at the same time 4 5 1
Chunky I have to be honest and have to say this is one of the worst cigars I have ever smoked. It didn't even taste like it was supposed to be smoked 3 5 1
Chunky I've tried nearly all of the Kentucky fire cured vitolas all of them are amazing chunky is no exception these things just rock easy in my top 10 favorites of all time and I don't think they will be bumped from that list 4 5 1
Chunky If your looking for something different in you humidor the Kfc is the way to go. The chunky is a short stick loaded with smooth hickory smoke flavor subtle sweetness. If camp fire smell is smoothing you enjoy the Kfc is perfect. I love these cigars. 4 5 1
Chunky Awesome gar on the medium side will buy more.Smells like campfire good white ash. 4 5 1
Chunky Didn't think I would like these. I was wrong. Great little cigar I love the unusual smokey flavor reminds me of old plug chewing tobacco I used to steal from my grandfather. Only issue I have is they burn terrible once you get to the band. 4 5 1
Chunky This is a great cigar to pair with a bourbon or sketch. I would highly recommend this cigar 5 5 1
Chunky Absolutely great cigar...awesome price. Well worth the money and time to get this smoke 5 5 1
Chunky What's not to like about these. Shear pleasure to hold admire and savor the flavor. These are simply great! 5 5 1
Chunky The KFC isn't a blend for the faint of heart. This one is bold. A1 and steak like bold. There is a campfire like aroma from these but if you are a pipe smoker this one blends the cigar world and pipe world very well. I enjoy these from time to time. Just not an everyday smoke for me 4 5 1
Chunky I know some people love this cigar but it tasted awful to me. Like smoking a charred hickory stick. Not a flavor profile for me. You may like it I sure didn't. 3 5 1
Chunky This is a very interesting cigar. If you are from the south and are away from home then smoke this little sucker and all those barn yard/hayfield memories will be reinstated. Draw is fine yet smooth and consistent. Smoke is a medium and flavor stays with you just like the scent on your fingers will after you finish smoking. Damn i love this thing! 4 5 1
Chunky From the first prelit smell you are in for a treat. Drew estates takes cigars to a new level with added fire cured leaf it's like smoking a grill 4 5 1
Chunky The construction was a little off but the draw was still good. The flavor? Unlike anything I've ever smoked. You know that funky taste that some Nicaraguans have? It's like that but sweet and tangy too. I got one in a sampler and really enjoyed it but I don't think I would pay full price for these. 4 5 1
Chunky These are great smokes. Just the smell that comes off these makes you feel like your at a BBQ. Great draw and great taste throughout. 5 5 1
Chunky First of all how is Lew? I read the reviews on this stick. The campfire smell almost turned me off but I got the Chunks 4x46. I was surprised. While it smelled like a campfire it didn't actually make me smell like a campfire. I put them in a separate H. Upmann box with the Boveda 69 pack it was shipped with. It has excellent draw white ash burns even. Smoke till my finger nails got burned. I plan on getting more. It is time for Lew to get his Chauffeured Lambo to take him to J.R.'s and write in an upcoming catalog. 5 5 1
Chunky I Lile These Alot. They Are Well Made And Smoke Evenly. They CarryThe Flavor Of A BBQ Smoke Pit. 5 5 1
Chunky Notes of oak hickory and maple sweetness explodes in your mouth. Nice oily wrapper highly recommend this cigar you will not be disappointed 5 5 1
Chunky Not terrible but it's like smoking a campfire. Good if that's what you like but not my cup of tea. 4 5 1
Chunky This is not a cigar for everyone I enjoyed it very much but it's hit or miss. Great smokey flavor like a campfire. Solid construction was an enjoyable smoke. I need to get more. 4 5 1
Chunky I thought this was a great stick. I wasn't sure what to expect going in but damn. I loved the earthiness and smokiness of this. lots of dry spices and a subtle spice note that lingers. Lots of flavOrs thru different stages of the cigar. a must try esp if u wanna venture out of the norm and experiment. 5 5 1
Chunky Boom baby!!! Home grown goodness. Awesome Kentucky grown. Great dark wrapper that all smokes with hints a a campfire hickory and oak. 5 5 1
Chunky A pretty interesting concept but sadly it didnt really appeal to me. Flavors reminded me of smoking a campfire. 4 5 1
Chunky So when I smoked this cigar I had no idea what it was. A buddy of mine came over and handed it to me unbanded and told me to give it a try. Besides it being such a large ring gauge I really enjoyed it! So give it a ahot 4 5 1
