4.181818181818182 11
5.5x55 I have already tried 4 out of the bundle of 20 and all 4 were quite good in the 1st and 2nd 1/3s but strangely enough, the final 1/3 of all 4 get very poor, with almost no taste, and feels like burning paper. Couldn't get to the nub and quit all at almost the same spot. Don't want to be harsh with my review, I will give it 4 stars taking into account the price but it actually more like 3 to 3.5. 4 5 1
5.5x55 This is a great smoke for the price. I enjoy this cigar when I want to smoke more often than usual. 4 5 1
5.5x55 Smoked Many of these for months and months. Loads of room filling smoke. Would be more potent if is had a different wrapper, but love the Nica Flavor from the filler. Great for every day Light Up. The wrappers do come undone here and there. Definitely in the Rotation and pretty much a Great Value for the price. 4 5 1
5.5x55 I just bought these for the first time, it’s a really good cigar and a easy daily smoke . Highly recommend. 5 5 1
5.5x55 Spectacular! What a great discovery. Initially, I used to get somewhat annoyed with the JR Cigar email bombardment- there was no where to hide… Today, I can type w confidence that I more dramatically expanded my cigar experience through JR, their relentless emails and remarkable deals. 5his exceptional cigar is the best example to date. So we’ll constructed with such a deep, luxurious draw and smooth flavor. I like my cigars on the medium full to strong and while this is a little more mellow | the taste and draw r so satisfying. I would liken it to a Davidoff, but at 4-5 cigars day; this price point makes the experience that much better. Well done JR! 5 5 1
5.5x55 It’s a nice flavor and easy draw. I’ve become a customer of yours because of it. I will continue to buy them when I see a sale or free shipping. Again I would recommend 5 5 1
5.5x55 My last shipment was the worst. I have ordered this product many times and have been extremely satisfied. The cigars in the last shipment were very hard and did not draw easily as the ones that I had previously received. Disappointed don’t know if I will order again? 2 5 1
5.5x55 For the money this cigar deserves a 5 star, very flavorful good burn not perfect but good. This will be my top cigar for ordering from here on out. Great job JR! 5 5 1
5.5x55 Bought on sale and had been wanting to try for years based upon posted revews. No where near full bodied, would classify at medium at most. Nice construction, creamy smooth taste and burned well. I was on a long stretch of smoking strong cigars i.e. AJ Fernandez, Oliva, etc. i now enjoy medium body more. If on sale these and the Casa Blanca Nicaragua are very good cigars and value in the middle strenght range. 4 5 1
5.5x55 I really enjoy these cigars! They have a bit of spiciness but are not harsh. Overall the burn is pretty good with occasional canoeing, but easily corrected. The draw on every one that I have smoked has been quite good. These are also box pressed, which I don’t think is mentioned in the description. All in all, these are quite enjoyable, and I will definitely be keeping some in my stash. 4 5 1
5.5x55 The Halloween sampler caught my eye as I am searching for sone go to’s to keep me from my offshore stash! The construction on these is stellar (of course, the Placencia crew knows what they are doing) Draw was easy, maybe a little too easy for a box pressed offering There is a lot going on here and the aroma matched the taste as it was a really example of a medium bodied Nicaraguan. I seem to be enjoying the Nicaraguan varieties as they seem to match my Med/Full bodies palate. I think these would be a really good afternoon smoke while puttering around your compound as they got a little soft about 1/2 way through, so a short set down period actually kept them in tact during the session. Only had the chance to try the two 5.5x55 offerings included in the sampler, but may end up giving the toro version a try as that seems to be my go to size lately and I would believe they would have an easier time packing the quality tobacco. Seems like they would be a nice rotational to keep in the humidor and a great way to introduce guests who are ready to expand their horizons on Nicaraguan smokes as they are definitely a little lighter than some of the fantastic, full bodied choices coming out of central america. Price is phenomenal and smokes like a $5 cigar at the $3ish dollar price. . 4 5 1

JR Esteli Reserva

5.5x55 5.50 × 55 JRERBPT

JR Esteli Reserva 5.5x55 cigars use premium Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves, along with a stunning deep brown wrapper to provide full flavored notes of rich espresso, leather, earth, nuts, and the signature tobacco sweetness that comes from perfectly aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. Expect a well-made, great tasting cigar that far exceeds its surprisingly affordable price.

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