2.6 5
5.5x55 Good smoke but was very disappointed when I opened the box just to find out they were not box pressed 3 3 1
5.5x55 Ordered them thinking they were box pressed. They were NOT. Otherwise good smoke for about 2.5 bucks. 3 3 1
5.5x55 I've smoked better house cigars that were half the price. I turn blue trying to get a draw from these. No flavor and I'm a bit surprised JR even sells these. Wont EVER order these again. 1 3 1
5.5x55 The order I received was definitely NOT box pressed. Good cigar though burns fast. Would have been a slower smoke if box pressed in my opinion. 3 3 1
5.5x55 Not bad but definitely NOT a box pressed cigar! I like the feel of box pressed so somewhat dissapointed. 3 3 1

JR Esteli Reserva

5.5x55 5.5 × 55 JRERBPT

JR Esteli Reserva 5.5x55 cigars use premium Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves, along with a stunning deep brown wrapper to provide full flavored notes of rich espresso, leather, earth, nuts, and the signature tobacco sweetness that comes from perfectly aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. Expect a well-made, great tasting cigar that far exceeds its surprisingly affordable price.

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