4.2898550724637685 69
Principales beautiful presentation medium bodied with a consistent draw/burn. very smooth. not real complex notes of black coffee and tobacco 4 5 1
Principales Smoked many boxes of these over the years. Great stick right out of the box . However the box I just got the cigars were definitely not a54 ring gauge. More like a 50. The whole box is like that . Dunno...... 4 5 1
Principales Dynamite smoke ! Black and oily wrapper. Great construction. Perfect draw. Dynamite aroma and taste. One of my everyday smokes. Great with a good quality coffee. Super price. A cigar for all Maduro / obscure lovers. 5 5 1
Principales Great lil stick for the money. Draw is good and flavor is great. A bit dry when they arrived but but I took car of that. Ultimate are always a good choice. 4 5 1
Principales to me this one of my all time favorites beside the Padron 1964 which I can't acquire as much as I want to. JR;s ultimate Principals ULP45's seem to be consistent from cigar to cigar. Great flavor and draw are the same through each and every cigar love the cigar. Thanks Mike 5 5 1
Principales Based on my experience smoking these back in the 90's the best cigars in the JR Ultimate line and that is saying something. I look forward to the five pack I got on a rapid fire auction arriving 5 5 1
Principales Always a consistent cigar well constructed. Good draw and plenty a smoke with a medium body. Always leaving me satisfied 4 5 1
Principales Delicious taste even light and burn beautiful draw.. The taste was very smooth. Beautifully rolled. When I received them they were perfect.. will definitely purchase again.. 5 5 1
Principales An always satisfying cigar to share with friends. People regularly request these from me when searching through the humidors. 4 5 1
Principales consistent medium strength good draw always burn well 4 5 1
Principales Surprised. Dis not expect much given the low price point; turned out that these are a hidden gem. I see an order for more coming in the future. 4 5 1
Principales Love these cigars so happy to win 5 free yesterday on beat the dealer. Great stick 5 5 1
Principales Very nice smoke good flavor full body would definitely consider buying those smokes again. 5 5 1
Principales Not a bad cigar. I'm going to agree a few of these and see how they turn. Well constructed flavorful. 5 5 1
Principales Well constructed good draw. Beautiful oscuro wrapper burns well and holds ash. For me personally I found this stick to be somewhat monochromatic. It lacked complexity and depth. Medium bodied. 4 5 1
Principales Great burn easy draw and pleasant aroma. A little more taste would be great but all in all a definite addition to my cooler 4 5 1
Principales They're ok. I wasn't expecting much but it had a good draw and even burn 3 5 1
Principales Like all JR Ultimates is is a wonderfully made cigar. If you like Maduros you can not beat its rich flavor and mellow aroma. 4 5 1
Principales They are a wonderful surprise packed with smooth flavor. Will definitely add to my list of smokes 3 5 1
Principales An excellent made cigar with great flavor throughout the entire cigar. This one was a finger burner 4 5 1
Principales These are the nasty'est cigars ive ever smoked !!! The cigar is well built but the taste is horrible and they are supposed to be $14.95jr sent an invoice that said $19.95 and charged me $5.95 shipping and i won these on beat the dealer free is free why should i pay for anything ??? 3 5 1
Principales My first box of JR Ultimates was a great smoke. Mild full bodied with complex flavors. The second box I bought was disappointing. not nearly as good. I'm giving it another shot with the 5 pack because they are really well constructed 3 5 1
Principales This is a great smoke Great consistency strong flavored leathery and earthy flavor throughout the smoke. This is a great cigar for the price Jane all products are some of the best cigars on the market. 4 5 1
Principales I'm a big fan of the jr ultimates. Great flavor great burn down to the nub. The cigar picks up a little sweetness from the cedar tube it arrives in. Not a fan of that but still a great smoke! 4 5 1
Principales This is hands down the best cigar for any amount of money. I've been smoking Ultimates for 15 years and have never had a bad smoke. A-plus all day long. Buy this cigar and thank me later. 5 5 1
Principales Good flavor, nice open draw and even burn... and great price! These are hard to beat. 5 5 1
Principales A great Honduran smoke for under $5, this cigar has a medium-bold strength with leathery flavors. 5 5 1