Chunky I come from Kentucky so I'm quite partial to these suckers. Delicious smoke reminscent of an old BBQ mom-n-pop shop I worked at for a year in highschool. Also growing up around firecuring barns makes these bring back memories nothing else would bring. Always a fantastic smoke especially for grilling or having a bonfire! Unfortunately a lot of people don't like the strong different flavors these bring so I can't give it 100% 5-stars 4 5 1
Chunky Great cigar. Excellently constructed and burned surprisingly long for its size. The flavor was excellent and unique reminded me of chewing tobacco. 5 5 1
Chunky The Kentucky fired cigars seem to be very polarizing to most people either you will love this cigar or hate it. 4 5 1
Chunky I really enjoyed the KFC and have bought at least a 5 pack or two since. Construction and draw were spot on. The flavor is really were the KFC line differs. It has a very distinct smoked wood flavor. Definitely worth a try. 4 5 1
Chunky Five star stick! My uncle turned me on to this one and I can't stop smoking them! I just ordered twenty more! 5 5 1
Chunky I cigar that is as aromatic as a stick of incense. Smells great and rich of wood and earth smokes with a bit more pepper than that but also some cream. 4 5 1
Chunky Tastes less than it smells but that's a good thing. this is a great cigar for once in a while and won't be to everyone's liming but I love the campfire meaty taste of this line I grabbed a few maxis and never plan to not have a bunch on hand. 4 5 1
Chunky Do you like the smell of barbecue smoke? Then pick up this bad boy and give it a shot. The fire cured tobacco adds a very unique dimension to this cigar. Definitely worth a try. 5 5 1
Chunky These are a little weird at first. They smell like an old BBQ pit which is good and taste like a slim Jim which is ok. 3 5 1
Chunky The go-to cigar when you want to go-to something off the beaten path. A great change of pace offering notes of oak maple and campfire memories 5 5 1
Chunky The Smokey taste of the fired cured tobacco lends a very sweetflavor just like a nice slow bbq has that sweet Ness 4 5 1
Chunky Definitely unique. My brother and I had one of these the other day. Taking it out of the cello almost turns you away. You are hit with loud aromas of hickory. Luckily the smoking experience is much more mild and pleasant the the aroma. If you like hickory smoked food then give it a try. You won't be disappointed. 4 5 1
Chunky I really enjoy these cigars. They are exactly what I was looking for- nice afternoon cigar. Not cheap but I will probably try these again. 4 5 1
Chunky A good smoke 5 5 1
Chunky Unique smokes. Have had them before and they are consistently unique and very good. These have a very distinctive Smokey profile unlike other cigars. Thus Kentucky Cured.....Only one complaint is these are small -and not 'chunky'. If expecting small cigars (Nub like) these are excellent. 4 5 1
Chunky One of my favorite cigar smokes. 5 5 1
Chunky Great camp fire/bbq flavor. Fist1/4 inch was harsh. Once the tobacco started to toast it mellowed quite a bit. Yes it has a heavier ash flavor, but in a good way. Light one up, pour a beverage, reminisce about a great summer bbq or a winter camp fire and enjoy. The larger sized cigar may give better smoke to flavor ratio, I’m going to give it a try. 4 5 1
Chunky Bought these because of the reviews of the Smoky flavor but I couldn't smell it or taste it. Before the light they do smell like scotch but I wasn't smelling the campfire or barbecue as others mentioned. For the size it does last a while as the burn is very even and slow. 3 5 1
Chunky If you like fire cured smokes this should be up your alley. Tons of fired cure tobacco flavor from start to finish. Nice slow and even burn 4 5 1
Chunky Yes this cigar is different but it’s is very good. A bit odd at first but once you get into it. Yum 4 5 1
Chunky If I can put more stars for flavor I would easily at 7. The initial fragrance of the stick out of the wrapper is a little bizarre. Once it's lit that changes everything. It's a tight little cigar that draws fairly well but the flavor is second to none 4 5 1
Chunky It's a fabulous smoke. Rolled well smokes freely has distinctive flavor but not a boutique cigar it has body and consistency found in much more expensive brands. I always keep a bunch of 10 around for a reliable and flavorful smoke. 5 5 1
Chunky I love this cigar. It is one of my favorites. Medium to full body smooth full of flavor a little spice and always well constructed. If you haven't smoked one of these you need to. 5 5 1
