3.6666666666666665 63
Bruto Ordered 10 of these. Out of the 10 6 had split wrappers before lighting. All 10 fell apart before finishing. I can honestly not say anything good about this product!! 2 5 1
Bruto I got these in a sampler and hadn't had much luck with JR alts. This was quite a surprise. Great flavor construction burn and the flavor especially in the last third was very good. Got some more on auction very cheap! 👍🏻 4 5 1
Bruto The cigars unravelled after lighting them. I tried at least 5 and they all unravelled. I contacted you on May 24th and you said you would send out a return label have never received it to this date June 5th 2017. 1 5 1
Bruto Great smooth draw with a caramel background. Very tight even burn. 5 5 1
Bruto Bought a box of 20. Every single stick fell apart before I was half way finished with it (yes I put them in a humidor). Good taste horrible workmanship. 2 5 1
Bruto I can't speak highly enough this is a great cigar I'm changing over to these. I'm buying a box. Very flavorful doesn't bite great consistency excellent cigar and I know my cigars This is a great cigar and a great deal. 4 5 1
Bruto xcellent smoke the flavor is fantastic 5 5 1
Bruto Jr brutogreat all around cigarsmoke this baby where ever you want people will be asking you hey what kind of cigar is thatwhere did you get it great drawgreat structure and wonderful flavorrate this a 10 out of 10 4 5 1
Bruto Good smoke for a totally reasonable price! Not great big named but still got all the goods when it comes to a good smoke. Nice relaxing taste with earthy flavor that goes well with outdoors smells. 3 5 1
Bruto This cigar was terrible. Bad burn bad wrapper. It was mushy and fell apart when I was about halfway through. 1 5 1
Bruto This is a great cigar. The JR bruto is a large full bodied cigar with oak and peppery flavors. If you'd like Maduro this is your cigar one step down. Smooth nice burn add this to your humidor you will not be disappointed 5 5 1
Bruto This Is one good smoke . smooth draw burns even. Very Flavorful . A Good med To Full Stick. One Of JR`s better Ultimates. 4 5 1
Bruto JR brand cigars are always exceptional replacements to most name brand cigars on the market. Well constructed with consistent bodies I would recommend them to anyone for stocking your humidor 3 5 1
Bruto I've had one jr ultimate during work and wasn't disappointed. It was a perfect cigar for working..... 4 5 1
Bruto No complaints when it comes to this cigar. Love everything about it. Good cigar for the money :) 4 5 1
Bruto Great construction smooth draw great price and a great medium stick to smoke. Definitely one of the better ultimates. 4 5 1
Bruto A great find and very good smoke. Medium to full flavor that burns and tastes great. One fat stick. A great go to stick. Buy a box and enjoy. 4 5 1
Bruto Jr ultimates are great and if you do some searching you'll find great reviews. They sometimes need a little rest time but they truly shine and are priced perfectly. 4 5 1
Bruto A slight crack when cutting was the only downside but that could be on me. I love the size and it was a great quick cigar. Minor tunneling but didn't keep going after fixed. 3 5 1
Bruto If you are looking for a light to medium bodied smoke this cigar will be ideal for you. Great draw even burn smooth flavor all the way through 4 5 1
Bruto Great Cigar only flaw cap splits on some making it hard to draw 3 5 1
Bruto Of the dozen of boxes of Ultimates I've smoked over the years bang for buck this is my new fav. Cut it right: Draw is consistant Construction: Very reasonable Flavor: Smooth and above average for a 60 down to the ring. Consistency: 8 out of 10. Like non-vintage wine I've had 4 boxes and been impressed with each so far and give them 8 out of 10 for price to quality. If the quality changes with poor rolls lower quality filler and funny burns or inconsistent wrappers (which happens) I'll come change my tune but till then It's in my current top 10 evening cigars at the fire. 4 5 1
Bruto This 60/6 is a dollar for dollar winner. of the many ultimates I've tried this has become my fav. Yes some will on occasion burn a bit sideways. Yes one of two of the wrapper tips can crack in a box full but over all this stick smokes cools to the end and is mild to medium for my tastes. Me likey alot... 4 5 1
Bruto Bought a box of 20. Every single stick fell apart before I was half way finished with it (yes I put them in a humidor). Good taste horrible workmanship. 2 5 1
Bruto Absolutely a fantastic school cigar. Aroma is wonderful Burns even lay right down to the very end 5 5 1
Bruto For the price these are very nice smokes. I usually buy cigars in 5 pks. as I like a lot of variety in my cigars. Some variations have been irksome. The cap areas are prone to splitting a couple have unwrapped a couple were plugged requiring mechanical intervention and the ash on some holds to over an inch but others start dropping ash soon after lighting. Pleasant flavor. 3 5 1
Bruto Not a bad cigar not the greatest and certainly not the worst. The draw was good and construction was great. The four left from thr five pack will be aging for a few weeks and I will revisit after theyve rested awhile to see if I want to buy a few bundles. 3 5 1
Bruto First box arrived and I was excited to try. After about 5 minutes of smoking the wrapper split apart and unraveled. Went back to the box and found 11 with split wrappers. Called JR. and today got a replacement box. 12 of those had visibly split wrappers. Tried one that appeared good and it to has now started to come undone near the cap. Hold off on buying until they can figure out the quality problem 3 5 1
