4.166666666666667 12
Poderoso Delicious notes of chocolate and a nice earthy taste to it. This one is a winner. 5 5 1
Poderoso I say it's definitely better with a little age. Great dark chocolate and coffee flavors. A nice full bodied and smooth smoke. Definitely a go to cigar. 4 5 1
Poderoso This vitolo smokes for a long time. It is rich and comples with note of earth cocoa and leather. Great smoke with a nice kick. 4 5 1
Poderoso Love these cigars. It's got to be one of the best cigars out of the Joya de Nicaragua factory. I enjoy them on many occasions. 5 5 1
Poderoso Boasting a full body and rich complex flavors the Antano Dark Corojo is sure to please even the mos discerning of palates 5 5 1
Poderoso Uneven wrapper burn and a harsh smoke. Did not like at all 3 5 1
Poderoso Have not had a bad cigar from this line. Enjoyed each one. Flavor and construction are great. 4 5 1
Poderoso Really really enjoyable school The dark Rapper combined with the long fillers an interesting flavor profile make this the most own I’ve got five of Mikey will go now and will continue the whole mom duties I tend to use it more and special occasions it’s a really good smoke 4 5 1
Poderoso A flavor bomb that will kick you in the teeth if you aren't careful! Loaded with flavor like espresso and cocoa nibs but definitely not for the faint of heart 5 5 1
Poderoso just not for me i cant do the size but the flavor was ok but ill try one more to be sure and maybe a lil rest 3 5 1
Poderoso JdN Dark Corojo line is wonderful. This is a good size to try it in as you can chop the opening down to what size you'd prefer. 4 5 1
Poderoso This beast will kick your a## on a empty stomach but is a great after dinner smoke. Its loaded with peppery goodness. 4 5 1

Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo

Poderoso 6 × 54 JNDCPO

If you’re looking for a premium, handcrafted cigar that’ll wow you with flavor, consider the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo Poderoso. With robust spicy and sweet flavors, you’ll find yourself surrendering to this luxurious smoke. We can pretty much guarantee that the medium-full body strength profile will burst your taste buds. Plus, the all-Nicaraguan construction – from the oily, textured wrapper, to the binder and perfectly aged tobacco – creates a nuanced, pure smoking experience. Available in a 20-count.
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