Principales Great medium to full body with mocha hints 5 5 1
Principales This cigar is slightly stronger than its natural wrapped brother. Burns down to the nub without relighting and flavor remains consistent all the way down. Highly recommended! 5 5 1
Principales Affordable, yet offers great taste and consistency. Definitely not for the cigar newcomer which I am not. 5 5 1
Principales Strong smooth and flavorful. Could smoke this bad boy every day but have made it my Saturday morning coffee ritual. Nice end of the workweek treat! 5 5 1
Principales This is becoming one of my favorite JR cigars. My go to cigar from JR has always been the cohiba laguito but this is definitely giving it a run for the money. Definitely recommend 5 5 1
Principales Absolute dog shit construction was terrible Holes galore and bitter as hell. Could not keep it lit with a blow torch. JR should be ashamed to put its name on this crap. Looks were great but looks are deceiving. 1 5 1
Principales JR Ultimate's live up to the name...nice draw good flavor and nice even burn..would be a staple in my humidor from now on. 5 5 1
Principales First off I won these cigars on beat the dealer wasn't expecting much. Good cigar from the cedar packaging to the draw. Overal a nice bang for the buck cigar. 3 5 1
Principales I've purchased these before and although they're not the perfect cigar they're pretty good. Walking working or just shooting the breeze with your neighbor this is the one I go to. The price is good and the quality is as good as advertised. The draw on the vast majority of them is good. The construction with the exception of the cap is also good. The flavor from start to end is slightly sweet but not to the point of candy ish and from smoke to smoke the taste is consistency is always within acceptable parameters of the ones I've smoked before. I will continue to purchase these because they're dependably good. 4 5 1
Principales Great cigar and I am excited to have the opportunity to enjoy them in true JR fashion by winning them with a JR coupon 4 5 1
Principales I just bought a five pack from the beat the dealer app. I was expecting a decent smoke but had my socks knocked off instead. The construction was flawless and the burn was razor sharp. I've never before had a cigar with such a complex interplay and balance between such varied flavors: chocolate spice cedar and citrus. Incredible smoke. Now I have to decide whether to stick with the Uncharteds as my go-to or to change over to these. If these age as well as the Uncharteds do over several months I'm going to have a dilemma. 5 5 1
Principales Well constructed good draw. Beautiful oscuro wrapper burns well and holds ash. For me personally I found this stick to be somewhat monochromatic. It lacked complexity and depth. Medium bodied. 4 5 1
Principales A great vale cigar. Well made with a good draw. Has a good overall flavor. A medium strength cigar. 4 5 1
Principales Very good stick. Good construction. Great taste. Can see this becoming a go to for my humidor. 4 5 1
Principales Outstanding medium bodied cigar. Wonderful chocolate and coffee flavor. Perfect construction and excellent draw and burn. Great cigar at any price fantastic cigar for what they cost !!! 5 5 1
Principales Great burn easy draw and pleasant aroma. A little more taste would be great but all in all a definite addition to my cooler 4 5 1
Principales Nice maduro taste consisting of espresso and cocoa. I'd reccomend it as a goos bang for the book curious about other JR ultimates now. 4 5 1
Principales I absolutely love all the JR Ultimate line. This one has a great draw has excellent flavor and burns very evenly. 5 5 1
Principales A really great smoke for the price 5 5 1
Principales Nice bold smokes with a nice burn when one first lights up. The burn is even with a taste of cedar mixed with coffee. It gets bitter at the end but it's a nice after dinner cigar with a little bourbon on the side. 5 5 1
Principales These are great cigars full of thick smoke with an even burn and great flavor. They look great with a dark wrapper and a jaw dropping amount of oils. Get some. 5 5 1
Principales Noce spicy cigar for bucks! Easy draw on the first one. A little uneven on the burn but still anboveral great cigar! 4 5 1
Principales you'd think you're smoking a $10 Cigar Issa guys taste great burn consistently and a very economical you can't go wrong with the J obscuro rap principalities I love them 4 5 1
Principales This is a consistently awesome smoke. Great taste great burn what more could you ask before for four bucks A stick 5 5 1
