3.5 8
Bolivar Corona Great Smoke 5 5 1
Bolivar Corona Excellent 5 5 1
Bolivar Corona Ill give it a 4 on its own merits. Well constructed looks nice very enjoyable, Not really Boli Cubanesq 4 5 1
Bolivar Corona In the past year or two these cigars have gone downhill. When they were good the wrapper shade would me somewhere in between an EMS and a Maduro but now the shades are all over the spectrum. Got a bundle a while back and it was garbage, I can’t believe they let it out of the warehouse. I asked for my money back but they suggested a replacement which I accepted. Replacements were bearable but not anywhere close to average. I smoked them anyway because I was tired of the back and forth. Got another bundle a couple of weeks ago and they’re garbage as well. Calling tomorrow and getting refund but I’m not sure what I’ll do with the money. Unfortunate JR has let me down more than they’ve satisfied me. 1 5 1
Bolivar Corona Inconsistent. Some plugged some ok 2 5 1
Bolivar Corona Great Smoke 5 5 1
Bolivar Corona Excellent product, I am glad I purchased it 5 5 1
Bolivar Corona Bolivar Cigars have always been one of my top picks. In my experience they have always been an excellent Smoke i.e. ***** 5 Star all the way! That being said - I have always wondered about 'JR Alternatives' & how they'd compare to the Product they emulated. Sad to say, this didn't go so well: while the Alternative Cigars I received have been 'smokable' so far.... that is the only positive thing that I can say about them when compared to a real Bolivar Corona. There is simply no comparison to the Cigar that they are Marketed to represent. On their own, I'd give the Alternative Cigars '3 to 4 Stars' as a Mellow Body Smoke. Comparing them to the Bolivar they represent I can only give them a '1 Star' Score. It is a rare occurrence that JR truly disappoints me. This time JR did!!! 1 5 1

JR Cuban Alternative

Bolivar Corona 5.62 × 46 JRBOC

The JR Cuban Alternative to the Bolivar Corona cigar is the closest thing you’re going to find to a true Havana. These value-priced long filler cigars are crafted at the most legendary factories in the world with unused tobaccos from the most famous cigars in the industry. Expert construction, great quality, delicious flavors, and supreme consistency have made the JR Alternatives our best-selling brand for over 35 years. Buy a cellophaned bundle of 20 at JR Cigar today.
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