Bruto I can't speak highly enough this is a great cigar I'm changing over to these. I'm buying a box. Very flavorful doesn't bite great consistency excellent cigar and I know my cigars This is a great cigar and a great deal. 4 5 1
Bruto This JR won'r disaapoint. It burns evenly slowly has a nice rich flavor and is an attractive value. 4 5 1
Bruto This cigar is a great value for the price. It is medium to full bodied with a great draw and consistency throughout. A great every day cigar. 4 5 1
Bruto The Bruto is a full flavored full bodied powerhouse. It smokes like a train yet leaves that dark palate power taste long after you're done with it. 4 5 1
Bruto You can't go wrong with JR cigars they are as good as some of the top brand cigars but for less $. I smoke them regularly 4 5 1
Bruto Jr did another great cigar tast just like the real thing only half the price full of flover and great burn good for poker night s 4 5 1
Bruto I love short stubby smokes and I have never met a JR Ultimate that was less than stellar. So yeah this stick is right in my wheelhouse. Try one. 5 5 1
Bruto JR ultimates are the primary cigar that I recommend to my friends. Ultimates have everything that I like in a cigar: oily wrapper sweet great draw mild to medium body... value 4 5 1
Bruto Draw was tight bug that's the only downside. Cut nicely burned evenly and is an all around good old fashioned smoke. 3 5 1
Bruto Another home run from JR Cigars flavorful smooth mild and just all around great. This smoke can be savor we or smoked everyday and it will still be great it's a perfect blend of sweet and woodsy 5 5 1
Bruto Bought a box of these for me and my buddy's to enjoy! Great smoke easy draw and consistent in quality Jr did it again! 5 5 1
Bruto A must have inexpensive cigar that has great body and smooth flavors. JR has these made exclusively for them and we should be glad. 3 5 1
Bruto I like the signature JR brand cigars. You can't beat them for the money. This one is a monster in overall length and gauge. It lasted well and is a super smoke for the money. I have only smoked one that I picked up at the JR store in town but I don't think anyone would be disappointed. 4 5 1
Bruto Well I have been smoking JR brand cigars for over 20 yrs and have yet to find a cigar that isn't worth smoking their reputation is impeccable and they do make a fine cigar 5 5 1
Bruto This is a good one to have in the humidor for friends that don't smoke cigars often. Or a good golf cigar. Not one I would get a lot 3 5 1
Bruto JR makes a good cigar. Great construction and draw. It was a little lacking in flavor but still very smooth. 3 5 1
Bruto There's no better house brand in cigardom that is better than the JR Ultimate. Construction is always spot on and I like the medium full body. I've smoked plenty and could be happy smoking more. 5 5 1
Bruto I rather enjoyed the ultimate it costs maybe a dollar more than an alternative but you can taste the difference. Its a little darker than I would like but overall good 3 5 1
Bruto Like all of jr cigars line this is an outstanding cigar. I keep them on hand and try to smoke daily if not twice a day. 4 5 1
Bruto Good cigar for the money. No complaints. Definitely a mouthful. Bang for your buck😜 4 5 1
Bruto Very good cigar as good if not better than some of the biggest names. Grab some now. You won't regret it. It's worth the dough. 4 5 1
Bruto this is a cheap cigar and you can tell it's not really worth my time to even smoke I don't know why I even tried it I'll stick with more expensive cigars there are better 2 5 1
Bruto The jr ultimate brtus is a massive cigar. Very small price for such a high quality product. But it's a true testament to how jr cigars is a great company 3 5 1
Bruto A really solid cigar in terms of construction but the flavor was lacking. Want to try another to be sure I didn't get a dud 3 5 1
Bruto For a cheaper stick this is actually pretty good. Keep a few on hand to pass out to my buddies who don't smoke normally. 3 5 1
Bruto Love this stick! Decently complex with some great body to it. Tasty bits of cinnamon and caramel. Not bad aged or fresh. 3 5 1
Bruto Not my cup of tea but worth trying. Good construction for the JR good burn and smoke output kinda one dimensional though 3 5 1
Bruto I could easily live without it. Bad vitola. Bad construction. Bad blend. Save your money and get something else unless you hate someone 3 5 1
Bruto This Is one good smoke . smooth draw burns even. Very Flavorful . A Good med To Full Stick. One Of JR`s better Ultimates. 5 5 1
Bruto Just a lovely cigar that doesn't need endless relighting, medium body, sometimes the wrapper is fragile, so smoke it carefully. 5 5 1
Bruto over all not bad 4 5 1
Bruto One of my favorites.! 5 5 1
Bruto Got 2 of these in the super sixtie package and was blown away on the flavor. I’ve only had 1 so I can’t comment on construction, but the draw, flavor & construction I had was excellent. I did keep in humidor roughly 6 weeks prior to smoking. 5 5 1
Bruto Disappointed. A rather flavorless cigar and mediocre at best. I will go back to my Rome & Julieta by AJ Fernandez Gordo! 2 5 1
Bruto Not a bad smoke. 4 5 1

JR Ultimate

Bruto 6 × 60 ULB25

The JR Ultimate Bruto is a 6 inch by 60 ring gauge monster from our world-famous house brand that’s won many awards. The attractive light-brown natural wrapper surrounds a well-aged blend of tasty long fillers and provides a medium-to-full-bodied smoke with earthy, hearty flavors and notes of cedar and spice. They are just as good in quality, taste, construction, and consistency as any other premium cigar. Don’t want to commit to a full box? Get a 5-pack to sampler on the JR website now.
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