Principales This is a great smoke. Not as strong as an Ashton a Maduro. Which I really enjoy those too. I am a maduro smoker. I would compare the strength to a vintage maduro Romeo & Julietta. Very smooth creamy and a slight hint of nuts. So I decided to try this cigar. And wow I was not disappointed. Great taste and a great price. You will not be disappointed! I just ordered a few more 5 packs. 5 5 1
Principales a solid consistent smoke for the $$$$ 5 5 1
Principales Used to be my go to everyday cigar until they raised the price up to the point where other cigars could compete. If they could keep a box to $80 or under it could go back to that exalted standing in my humidor. 4 5 1
Principales Good,Dependable smoke . Principales has been consistent through the years . 5 5 1
Principales look, this won't replace your Cubans or fuente Hemingway or opus x, but it is as good as or better than most anything else 5 5 1
Principales An excellent smoke that I bought with some other items about a year ago. I just smoked one the other day and it was very good. Nice draw, rich flavor, good finish, and even burn. For under $5 a stick this is a good smoke to keep in the box for an everyday cigar, but its good enough to be a go to. Pairs nicely with a 12 yr old single malt. A pleasant surprise. 5 5 1
Principales Great smoke for everyday or anytime! Spice, expresso and chocolate really come through. 5 5 1
Principales My go to regular cigar! Always flavorful and consistent 5 5 1
Principales Xxxcc 5 5 1
Principales I have smoked many boxes of these over the years. I have noticed that for the last 4 or 5 years, the construction has declined. Some are very veiny and rough. I still buy them, on auction or on sale, but I am disappointed that such a previously great cigar has gone down hill. 3 5 1
Principales Always a good smoke. I like to keep these on hand as a good everyday cigar. 4 5 1
Principales The JR Ultimates are all great cigars, great flavor, consistent burn and great value. Have been consistently wonderful since I first tried them about 10 years ago. 5 5 1
Principales Surprisingly flavorful and great smoke output. Going to buy again and again 4 5 1
Principales I love the JR alternatives and limited additional turn this, so I was excited to try the ultimate. unfortunately, the experience was totally disappointing and I will not buy these again. As other reviewer‘s have said, there have been major consistency issues. In addition to that the draw has been very light and hard to pull. The flavor is completely missing, which is a surprise for a Honduran tobacco. The construction is mediocre and the burn is uneven. Parts of the rappers start unraveling as I smoke them. For double the price of the alternatives and limited addition alternatives I had really high expectations. Instead, all I got was a frustrating smoke. They are so disappointing that I am torn between buying other cigars and saving the rest for a rainy day we’re just tossing them. I will probably just toss them. That said, the alternative limited editions are a great option and have been consistently flavorful and well-made. and for about half the price, they are great value. I do not recommend buying this ultimate. Waste of money. 2 5 1
Principales I am impressed. This mis a great cigar in every way. 5 5 1
Principales Are used to really enjoy the cigars. Smoked many over the years but none lately. Bought some recently and they’re totally lacking in flavor. That nice nice earthy Honduran flavor that I expect was totally missing. The cigars seem to have gone downhill fast. 2 5 1
Principales Consistent, flavorful, great draw. What's not to love? 5 5 1
Principales I was vey disappointed with this box of cigars. I've been buying the JR Principals for several years and considered them one of my favorites. The quality of these cigars has greatly diminished. I threw about half of the box away due to poor draw and uneven burn. I will not be buying these again. 3 5 1

JR Ultimate

Principales 6 × 54 ULP4

A jet-black and glistening with oil, Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper covers our world famous JR Ultimate Principales. Each cigar rests inside an aromatic cedar sleeve for extra aging and peak flavor. Expect bold notes of earth, leather, tangy spice, espresso, and chocolate with every gratifying puff. These award-winning beauties are packaged in boxes of 25.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Broadleaf



Medium - Full


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