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La Gloria Cubana Tainos A great full body smoke. Only complaint is that they sometimes don't burn evenly but at the price one should not complain. 4 5 1
La Gloria Cubana Tainos I used to love them and that they used to be well made but over the past year or so they've gotten very shoddy (packed very loosely and can hardly get any smoke) and yet they're getting more and more expensive! Seriously many of the sticks as soon as I pick them up are quite spongy! They still taste good but they're just so badly constructed! I'd still love to get them but I'm afraid to anymore. 2 5 1
La Gloria Cubana Tainos A great everyday stick. I've purchased several times and never had a bad one. Highly recommend this in any size. 5 5 1
La Gloria Cubana Tainos It could just be my personal taste, or I may have gotten a couple of "off" bundles, but these aren't my favorite smokes. They seem harsh and tend to "bite". I also find that I have to work a pipe tool spike into the cut end to get an acceptable draw no matter how deep I cut. As I say, this is purely my opinion as I've had friends try them who find them perfectly acceptable. 2 5 1
La Gloria Cubana Tainos great smoke, taste good 5 5 1
La Gloria Cubana Tainos Bought on auction, a good everyday smoke, slow burn, tasty. 4 5 1
La Gloria Cubana Tainos They’re gone! My son and I enjoyed. Certainly not Oliva or Rocky Patel, but for the price, enjoyable!!! Will try other JR’s. 4 5 1
La Gloria Cubana Tainos These were great Cigars 5 5 1
La Gloria Cubana Tainos Haven’t opened the bundle yet! 5 5 1
La Gloria Cubana Tainos Cigars don’t taste as clean for some reason. Burn fairly decent. They seem to taste ok until about half, at which point I normally toss the rest. 2 5 1
La Gloria Cubana Tainos I’ve had a couple of bundles of the Tainos and ordered two more bundles today. I like these cigars. Good size, good flavor, good burn. I highly recommend Tainos. 5 5 1

JR Cuban Alternative

La Gloria Cubana Tainos 7 × 48 JRLGT

The JR Cuban Alternative to the La Gloria Cubana Tainos cigar is the closest thing you’re going to find to a true Havana. These value-priced long filler cigars are crafted at the most legendary factories in the world with unused tobaccos from the most famous cigars in the industry. Expert construction, great quality, delicious flavors, and supreme consistency have made the JR Alternatives our best-selling brand for over 35 years. Buy a cellophaned bundle of 20 at JR Cigar today.
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