Chunky This is one of the most unique cigars I’ve had. Very smoky aroma. These are a pleasure to burn in my opinion. Will definitely be ordering more! 4 5 1
Chunky Fantastic smoke. Smooth draw great flavors. Aromatic and unique. REALLY enjoyed these more than I thought I would. Another quality smoke from Drew Estates. If we weren't going to be @ Drew Estates next month we would have already ordered more of these sticks. 4 5 1
Chunky Didn't know what to expect at first. This cigar smells like it just came out of the fireplace. But let me tell you as soon as I lit it up I discovered a cigar that I will add to my list of favorites!!! I see some folk are being really critical about this smoke which they have a right to be. To me it reminds me of a peaceful evening sitting by the campfire which is something I really enjoy doing. I say give one a try I don't think you'll be disappointed. 5 5 1
Chunky Amazing flavor. Very smooth and consistent throughout. A little disappointed in construction as it started to fall apart towards the band. But they are awesome already re ordered half way through the first. 4 5 1
Chunky Not the worst smoke. Not the best. A taste you definetly have to get accustomed too. Will try again 3 5 1
Chunky Why is this the most fascinating newer cigar? It's not subtle but it's overwhelmingly fun to smoke. Wrapper is a little coarse but is wonderful in the mouth. Too cool 5 5 1
Chunky Love the unique fire cured flavor. Perfect for cookouts and barbecues. Great cigar in a nice size. 5 5 1
Chunky A very well constructed cigar with a nice aged tobacco taste and the hint of wood smoke. The smoke flavor is stronger if you smell the wrapper than it is when you smoke. It's like salt on a steak. 4 5 1
Chunky I have smoked a cigar one time I was turned on to it by a friend and I enjoyed it good cigar 3 5 1
Chunky Wow just wow! This is a little flavor powerhouse! If you like smoked meat or campfires this cigar is an awesome experience. 4 5 1
Chunky this is one my fav stick i love the kfc and can get enough of these i smoke them all the time 5 5 1
Chunky Great smoke it packs a punch of flavor to me it has the most of the campfire taste out of all the kfc 5 5 1
Chunky Wow this is one potent little Cigar I was surprised when I let this thing up a good piece of work 4 5 1
Chunky This little guy is a good I mean really good flavor stick that I'm glad I purchased 4 5 1
Chunky Like every other drew estate it has flawless construction and puts off tons of foot smoke. As the name suggests lots of smokey Woody notes. Strength and body are both medium to full. 5 5 1
Chunky This is a decent campfire smoke. No but it tastes likes a campfire. I thought I liked it the first time I smoked it and realized I didn't in subsequent smokes but it's just not for me 3 5 1
Chunky Kentucky Fire cured by MUWAT is a good cigar. It has a little funky aroma that I just couldn't put my finger on when unlit. But while smoking it's very good with lots of complexities. 4 5 1
Chunky These are absolutely one ofI my favorites. They take a little getting used to it but once you do they are great. 5 5 1
Chunky I was a pipe smoker first and I loved KFC in pipe tobacco. I didn't think I would like it in a cigar though. I tried this one and while im not big on things like this it was still good and is very much so worth it to try it out. The smoke pours off of these and they smell like BBQ. This is a dull body and strength blend in my opinion. Give it a shot and decide for yourself. You may love it! 4 5 1
Chunky These are some of the favorite cigars ever. They have a different flavor to them but it adds to the cigar. 5 5 1
Chunky A friend gave me one of these. I paired it with espresso vodka. Excellent. Buying more today. 4 5 1
Chunky At first I was skeptical. The first few draws taste like smoking a camp fire but this cigar gets more complex as time goes by. Give it a shot it's quite good. 4 5 1
Chunky Excellent Cigar as far as construction concept price. I'm just not on to the flavor that much. For me the flavor of burnt firewood was overwhelming. Could've been me. But it's worth a shot at it. 4 5 1
Chunky Awesome cigar. The only way to describe it is this. You know that smell your clothes get after a great bonfire? Thats what this tastes like. 4 5 1
Chunky Good smoke. Another decent stick at a reasonable price. Very smokey flavor and scent. Good transitions 3 5 1
Chunky I like this cigar very much. It is a completely different cigar but a very good cigar. Taste like a barbecue it is one of the cigars you will either love or hate. 4 5 1
