4.2 15
Habanitos I have smoked this cigar for 20yrs; it's a dandy on the golf course. But why have a cigar that is back ordered for months at a time an overpriced for its size? 3 5 1
Habanitos When you're used to a quality smoke but don't have the time for a big stoggie try these. Very satisfying and flavorful. Better than smoking a cheap throw away or losing quality on relighting a fine Seegar. A little gem. 5 5 1
Habanitos Great buy really enjoy the box they came in great cigar for on the go 5 5 1
Habanitos I'm enjoying this quick smoke. It has good flavor and the price is good also. These are my goto quick smokes 5 5 1
Habanitos The quality and consistency has decreased over the past 15yrs. They have become horribly over priced. Your 'free delivery's is the worst. 5 5 1
Habanitos A great little cigar! Perfect for travel when you have to catch your evening smoke outside the hotel and don't have a lot of time. Well-constructed and consistent in quality, these cigars provide a lot of enjoyment. 5 5 1
Habanitos One of my favorites. A ton of flavor in a very small package perfect for a short smoke. I don't understand the current trend toward really big cigars it's hard to improve on the classic corona size and even these little guys can be very satisfying. Maybe one of each box is a little too tight. My only real complaint is the price. I think they are a little expensive given the size. I was more comfortable before the last price hike. 4 5 1
Habanitos Great little cigar. Well worth the price. Good flavor and construction and very consistent throughout the box. Will definitely buy these again. 4 5 1
Habanitos JR Ultimate quality at a great price love it . One (so far) of them was too tight to smoke 4 5 1
Habanitos What has happened to you JR? Your people are unable to get a order shipped in a week? Used to be great service but it has become ridiculous. 1 5 1
Habanitos Fine 5 5 1
Habanitos Have been smoking Habanitos for years. Enjoyable short smoke. 5 5 1
Habanitos Loosely speaking the Habanito tastes good. It's not as bold as the Petit Bolivar Codafria which it seems similar to in it's makeup. The draw is loose and easy which is good. Loose isn't always good. You may perfer a woman with loose morals you may not. You probably never want your woman to have loose skin. The Habanito has loose skin, it's wrapper come loose, not good. Once the wrapper comes off you lose the flavor. 3 5 1
Habanitos I thought I'd jump in and give these fine little smokes a review. I used to buy the Bolivar Petite Coronas a few years ago. At one time they were actually a few dollars cheaper than these Habinitos, not any more! The Bolivars have gotten crazy expensive. These little cigars are an excellent smoke if you don't have the time for a full sized cigar, I actually prefer them to a full size cigar (just me). The flavor is outstanding and the quality is excellent, as can always be expected from JR Branded cigars. Just a word of advice, if you don't have a notch cutter, get one! These little cigars are easy to cut off the binder, if you cut the entire binder off or just leave a small amount the wrapper can start to unravel. A notch cutter prevents this from happening quite well. 5 5 1
Habanitos This stick really surprised me. The draw is excellent and the construction is nice as well. Packed just right. Not too tight or too loose. The flavor could be a bit better but otherwise a good stick. 4 5 1

JR Ultimate

Habanitos 4.50 × 35 ULH

A small cigar that is very big on flavor, our world famous JR Ultimate Habanitos have been delighting fans of thin full-bodied smokes for ages. Made with a most appealing Ecuador Sumatra wrapper and choice filler tobaccos from Honduras, this robust Cuban style cigar is just begging to be shared with a cup of dark roast coffee. Packaged in aromatic cedar boxes of 24.
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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf



Medium - Full


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