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Royal Jamaica Buccaneer I have ordered almost every one of their ALternatives and Knock Offs. I'm yet to have one I was disappointed in. This is supposed to be a Buccaneer, though I can't taste the similarity. It is though, a good smoke. As with every other "Alternative", it has good construction, good draw, the wrapper is attractive, has acceptable ash. It is indeed medium bodied. 4 4 1
Royal Jamaica Buccaneer I've never had a Royal Jamaican Buccaneer but bought it for the size and review looking for a good mild Dominican smoke. They taste like every other JR Alternative I've tried and I just can't keep them lit. With each re-light it gets more bitter so I have just been giving up. 2 4 1
Royal Jamaica Buccaneer It does not create a lot of smoke. It has a subtle sweet taste every once in a while. It will not give you a nicotine headache. Very smooth. Great taste. I am super happy that I took a chance on this 20 pack. The size is what brought me to it. This is also a great value. Cheers Ian 4 4 1

JR Alternative

Royal Jamaica Buccaneer 6 × 32 JRRJBU

The JR Alternative to the Royal Jamaica Buccaneer cigar is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a really great top-quality premium cigar for much less. These top-notch cigars are meticulously handcrafted using the same or similar premium tobacco as the original blends, and many times they are made in the same factory. The difference being, is that we pay for the packaging, marketing, and advertising, thus cutting out the middleman, and passing the savings onto you. They've been our bestselling cigars by far, for over 50- years, and standout as a first in the industry that has never been copied. Order a bundle of 20 today, and enjoy those savory Royal Jamaica flavors for a very affordable JR Cigar price.

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