4.37037037037037 27
Cohiba Tainos Not bad not good to my taste guess I was expecting more flavor than that was and had to keep it burning 3 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Good smoke. Liked the flavor and lasted a long time. Will by in the future 3 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Can't find a cigar this good for the price at your local lounge. Not a lot of depth but a good everyday cigar. Tried one for the review and passed a few around to my friends. Yes the price is that good. 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Great cigar for the price ! Will buy again ! 4 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Great cigar. Every once in a while you'll get one that doesn't draw well or has slight imperfections in construction but overall great for the money. 3 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Top quality cigar will definitely purchase again. 4 5 1
Cohiba Tainos I’ve been getting this choice for four years now and have tried other brands and styles. I like the flavor and aroma the best. I highly recommend the Covina Tainos. A.J. 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos I couldn't find anything good about these cigars. 3 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Does Jr Cuban alternative Cohiba. Lights well smokes well has a great flavor all the way down to the label. Has a nice chocolate undertone and a little bit of coffee just a great after meal smoke. Mild too. 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos I have done my share of cigars over the years from Much Blasters to some Home Grown Cubanas but when I discovered JR's and their Taino's along with many others what a treat for smooth burning flavor second to none without saying a long white ash truly amazing. 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos I've been a cigar lover over 50 years now. I I smoke nothing BUT J.R. cigars. Awesome smokes for truly awesome prices. DON'T EVER CHANGE 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos This is my everyday go to smoke. Consistent quality at a reasonable price. On the golf course everyone tells me Those smell great. What are you smoking? When I tell them it's JR's own at about a buck and a half each they're always amazed. 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos over all good smoke 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Cigars are great. Except Im not getting my military discount when i order online? 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos My try of what would be the No. uno cigar maybe in the world...the Cohiba Cuban fake is a disappointment. TOO bitter for me. I've smoked true Cubans once I bought in Germany. They were Punch and extremely good tasting cigars from a little shop in London. These fakes are no where near that. Thank goodness my box of CAO Brazilias showed up and good ROT, but I will suffer through these supposed Cohiba Cuban copies. I may try another copy, but never again this cigar...bitter, bitter. Maybe some guys like bitter. 3 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Fantastic smoke for the price. Good draw. Even burn. Great composition and flavor. Excellent! 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos wrapper coming apart 4 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Most of the time they draw good and Quality is good 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos terrific 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Very enjoyable 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos I enjoyed them! 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos The burn and draw are perfect, and better than most cigars 2-3 times the cost. If these can be that good in that regard, I don't understand why ALL cigars can't also be. The downside to these cigars are the flavor and smoke fullness. These are lacking in both of those catagories. Other then that, however, they're GREAT! 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Burns good, even smoke, good flavor. 5 5 1
Cohiba Tainos I used to love these simply because they had a milder flavor profile reminiscent of the Cuban Cohibas. This latest batch has a distinctly Nicaraguan flavor profile that I have not noticed before. I am not a fan of Nic tobacco. I know its the rage, but I started in the 90s when the Dominicans and Hondurans were king. Everything about this smoke is fine. Construction and burn are great. 3 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Good value, smokes well 4 5 1
Cohiba Tainos Very nice cigar with a great first 1/3. Starts to lose some flavor towards the middle. Smooth and clean the whole time. Good construction, holds a decent ash. Great value for the money. Would buy again. 4 5 1
Cohiba Tainos First time trying these and they are a pleasant surprise. Well built, even burn, and good flavor. 5 5 1

JR Cuban Alternative

Cohiba Tainos 7 × 48 JRCOT

The JR Cuban Alternative to the Cohiba Tainos cigar is the closest thing you’re going to find to a true Havana. These value-priced long filler cigars are crafted at the most legendary factories in the world with unused tobaccos from the most famous cigars in the industry. Expert construction, great quality, delicious flavors, and supreme consistency have made the JR Alternatives our best-selling brand for over 35 years. Buy a cellophaned bundle of 20 at JR Cigar today.
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