Chunky Talk about flavors this heavy in the hand stick has flavor to spare it has an interesting aroma would recommend you pair with a fine bourbon 4 5 1
Chunky I know a lot of guys love them but the flavor is just not for me. The aroma reminds me of Copenhagen straight chewing tobacco. The smoke isn't much better. I'd urge anyone to give it a shot but I won't be smoking another 3 5 1
Chunky Love Kentucky fire cured cigars. Different than any other cigar I've had. Smokey delicious taste. Very different than all the other Drew estate cigars. 5 5 1
Chunky Absolutely loved this. The taste of this stick would remind me of being in the deep backwoods. Strong earthy smoke had to touch it up with the torch once. But really good smoke. 4 5 1
Chunky Fire cured very smoky tobacco flavor. Reminds you of a bonfire but then hits you with a kind of BBQ sweetness. Not too bad. 3 5 1
Chunky Great cigar but for some reason the shorter one does not have the same fire cured taste as the longer vitolas. I love the KFCs but wouldn't recommend it to those sensitive to nicotine. 4 5 1
Chunky I was looking for a few nubs to fill a small portion of my humidor and grabbed a few of these I was so intrigued I lit one up in the smoke shop and after the first puff I knew why it v was incredible 5 5 1
Chunky Tastes less than it smells but that's a good thing. this is a great cigar for once in a while and won't be to everyone's liming but I love the campfire meaty taste of this line I grabbed a few maxis and never plan to not have a bunch on hand. 4 5 1
Chunky Excellent construction that brings a great experience For a compact cigar. The fire is an excellent cigar and the chunky size does not disappoint. 4 5 1
Chunky Wonderful change of pace to a thicker ring size that I prefer. Nice draw, even burn and a very tasty robust yet not over powering smokey (cured flavor). Great cigar for walking my large dog. 5 5 1
Chunky Love these things. Smell great pre-lit and when smoking. Mild, great ash, nice smoke, stayed firm, great flavor, would buy again. 5 5 1
Chunky I ordered theses cigars and I didn't know what to expect but to my surprise they are very good. I just love the smokey taste theses have 5 5 1
Chunky Looks like a box of crayons. I've had these in Gordo size and they smelled and smoked beautiful. These ones not so good. Poor flavor and burn 2 5 1
Chunky Good construction nice burn tasty little smoke 4 5 1
Chunky Did not care for smoking smell to strong. But to actually smoke it, it wasn't bad Need to take out of humidor or it will contaminate other cigars 2 5 1
Chunky This one is great if you like this type of tobacco, otherwise you might hate it. Other than that all the usual benefits of Drew Estate that everybody is talking about, lots of smoke and great construction. The room aroma is a bit on the heavy side, however if you put them in a separate corner of you tray in your humidor with a boveda pack underneath it, the rest of your cigars should be fine as long as you maintain appropriate temperature and humidity. Nevertheless if you carry a big stack of these I would suggest you keep them separate. Size-wise this one is perfect for 20 minute may be 30 minute smoke. 4 5 1
Chunky Dry dry dry and stale and old and nasty. Ponies are great tho 1 5 1
Chunky Good smoke in a nice size. 45 minute smoke. Great by the campfire or BBQ. Pretty strong Smokey flavor that you can’t really find anywhere else. 4 5 1
Chunky Very good wood smoke flavor. I can't get enough of these cigars. 4 5 1
Chunky Not what a cigar should be 1 5 1
Chunky This cigar is superb 5 5 1
Chunky Love em 5 5 1
Chunky This is a good cigar with a nice draw. The aroma reminds me of my bachelors party. 5 5 1
Chunky Great flavor with strong notes of fire smokiness. Great burn and decent price 5 5 1
Chunky Smooth mellow and amazing smoke all the way through 5 5 1
Chunky Good quick smoke. I like the smell of the cigar right out of the wrapper. Reminds me of old school Copenhagen. Not sure if I'd like to smoke a bigger size than the Chunky. Plenty of Smoke as usual from Drew estate 3 5 1
Chunky I smoke these cigars regularly. I try to get one in at least once a week and the flavor and draw are always great. 5 5 1

Kentucky Fire Cured

Chunky 4 × 46 KFCC

This chunky little monkey is loaded with notes of roasted hickory, oak, and sweet Kentucky burley tobacco to create a smoke unlike anything you have ever experienced. Leave it to the magical mixologists at Drew Estate to shake up the premium-cigar world every chance they get! Packaged in a bundle of 10.
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