JR Cuban Alternative

Punch Corona 5.62 × 46 JRPUC

You choose your cigars with great care, and want only the very best when it comes to the sizes, shapes, styles, and origins of the cigars worthy of a place in your humidor, home to only your utmost favorites from the varied nations that help to create each distinct flavor profile. But have you ever gotten the feeling that something was missing? And was that something, perhaps, of Cuban descent? Unfortunately for premium-cigar smokers in the United States, the rarest cigar is the Cuban, which is illegal for us. But have no fear, JR Cigar is here...and so are our JR Cuban Alternatives.

These handmade premium cigars are made to mimic those smokes in which we may not partake. Crafted at the most famous factories in the world with luxurious 100% long-filler leaf from some of the best premium cigars in the industry, our extremely popular JR Cuban Alternatives are not seconds...but they are just as good as any other premium cigar on the market (and priced to please due to budget-friendly bundle packaging). When you're shopping online to fill a void left by the highly illegal Cuban cigar in your otherwise awesome humidor, why not pay less for the best you can get with our own JR Cuban Alternatives Havana-style handmade premium cigars? 

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Dominican Republic / Honduras / Nicaragua

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